Balefire Dragon

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Balefire Dragon

Creature — Dragon


Whenever Balefire Dragon deals combat damage to a player, it deals that much damage to each creature that player controls.

Spell_Slam on This Is Going To Hurt

2 months ago

Good list! I got some ideas for my own, so thanks!

In terms of enablers, Keen Duelist and Descent into Avernus are quite strong. Walking Ballista (and to a lesser extent Hangarback Walker) also makes a great enabler in the early game or a giant threat in the mid/late game. Cryptolith Fragment  Flip is great as a ramp spell that fixes and also enables casting Rakdos. I am also playing Insolent Neonate, which has worked out surprisingly well, though there may be better options out there. I see you're not running Heartless Hidetsugu, which I think is a must-have for this deck. It makes dumping out your hand and killing every opponent trivially easy.

When it comes to payoffs, I really like playing as many colourless cards as possible to really take advantage of Rakdos. I see you're missing Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Emrakul, the Promised End in your top-end. In terms of other colourless cards, I like Duplicant as a potentially free removal spell, Wurmcoil Engine for the value, Myr Battlesphere for early damage output and Steel Hellkite as a flying threat that can wipe out huge chunks of the board.

When it comes to coloured payoffs, I stopped playing cards that cost more than or in their costs, as they wouldn't play well with the Rakdos discount. I do like Sheoldred, Whispering One, Knollspine Dragon and Balefire Dragon.

With Whip of Erebos and Exquisite Blood in the deck, is seems like Sanguine Bond would be a great include as a combo finisher.

In terms of cuts, Lightning Bolt seems like an easy one to let go. I stopped playing haste-givers because I found myself playing creatures post-combat most of the time anyways, so something like Rising of the Day could be an easy cut. Read the Bones seems like a really weak card that could be replaced with better card draw or recursion (Necropotence?). I see the combo with Tectonic Hazard and Death-rattle Oni, but that seems pretty niche otherwise and could be replaced with more reliable/repeatable enablers instead. Spawn of Mayhem seems pretty awkward in this deck, as you'll rarely be able to cast it before turn 4 even with Spectacle (and we know what turn 4 is for! :) ). The triple-black on Bloodletter of Aclazotz and Dread Cacodemon are pretty restricting, in my opinion. Indulgent Tormenter seems very unreliable and probably not worth the cost.

Jet Medallion and Ruby Medallion are not at their best here, as they reduce colourless costs instead of adding mana, which means that with Rakdos out they may not even do anything.

Ultigame21 on Ur-Dragon's Multiverse Onslaught | *PRIMER*

2 months ago

First of all, I love your deck choices!

But I believe that Ancient Gold Dragon would be a very good card to add even if he doesn't have haste. First of all he’s a 7/10 good blocker for the turn he comes in unlike Ancient Copper Dragon (6/5) but I understand that it’s slow if you don’t have a way to give him haste. Love Copper Dragon treasures thought <3

Imagine having Dragon Tempest /Scourge of Valkas /Terror of the Peaks out when up to 20 x blue faerie dragons enters the battlefield. The amount of damage each trigger would do.

Also very good with all attack triggers or other cool dragons you have in the deck (Dromoka, the Eternal, Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury, Old Gnawbone, Silumgar, the Drifting Death,Utvara Hellkite, Wrathful Red Dragon, Defiant Thundermaw  Flip).

You could also potentially draw up to 20 cards if Kindred Discovery or Greater Good is on the battlefield. Puts a good number of counters on Dragon's Hoard also.

I’d love to hear your opinion on why you didn’t include him in your list with all the good synergies!

I think I would probably have to switch Balefire Dragon for Ancient Gold Dragon. Most big problematic creatures have more than 6 toughness so Balefire doesn’t get rid of them it’s only good against Tokens stacking strategies early on. I’d rather get many blockers each turn recurring and like explained you only need 1 of those 3 pieces (Dragon Tempest/Scourge of Valkas/Terror of the Peaks) to do almost the same effect as Balefire but targeting anything.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Ol' 8 eyes

10 months ago

Sorry, I only just realized how many game-specific terms I used in my above comment.

To make it a little clearer:

You have many big spells that make a big impact on the least that's what I thought when I looked over your decklist earlier. After double checking, I realized that it's pretty fine, actually. You have some big, impactful spells such as Balefire Dragon, but then again, this is what Thantis wants.

The commander tends to play a long and rather slow game with lots of interaction spells. You destroy things, you get cards back from your graveyard, you slowly accumulate value and then you either strike fast to win or you win by squeezing every little bit of value out of your cards. This is what I meant by grindy Jund playstyle.

jdogz32 on Utvara Hellkite dragon deck

11 months ago

After looking at your deck I agree with the Mana curve being too high. I'd suggest adding this nice little combo by splashing green. Minion of the Mighty + Scale Up this will allow you to cheat down your Utvara Hellkite. I'd also suggest adding Shivan Devastator as it can be played early and late game. Some good cards that I think you should squeeze in simply because they are amazing are Balefire Dragon Earthquake Dragon A weird way you can also take your deck is Dragon's Approach

AWebb on Solphim, Approach of the Dominus

11 months ago

Looks pretty good, but I would suggest replacing Red Dragon and/or Knollspine Dragon with more powerful cards like Drakuseth, Maw of Flames or Balefire Dragon.

Stardragon on Yugioh in MTG

1 year ago

legendofa,shadow63, DreadKhan

Exoida- Yeah it is steep but I really didn't know what to with him while keeping the spirit of his yugi card. It was 10 permanents at one point but I felt that 10 over 5 turns was to easy to pull off in Golgari as token gen is a real thing in those colors. And while having an alt win con is nice I hated how useless each card was so I made the main body a beatstick at the very least, it maybe too cheap mana wise but I refuse to lower it stats it's exodia, it deserves thicc stats.

As for Blue-Eyes it actually an incomplete card I just couldn't think of anything to it proper justice. I made the Protection from small creatures a thing beacuse I didn't feel like OG highest ATK stat monster should be cump blocked but other than that I'm at a loss.

Dark Magician- Everyone is complaining on how wordy it is it really isn't than wordy at all there way more mtg and yugi cards that way more wordy this. But since no is commenting on the effect itself i guess it's good. As for why X is 3 no particular reason just a good solid number in magic. Side note I want to make Dark Magician Girl as well (we need the yugi Wifu) but I don't how to translate her effect it magic, I may have totally change her effect which ruins her any Ideas are welcome

Red-eyes- It's just a Balefire Dragon with an extra effect tacked on, and you do need 5 or more creatures or walkers to die for it's effect to proc. While technically it is repeatable each turn, it'll be hard for an opponent to continually create 5 creatures or walkers each turn after red-eyes attacks particularly since they lost 2 cards in process to keep the engine running and it has no protection by itself so simple Murder will take care of it.

Pot of Greed- Yeah its busted but I didn't want to make balanced as it balancing it I feel ruins the spirit of what pot of greed is. It banned for reason the best I'll consider is adding an additional blue mana but doing anything eles to balance it would ruin it.

NV_1980 on

1 year ago

Very nice deck! Well balanced. I think I would choose Chromatic Lantern over Commander's Sphere though, as your land-count for a three-color deck isn't that high and it mana-fixes all of them. Also, if you have the budget for them, I'd really recommend Balefire Dragon and Utvara Hellkite.

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