Cavern of Souls

Cavern of Souls


As Cavern of Souls enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

: Gain .

: Gain one mana of any colour. Spend this mana only to cast a creature spell of the chosen type, and that spell can't be countered.

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Cavern of Souls Discussion

NV_1980 on Lonis - Alarm Combo

1 month ago


Great deck but there's a slight mistake in the list; 2x Cavern of Souls. If you're looking for lots of untapping, Seedborn Muse could do a great job. Costs a bit more to summon, but it's soooo good in here, so might be worth it.



SefTheReject on Vampir-Clan Schwarzer

1 month ago

Captivating Vampire is a better lord over thirsting bloodlord. Yes it’s weaker, but has the bonus ability of swiping an opponents creature. Sorin needs a good sac engine like Bloodghast, Silversmote Ghoul or Viscera Seer and when combined with Cordial Vampire the team buffs up FAST. Depending on your budget I’d add some fetchlands Polluted Delta, Verdant Catacombs, Marsh Flats or Prismatic Vista to thin out your deck. Also at least 2 Cavern of Souls is highly recommend (again budget permitting) to get around counterspells. Castle Locthwain is also highly recommend.

LunchBox1211 on dragon tribal is glorious

1 month ago

Not sure how big your budget is (although some of these are not super expensive), but I can recommend a few cards for a Dragon Tribal deck (also a few cards that are really nice for 5 colour decks). Those being Cavern of Souls, Kindred Discovery, Call to the Kindred, Chromatic Lantern, Chromatic Orrery (as a big and splashy Lantern, albeit way more mana to cast), Urza's Incubator, Goldspan Dragon, Lathliss, Dragon Queen, Scourge of the Throne, Skyline Despot (although, admittedly, it's more of a pet card of mine), Rhythm of the Wild, and Utvara Hellkite.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Magic: the Gathering! Dragon tribal is a lot of fun (speaking from experience)! Also, EDH Rec is an amazing tool for deckbuilding. It allows you to see what kind of cards other people are running in similar decks. Then, using that knowledge, you can do some digging around and find what kind of cards you want to use.

mjbiffi on MJB UR Faeries

2 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the deck!

I had a budget mono blue faerie deck and I wanted to make it more competitive. I considered black as it is the second go to color for faeries but I preferred choosing red two main reasons. I'm not a huge fan of discard spell and investing in Bitterblossom it's not worth it because it's too slow for the format. On the other hand I like to play a lot of interaction, burn spells, and I'd love to bridge into a blue moon type of deck. Hence the red.

I had 2x Scion of Oona in here but they felt kinda bad pretty much all the time. 3 mana for a 1/1 creature is kinda a big deal and I found myself always doing something else instead of casting it. I agree about Brazen Borrower I think I can run one more instead of one Mistbind Clique, I'd like to keep 3x Vendilion Clique for now because they have been performing well so far.

Regarding the mana base Cavern of Souls is a terrific card but as I said before I'd like to include Blood Moon some they and they really don't get along well!

Thank you again for you feedback, food for thoughts

PikaPete22 on

2 months ago

Tribal lists usually include playsets of Aether Vial and Cavern of Souls.

The sorceries seem slow and under powered for modern, but I'm not certain enough with Spirits Tribal to know more correct spells.

I believe the archetype has potential.

CardTyrant on Ixalan Park

2 months ago

Thanks for all the suggestions. Sorry I haven't been very active on replying, been dealing with personal stuff so all I've been doing is Deckcycling my deck. So here we go, time to reply.


Mortlocke: Gishath is so far the only commander that cares about Dinosaurs. Zacama, Primal Calamity is great, but has not one line of text saying dinosaur, Atla Palani, Nest Tender has a similar effect to Gishath, but she only gets one creature and again, doesn't care if it's a dinosaur or not. Morophon, the Boundless is a good commander for tribal, but I feel like Morophon should aid tribes that have zero support or commander options. Kaheera, the Orphanguard is a good lord, but she loses red. So yes, as of right now Gishath should be the end all be all dinosaur commander in my mind.

The comment about the counter triggered ability, so far there are only 9 spells that counter a triggered ability and most of them only do that or activated abilities, so I don't see them being used against me or more then once. I also have a burning hatred for blue players and tend to target them until a bigger threat arrives. But yes, every effect can be countered. I will go and change that in my description.


BmoreBeast: I would run Urban Daggertooth, but I feel that the next time dinosaurs get a real boost, they won't be using enrage (hopefully I am wrong). That's why I am slowly moving away from enrage triggers and more so towards trample effects. If the next time dinosaurs get support and it is with enrage triggers, I will think about adding Urban Daggertooth to the deck. I've also been wanting to move away from Planeswalkers and focus more so on dinosaurs.


iwulf411: THANK YOU! Thank you for playtesting the deck. I love hearing people testing out my deck and giving me feedback. Warms my cold heart. :D

Titanoth Rex is in the deck because he is a large trampler and I have been slowly morphing the deck towards dinosaurs with trample. Siegehorn Ceratops is in the deck because she's a 2/2 for 2 with enrage that makes her bigger. So early game I can drop her in and cump block if need be and make her stronger. Raging Regisaur is on the coping block if we never see anymore dinosaurs with enrage. Taurean Mauler can come out without any argument from me. I will find a ramp spell to replace it.

I tried to cut lands in my commander decks, but everytime I do, I always get mana screwed in the get go. 38 just seems to be my sweet spot. I will consider going down to 36, but 34 just seems way to low for me. Ancient Tomb is a great ramp spell, yes it hurts me, but 40 life means I can use it 10 times before it gets too scary for me. If I ever get an original dual land, this will hands down come out for one of them. Bonders' Enclave & War Room, you are right but I lacked room in the deck for card draw, so I threw them in. These two would be switched out for original dual lands. Cavern of Souls is simply in the deck because I HATE blue. Forbidden Orchard has been on the cutting board several times, however, its always survived because I normally use it as a political tool or if I'm in a game with my wife, to keep her alive. Yes I know, nepotism, but I am a Mardu player at heart.

Skyshroud Claim will defiantly go back in. I cut it early on but you have a point, especially if I ever get my hands on an original dual land. Cultivate or Kodama's Reach were both in the deck at the start, but the more I played the harder it was for me to justify them because I kept cutting basic lands to the point where there were times where I could only find one land. Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip is a pet card of mine, but I cut it from the deck long ago because a lot of times I never could get it to flip due to never having enough creatures. I will consider adding it again. Elemental Bond I will consider re-adding as well. Birds of Paradise will be a maybe, if I don't go pure dinosaurs but Bloom Tender will be a no because she requires perms to be out. Fauna Shaman and Elvish Piper will be a maybe again because I have been considering going pure dinosaurs.

Thank you again for playtesting the deck.


bushido_man96: I'd love to see your list! I always like seeing what others come up with.

I run the reduce cost creatures to get Gishath out earlier or if a high costing dinosaur gets stuck in my hand for I have no ways of cheating them out anymore or returning them to the deck. However, your comments have won me over and the next time dinosaurs get support (I've heard rumors that Ixalan may be getting a new set next year), I will turn it into a pure dinosaur build.


Thank you all again for the comments. Once things calm down in my personal life and I return to work and pay off these medical bills, I will defiantly take a look at revamping Ixalan Park with your suggests and some of my own. Till then, keep the comments rolling and the upvotes a coming. :D

RDWDTR on Prophecy of the Knights \,,/

2 months ago

Welcome to Modern. Your MB looks ok, so I'll give you some SB ideas.

lhetrick13 on Neverending Knights: Haakon Knight Tribal

2 months ago


First off, I love the deck as I am trying to make something very similar so it was interesting to see another person's thoughts on the same concept. My only criticism would be seems odd to only have a single Knight of Autumn with the only lands that can cast it being Cavern of Souls. Maybe drop that or play with the lands to add in a bit more of a green splash and a few more Knight of Autumns to make it worth it.

In terms of suggestions, you are running four Aether Vials so I would recommend dropping Silverblade Paladin for Kinsbaile Cavalier. For one extra mana ALL knights you control would have doublestrike compared to only two.

Otherwise, really like the look of the deck. I might actually learn from you and add Damn and Discerning Taste into my version.

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