Cavern of Souls

Cavern of Souls


As Cavern of Souls enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

: Gain .

: Gain one mana of any colour. Spend this mana only to cast a creature spell of the chosen type, and that spell can't be countered.

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Have (1) Azdranax
Want (2) ArcherUBW , cneldridge

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Cavern of Souls Discussion

Profet93 on Ruric Thar Primal Stax

3 days ago

+1 Good work

Survival of the Fittest - Synergy with genesis, gets rid of late game dorks

Cavern of Souls > The land that can make ur commander indestructible. It seems like your deck is very anti-blue, having a land that can tap for a color and stop your commander from getting countered without anything else on board seems like a good payoff. I get the need for actual physical protection but I think this swap should be considered depending on your meta

Stoneshaker Shaman - Just seems weak for what it does. I know there is a red enchantment (can look up if needed) that does something similar for a similar cost. It would be a better fit than this card, surprised to see it. It seems like it's main purpose is anti-blue and interaction. But most non green players ramp with rocks and green ramps with dorks, so unless you get collect ouphe out with it simultaneously, I don't see how impactful this really is. How has your experience been with it? Are you choosing the creature version simply because of your commander?

Gratuitous Violence - Seems expensive for what it does, you already have various forms of redundancy. Is this needed? I could easily see Skullclamp in it's place to help you draw, get payoffs off of dorks, and deter your commmander's death or at the very least, give you some benefit from it.

zAzen7977 on Jeskai Juggernauts - $700 with Basic lands

2 weeks ago

I like that you try to sneak in doublestrike with non-artifacts and that you are running very few reactive spells to focus on voltron. However, the only reactive spell I really recommend is Deflecting Swat . It’s free when you have a commander out and it is almost guaranteed to save you in a pinch. You can always redirect a spell or ability to Kediss if necessary. I started running it recently in my Kaalia deck and it’s extremely useful.

I recommend dropping the triome and two snow dual lands and replace them with Fiery Islet and Sunbaked Canyon since the former enter tapped, and plus you could always use more card draw. Forbidden Orchard would work well in this deck too, since the spirit token would easily be blocked.

The cards you are running for draw are expensive mana-wise. I would drop Zedruu for Brainstorm , he’s too expensive and seems out of place. Ponder and Rhystic Study are good options too. Also Gitaxian Probe for free draw.

The only land I recommend which enters play tapped is Hall of the Bandit Lord , for Ishai.

You are running relatively few one-drops. The tutors and mana ramp artifacts will help ensure your first turn isn’t wasted. Your removal is expensive too and you run several board wipes. Instead you could run Swords to Plowshares or Council's Judgment . Also you could use more artifact or enchantment removal like Wear / Tear . I would try to bring down your average CMC overall.

Another option is Land Tax or Tithe to help ensure you have enough lands.

Also, I know you said you didn’t want to run any Swords, and that’s totally valid, but I would recommend only running Sword of Feast and Famine , since it’s arguably the best sword, regardless of color protection. It doubles your mana after every attack, which is always good. Plus the discard effect would affect every opponent with Kediss.

Also, you may want to run Cavern of Souls , just for Ishai, depending on your meta.

Hope you find my suggestions useful! :)

VampRamped on A Vampire Storm *Primer*

2 weeks ago


Yeah, I would include Cavern of Souls , Badlands , and Mana Crypt in my list I'm slow to acquire cards over 50 dollars as I have a hard time justifying purchasing a card for such a marginal benefit like these two cards provide. Although Mana Crypt is not marginal and would like to have for the deck but it's still 100 dollars hopefully it gets more aggressively reprinted so it comes down to a more affordable 40-70 dollar range. but I was able to get scrubland for the deck through accumulating in-store credit from winning drafts at my LGS. But if I had them I would play all of them in the deck.

unstable_anomaly on A Vampire Storm *Primer*

2 weeks ago

You make an excellent point. I definitely overlooked the fact that Sensei's Divining Top basically accomplishes the same thing, and is in fact probably a better choice all things considered.

Doesn't look like you're on much of a budget, so maybe Cavern of Souls to help land some of the more important combo vamps?

philosopher on Knights of The Golden Skies

3 weeks ago

Hello Heaventh,

This looks like a budget deck, so instead of recommending Cavern of Souls , I recommend replacing your 4 swamps with 4 Unclaimed Territory s because it can help you cast all your white knights and also pay the black mana needed to play Aryel, Knight of Windgrace

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar allows you to create a 2/2 knight with vigilance every time it's your turn.

I don't know where the Angel of Serenity fits into this deck and if you are using it as a removal spell, use Path to Exile instead.

I hope this helps.



TheVectornaut on Knight Deck

3 weeks ago

If you can afford it, I highly recommend Knight Exemplar for almost any knight deck. It makes even the smallest squires obnoxiously difficult to deal with, especially if you can get two copies in play. When I ran it in mono-white knights way back when, I found that I'd sometimes get into big board stalls, but Curry Favor on Smitten Swordmaster is a great way to win from such a position. You could also just try to go even wider with more Worthy Knight , History of Benalia , Call the Bloodline , Hero of Bladehold , Gideon, Ally of Zendikar , Sigiled Sword of Valeron , The Circle of Loyalty , or some combination thereof. With enough knights in the deck, I'd want the full 4 of Tournament Grounds and possibly some Unclaimed Territory / Cavern of Souls if your pockets are deep. If I was cutting something, I think I'd start with the Basri planeswalker deck package. With the possible exception of the Lieutenant, those cards are just not that efficient.

As an aside, I love the cheeky combo with Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale and Colossus Hammer . It's probably too narrow to be effective right now, but I can totally see a world where that dream becomes a reality. Big dumb equipment like Helm of the Host , Moonsilver Spear , and Godsend supported by knights with equip synergy like Danitha Capashen, Paragon , Puresteel Paladin , Armored Skyhunter , Balan, Wandering Knight , and maybe even a Kinsbaile Cavalier for maximum overkill.

BiggRedd54 on Korvold's Light-Speed Garbage (cEDH)

3 weeks ago

+1 on Deflecting Swat :/

I hear what you say when Korvold is on the stack, but Swat is extremely useful in this format. To get around counterspells...

+1 on Cavern of Souls

+1 on Allosaurus Shepherd

Maybe drop a dork for Allo...but also, just proxy one is watching.

-1 Rite of Flame or -1 some sort of cheat mana, preferably a spell.

-1 Culling Ritual ... I don’t see that resolving when you need it to most.

FSims81 on The Stock Exchange: An ongoing …

1 month ago

Added a bunch to my trade binder.

Looking for Cavern of Souls , all versions of Liliana, and Throne of Eldraine Showcase cards.

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