Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Tap an untapped creature you control: Untap target basic land.

Earthcraft Discussion

Regoober on Not exactly in the eye of the storm.

2 days ago

I love your decklist, I love your playbook, I love this take. It's a hot take. I was about to suggest a bunch of BS about cards that would make it look more every go-infinite Najeela Warrior Ball Deck, but you can just EDHREC that. I will suggest Cryptolith Rite because its budget Druids' Repository and Earthcraft , and dorks is the key to the deck, so why not dork out hard? (Also, I don't know if your win strategy necessarily needs Najeela online, but that is the most obvious).

What I want to do is talk about abusing your untap enchants. I have a lot of experience with Intruder Alarm , but this thing with the Jeskai Ascendancy : magnificent. Didn't this idea get a little play in standard? Anyway.

Intruder Alarm first: Cheap creatures that bounce themselves like Shrieking Drake or Man-o'-War or Dream Stalker . There's Stonecloaker and Whitemane Lion in white, too. Green has Temur Sabertooth which is super nasty for saving other creatures as well as completing your loop. Great with ETB Triggers.

Jeskai Ascendancy is what I'm really excited about. I've never brewed with this card, but it's got huge potential. You have enough colors and sources to make this one really sparkle. There's buyback cards: Capsize , Elvish Fury , Fanning the Flames , Haze of Rage , Mind Games maybe, Sprout Swarm Definitely (works with Intruder Alarm, too), and many lesser ones. Another Tempest-theme comes in the form of a cycle of Aura Crown of Flames , Shimmering Wings , Whip Silk , and Flickering Ward . The last two are playable (you can make a lot of green and usually white with creatures?), but a lot of this means you have to be hitting at least one strange mana color. I would consider looking at some of the "any color" dorks or Gemstone Array Effects. (That's the best one because it's a battery, too.) ... Priest of Titania ...

I would get my draw from creatures. Beast Whisperer is my dude right now. There's elves and wizards that etb trigger with draw (which would be good to bounce and storm off with, too) and would synergize with tribal cards you are running if they're just lame ducks after being played.

If you want your jank to really clank, consider some more tutors, too. I'm thinking cheaper Enlightened Tutor , Mystical Tutor , Worldly Tutor , Gamble ... I guess that's not too cheap, but way cheaper Vampiric Tutor or Grim Tutor . The reveal might be too much information in your play group, though, so I could see leaving them out.

Also, While researching for this deck, I came across Sunscape Master and Banishing Knack Who I think have been hoping for this deck forever.

All that, I just love this mashup. do whatever. I can't wait to see how you evolve this.

TheSimikBOat on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite Combo [Primer]

2 days ago

You can include Squirrel Nest here because of the infinite tokens combo with Earthcraft .

Goretast on [Primer] Karametra's Bounce House

1 week ago

Hey Beebles, I did know about that. It was the biggest part in deciding to buy a more pricy card like that. It also works wonders with Chulane, Teller of Tales , which I'm slowly transitioning into. Shrieking Drake and Earthcraft is mighty gross.

Beebles on [Primer] Karametra's Bounce House

1 week ago

Hey Goretast. Just wanted to share an interaction with Earthcraft that I just realized: we can tap whitemane lion in response to its own ETB to untap a basic. So we only need either a cost reducer or an on-cast token producer to go infinite with Earthcraft :).

thinkoriginal on Wrath of Marath

1 week ago

SmokeyMcPot I have! Those are two great enablers for going infinite, thank you for the suggestion. The reason I only have the two Altars for infinite combos is due to preferences of the local meta.

So long as I am required to sacrifice the tokens being generated, so the only way to really combo out with them is to have Purphoros or Tremors out as well, it is not pushing the line too far. I guess I'm not allowed to be TOO degenerate. Also, it's harder for me to tutor for and protect artifacts.

With free rein, I'd run Idyllic Tutor and Mana Echoes / Earthcraft over Gamble and Phyrexian Altar , and Unbound Flourishing for either Fires or possibly Nissa.

Daedalus19876 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

2 weeks ago

GoldenGolgari: None of them will be going in. They don’t give sufficient value unfortunately: the two Castles can’t be tutored with a Fetch, the two commons will almost never come in untapped, I don’t think their effects are worth the mana investment, and none of them can be untapped with Earthcraft (which is a BIG problem for lands in this list).

I am running Witch's Cottage in my Yawgmoth list though!

pskinn01 on Have huge collection want cash

2 weeks ago

saj0219 I no longer have any Wn6.i traded last one for Cavern of Souls and an Earthcraft . Traded one for a scroll rack before Wn6 spiked. Traded one to rockleemyhero in a very large trade (I've traded well over $1000 in cards with him alone).

I have tried to update the binder on here to no avail, keep getting thopters.

I will post a list sometime later. I know I have a lot of high end cards that will be for sale. Fetches, the cavern, swords, stoneforge mystic, etc. If you had an updated wants list I could prob tell you want I had available.

TheGu4rdian on Yarok: Throw your lands in the Air!

3 weeks ago

I really really love the deck and just watched the video where Cameron and Dan were talking/moaning about this exact deck but why Earthcraft in over Aluren when running so few basics?

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Earthcraft occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%