Cavern of Souls

Cavern of Souls


As Cavern of Souls enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

: Gain .

: Gain one mana of any colour. Spend this mana only to cast a creature spell of the chosen type, and that spell can't be countered.

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal

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Cavern of Souls Discussion

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Modern Elfkind

12 hours ago

Honestly, I'm not sure in your current build, since I see that you're trying the recommendation to ditch the Chord/toolbox package.* I ran Chord and had several one-ofs in my toolbox, such as Fauna Shaman . Think of the Shaman as extending the Chord package. In matchups where you need consistent access to multiple toolbox effects, you first Chord out a Shaman at opp's end step, which then allows you to effectively Chord every turn. But if I wasn't in need of that repeatable effect, then I didn't want to draw Fauna Shaman, so I ran a single copy.

In your deck, it would more likely serve the role of ensuring you can grab a win-con, like Ezuri or Shaman of the Pack , effectively making it copies 5-N of those cards. How important is that to you? If you already have them in-hand, how happy will you be to draw a Fauna Shaman?

On a completely different note: I know you said in your description you want to keep costs down, which is probably why I didn't recommend this card in my original comment, but any competitive tribal deck should run Cavern of Souls to deal with control matchups. Modern in general has very depressed prices right now, so it's a good time to pick up some staples. This card specifically hasn't dropped as hard as others, but it's still relatively low compared to historical prices, and I only see there being more EDH demand for this card as they print more and more tribal support.

* I would actually like to voice my disagreement with this sentiment. I ran the full playset of both Chord and CoCo and never had issues. You leave similar mana open for both (taking Convoke into account), so on your opp's turn, if you need to Chord out a toolbox answer, you can, otherwise you just cast the CoCo. I still felt like I could be very aggro and didn't get too hampered by the toolbox package, but I was also able to pivot when needed.

I suppose there was a marginal disadvantage in that sometimes you would draw/CoCo into one of those one-of answers that you didn't need, but since most of them were elves (with exceptions like Scooze and EWit ), they weren't dead cards. You also had four slots taken up by Chord, so four less things for CoCo to hit, but again, I never felt hampered in hitting things with CoCo.

That all said, I haven't played competitively in 5+ years now, so it's possible the meta has changed enough that my old build is no longer viable.

cyeRunner on Bant Spirits (ZNR Update 09/2020)

1 day ago

what do you think about running 1-2 Cavern of Souls instead of Check-/Fastlands?

zach3584 on Merfolk Tribal

2 days ago

trocroi, I am only splashing green for Merfolk creatures because Cavern of Souls taps for mana of any color if it is to cast a creature spell of the chosen type, in this case Merfolk. I did consider Aquitect's Will but prefer Spreading Seas because it makes the enchanted land only able to tap for blue mana since it is becoming an Island, rather than being an Island in addition to it's other types. This can slow the opponant down, so I prefer Spreading Seas .

You make a good point though, so I will add it too the maybeboard. Maybe, I can remove 1x Spreading Seas and put in 1x Aquitect's Will . : )

StopShot on B&R February 15 2021

1 week ago

@TriusMalarky While Twin can force a land to get tapped on turn 3 to prevent 3 mana spells from getting cast you do need to remember doing so leaves the combo piece open to sorcery speed removal such as a Dreadbore , Flame Slash or Declaration in Stone in the first game and in the second and third game it allows cards like Torpor Orb or Blind Obedience to be played - tapping all out to put the combo piece down means you won't have counter-mana up to stop these effects from hitting the board and often the Twin player will instead choose to cast the combo piece on the endstep of their opponent's turn incase if there is a sorcery-speed threat such as T-orb that needs to be countered on their opponent's turn instead. The Twin player will (in most cases) only choose to preemptively tap down the land if they know their opponent is mana-screwed, if they don't have a counterspell in hand or if they know their opponent is running Twin to further stall the opponent's combo. With that said I wouldn't entirely discount 3 mana answers that can be made uncounterable by Cavern of Souls or Aether Vial or 3 mana spells that completely disable the deck beyond repair such as Unmoored Ego if they resolve.

I also think it would be more problematic for Twin decks to also splash in a third color for enchantment removal. One aspect that made Twin decks so oppressive was a solid portion of them would include copies of Blood Moon in the mainboard in order for it to be more difficult for their opponents to interact with their combo. Dedicating to a third color to run Dovin's Veto is going to come with not being able to run Blood Moon while being easier for the Twin deck to also get disrupted by an opponent's potential Blood Moon as well. On the other hand, Blood Moon has also been made weaker in the meta as Cleansing Wildfire and Force of Vigor make effective get out of jail free cards from sideboard.

Plus, I think you're undervaluing some cards in your assessment. Back when Twin was around the only one-mana spells that could remove an endstep flashed-in Deceiver Exarch was Path to Exile , Rending Volley , Vendetta and the ever so infrequent Skred and Lightning Axe and out of those, the only cards that were mainboard worthy was Path to Exile and Skred (which only worked if you were running a niche deck and you were going first with extra technicalities). Fatal Push has had a huge impact on the format being loads better than Vendetta which gives many more decks greater flexibility when holding removal mana up especially in game 1 given how playable it is in the mainboard. There's also Veil of Summer which also deserves mention and while you may see it as a simple upgrade to Autumn's Veil , fundamentally it's not. In the event I toss a Path to Exile or Fatal Push at a Pestermite and the Twin player responds with a Dispel , or as you suggested a Dovin's Veto , if I play an Autumn's Veil (which would effectively counter either counterspell), it would be a 2-for-2 trade. I lose the kill spell and veil to remove the Twin player's combo piece and counterspell. This lukewarm outcome is the reason why Autumn's Veil saw none if any modern play as Silence typically did its job better enough to warrant a splash in white over it in most cases if such an effect was absolutely needed in sideboard. Veil of Summer surpasses both because it has a built in cantrip that turns the interaction into a 1-for-2 trade in your favor and if the interaction happens while your opponent is trying to put a Splinter Twin on the combo piece it becomes a 1-for-3 trade in your favor. Veil of Summer 's value is by no means merely replacing Autumn's Veil or Silence 's role in the format, but more accurately it's replacing the clunkier Krosan Grip and Sudden Death that were typically used against the Twin-combo instead which makes it its own unique answer against the combo in my opinion.

Two more cards that I think also deserve further assessment is Sinister Concoction and Dovin's Veto . To say Dovin's Veto is just an upgrade to Negate I think is an understatement. "This spell can't be countered" is the reason Abrupt Decay was a banger of a card at thwarting Twin's machinations and I think the fact a Dovin's Veto can stop a Splinter Twin on cast makes it good enough to be a Twin-killer too. You suggested Twin might have to go into white to run its own Dovin's Veto es and Path to Exile s but I think the fact this card can also be used against Twin may be a more compelling reason for Twin to splash green over white just to have Veil of Summer as a necessary means to put up with the combined pressure Abrupt Decay and Dovin's Veto would have in keeping Twin in check as the Veil is the only card that can universally counteract both spells. (And even so Veil of Summer isn't a 100% failsafe as it has nothing against Rending Volley .) As for Sinister Concoction , I'm not going to pretend this card sees much Modern play, but this thing is a serious contender at throwing a wrench in Twin's plans and outside of Twin it's not an unplayable removal spell either. The reason why is it works much like your explanation for why Authority of the Consuls works - you can play it turn one and your opponent has no means to remove it without splashing a third color. Now Authority of the Consuls may be the more ideal card to use over it, but if your multicolor black deck can't splash white this is your next best thing and it even has some upsides over Authority of the Consuls . Sinister Concoction may be more fragile to effects like Stifle and Tale's End or effects like Spellskite and Apostle's Blessing , but it makes up for it when enchantment removal is thrown at it, as you can crack it in response to dumpster one of your opponent's creatures, in this case most likely a combo piece, while also rendering the enchantment removal as a waste in the process. This in turn is going to make the Twin player more cautious about playing their combo pieces before drawing into enchantment removal which can potentially delay the Twin player's progress harder than an Authority of the Consuls otherwise would. And if the Twin player doesn't have an answer, you'll always crack the Sinister Concoction in response to whatever creature they'll try to enchant with Splinter Twin to inflict the most damage. Even if you're playing on the draw or you draw into the card later, much like Authority of the Consuls , Sinister Concoction also bypasses quite a couple of Twin's favorite counterspells too such as Dispel , Spell Snare and Remand which is why I think the spell has much merit as yet another Twin-hate specific sideboard card that just wasn’t available to be utilized before in the past.

Lastly, the list I put up above was something I compiled over a quick gatherer search. I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed a few cards that may be just as worthy of discussion on countering Twin as well.

Senomar on [PRIMER] KUMENA DUEL CMDR Competitive

1 week ago

Hey Sughes, thanks for your suggestions :) I haven't tried yet In Search of Greatness and it's a cool card. But my deck is not really toolbox and with an aggro tempo it's a not what i'm looking for. Cavern of Souls is currently ban in the format. I have to update the list a bit...

See you

Mordamen on The Only Thing We Have to Fear... Tergrid EDH

2 weeks ago

Also, Withering Boon seems like a good card here in order to stop others from playing a game ending creature or other threat. I think you should also add Torpor Orb or Trinisphere to slow down the rest of the table as well.

Lastly, regarding lands - here are a few more ideas on what you might add:

However, I definitely do agree with Profet93 and I think Thespian Stage or Blast Zone can be useful.

legendofa on Cards that are good for …

3 weeks ago

Modern-casual Gods support cards.

Cavern of Souls if you have money to burn

Colossal Majesty gives you some draw power, since Gods tend to have high power.

If you're including the Theros Gods, Overbeing of Myth gives you full devotion in one card, and it plays well with Kefnet the Mindful and Kruphix, God of Horizons .

Neoform might be interesting, since all the blue and green Gods are 3-5 mana.

Keruga, the Macrosage would be cute as a companion. (Make sure you check the updated rules.)

Watch out for the multicolor backs of Esika, God of the Tree  Flip and Jorn, God of Winter  Flip.

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