Scry 2, then draw a card. (To scry 2, look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Preordain Discussion

zapyourtumor on Banned cancer

2 weeks ago

I'd go down to 1-2 Devastation Tide and 1-2 Entreat the Angels as a finisher.

Cut some Noxious Revival , and probably cut 2x Brainstone for Sensei's Divining Top . Any no-banlist miracles deck with top is incomplete without 3-4 Counterbalance . I would also add a second jace.

I think you could also cut some Preordain and use the slots from entreat and tide to add Counterspell and Force of Negation .

passimo on The Unbidden Invaders

1 month ago


Ah yes the eternal Brainstorm - Ponder - Preordain battle. I want to explain my reasons, but I'm not an english speaker so I hope I will be understandable xD

I didn't choose Brainstorm because it doesn't make you reject unuseful cards you might have on top of your library. I also think that it would be better used in order to find something to answer an opponent's move at instant speed, and not having a lot of instants it would probably be wasted.

On a same note, Ponder gives you intel that gets wasted if you don't like one of the cards you see (and you have to reshuffle all the deck).

Preordain on the other hand makes you individually choose which cards you like, not wasting the intel on your top deck. Ponder Gives 50% more info though, so it could be a good substitute. Now that you make me think about it, I'll probably settle for it, also because I probably have some spare ones laying around, and costs less money on mcm xD

Balaam__ on The Unbidden Invaders

1 month ago

Looks great. Thinking of building this myself; how do you feel about Brainstorm or Ponder over Preordain ?

DemMeowsephs on Double Trouble EDH ⫸PRIMER⫷

1 month ago


Ok wow that's actually quite true with regard to the ramp spells- the medallion definitely needs to go that's for sure; I never really noticed that, and I think you're right lotus petal could probably be a better slot as a land, though I do actually like using bloom tender what with Pemmin's Aura and also the after Rafiq's out. But as for the other two that's actually quite true, and I think what I'll do is cut the medallion for a land, and see how Brainstorm works instead of Soothsaying , and then see if lotus petal should also be cut for a land. Then, if I find I need more card draw, I'll try and find a way to either add Ponder (I think that's an excellent idea thank you again) or Preordain ! Thank you very much for your suggestions, and additionally, I'll keep mirris guile in for the moment and maybe test how the other card draw spells work in its place. Thank you again!

DemMeowsephs on Double Trouble EDH ⫸PRIMER⫷

1 month ago

Thank you Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor! I think you're right I do need to add one or two lands, though I'm not exactly sure what to cut- possibly a ramp spell? Your second point's also really true, I suppose Mirri's Guile and Soothsaying would be good cuts and maybe anything else I can find since card draw would actually help me get what I need- though on your point about more long term pump spells I'd have to disagree; equipment and enchantments are certainly effective but not really the decks theme, and believe it or not adding 1-2 pump spells that are temporary can actually kill people on the spot just like berserk, as well only need +7/+7 to pump him so that he can perform a 1-hit K/O. But I think you're right, the deck could indeed use a bit more card draw as that could help me get everything else! Any suggestions for what card draw? I was thinking Preordain or Serum Visions , as I'm not sure what other spells that are relatively cheaper in mana could work. Anyways though, thank you very much! Cheers!

unbendingsea on Multiple Card Interactions

1 month ago

So i have multiple questions in this post. I guess for starts i built an Izzet deck for commander, with my commander as Veyran, Voice of Duality

So i have some interactions with veyran on cards like Opt Preordain where it allows me to draw a card as the secondary prompt to the card. Does veyran copy the trigger from the draw a card effect?

Between Thousand-Year Storm and Aetherflux Reservoir How do those cards interact when already on the field when you are starting a storm count for each. The next question is I already have a storm count going. I play Thousand-Year Storm and Aetherflux Reservoir and start to continue the storm count. Do each of those cards see the storm count as they resolve from then on or do the already see the previous storm count as well?

WalbenQuakeblade on Jhoira cEDH

2 months ago

Update 5/29/2021

Out- Narset, Parter of Veils , Mystic Forge , Ponder , and Preordain

In- Cloud Key , Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Disapprove, Dragon's Rage Channeler

First change was easy I swapped out Narset, Parter of Veils in favor of Cloud Key . Simply put I didn't own a Cloud Key until the reprint because they were slightly pricey and I couldn't bring myself to purchase one. Now that they're reasonable I took the opportunity to finally grab a copy. I understand that Narset slows down opponents draws and combos well with Wheel of Fortune and Timetwister as well as digs 4 cards when we might need another artifact. However simply put Hullbreacher fits that slot as well and comes in at the end of other players turns which allows us to hold up counter magic or bluff our opponents into thinking we have counter magic.

The rest of the changes weren't as simple but with Modern Horizions 2 spoiler season in full swing I think these new cards earned spots in the list.

Ponder and Preordain have been on the short list for awhile now. Without a fetch Ponder just lets you see what's coming up and sadly that happens more often than I would like it to happen. Preordain has the opposite problem. Most of the time getting cards to the bottom of the library is great but inevitably a fetch will shuffle them right back into the deck.

This gave the opportunity to cut both cards in favor of Disapprove and Dragon's Rage Channeler. Disapprove is making the cut simply to help stop Thassa's Oracle decks. Flashing it into play in response to Oracle gives the deck yet another way to fight off the fish.

Dragon's Rage Channeler gives us what Artificer's Assistant couldn't. Artificer's Assistant while very nice only put the cards on the bottom of the deck which gave us the same problem as Preordain. Most of the time when we would scry we would be putting lands to the bottom of the deck. With such a low curve once we can cast Jhoira we rarely need any more mana so while Assistant would be helpful it never found its way into the deck. Channeler on the other hand is a different story in my opinion. First of all it triggers off more things; Assistant only triggers off historic spells while Channeler triggers off non-creature spells. Secondly it surveils on cast of non-creatures which allows us to get those unneeded lands out of the deck and into our graveyard before drawing with Jhoira by stacking the triggers correctly.

Saving the best for last I'm super excited to be swapping out Mystic Forge for Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. Mystic Forge was mostly in the deck to remove lands when we didn't want them, which Channeler does now, and to combo with Sensei's Divining Top . While the combo was always good it rarely came up so at best Forge always was a 4 cost draw a card with slight upside by allowing us to cast stuff from the top of our deck. The latter was always good and allowed us to continue to combo, however recently with how mana more artifacts we're running now not having enough in hand rarely is an issue.

Ragavan however is an absolute powerhouse in this list or at least I think it will be. For a single red in the early game we get a creature that will help us cast Jhoira faster and potentially rip combo pieces out of other players decks. Late game we have a repeatable draw spell on each of our turns. Ragavan having Dash is huge as Dash is still a cast. So late game we cast Ragavan for his Dash cost, draw a card, and then at end of turn he's back to hand ready to draw us another card the following turn. I'm really excited to try the monkey out in this list and see how he fairs.

All in all

multimedia on Cards That Do Nothing

2 months ago

Hey, have more confidence in your deck building because this is a good first budget version of Veyran. My advice for the next steps is to reduce the mana curve and add more copying instant or sorcery effects.

Krark, the Thumbless is amazing with Veyran because he's a permanent thus if you win a flip which copies the spell it triggers Veyran to make another copy. When you cast an instant or sorcery Krark triggers twice giving you two flips/chances to copy the instant or sorcery you cast. If you win a flip and copy the spell then you trigger Veyran to copy the spell again. If you win both flips you trigger Veyran two more times since you copy the spell two times. You still cast the instant or sorcery therefore you trigger magecraft even if you lose all flips.

  • If you win both flips you make four copies of the spell + resolve the original spell.
  • If you win the first flip and lose the second flip you make two copies of the spell and return the spell to your hand.
  • If you lose the first flip and win the second flip you make two copies of the spell and return the spell to your hand.
  • If you lose both flips then you don't copy the spell instead return the spell to your hand.

With Veyran want to win one flip and lose the other because then you get two copies of the spell as well as return the spell back to your hand to cast again even on the same turn. If you cast a one drop instant or sorcery just cast it again and repeat as long as you lose one flip.

Budget Forks: Increasing Vengeance , Dual Strike , Teach by Example can copy your own instant or sorcery, more ways to trigger magecraft. Two Forks cast on the same turn can copy each other on the stack making infinite magecraft for Veyran to have infinite power for potential lethal Commander damage to an opponent or win the game with Ral. Can copy a Fork that's cast other ways such as Rootha, Mercurial Artist to make infinite magecraft.

How to get infinite magecraft with a Fork:

  • Cast Brainstorm .
  • Cast Increasing Vengeance copy Brainstorm.
  • Activate Rootha, Mercurial Artist copy Vengeance.
  • Copy of Vengeance copies original Vengeance that's still on the stack.
  • Resolve Vengeance copy and copy original Vengeance again.
  • Repeat to infinite copy original Vengeance with Vengeance copy.
  • Break the loop of copying Vengeance by having copy of Vengeance copy Brainstorm.
  • End the combo by resolving three Brainstorms (Vengeance copy, original Vengeance, original Brainstorm)

Twinning Staff is a permanent that copies a spell that's been copied which equals more magecraft triggers and it also has an activated ability which can copy an instant or sorcery you cast. Another way to copy a Fork to make infinite magecraft. Staff is really good with Krark, the Thumbless .

Solve the Equation is a budget tutor. Preordain and Opt are one drop draw spells.

Good luck with your deck.

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