High Market

High Market


: Gain .

, Sacrifice a creature: You gain 1 life.

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High Market Discussion

ioniboi on Eldrampzi

2 weeks ago

Lanzo493 It's a nice choice, but High Market and Miren, the Moaning Well serve the same purpose and bring better upsides. The commander tax usually isn't a problem, cause especially later in the game you can flood more mana onto the board easily.

multimedia on Olivia’s League of Demon Himbos

3 weeks ago

Nice upgrade, Dementia is one of the best sac outlets in Commander since you can choose to target an opponent or yourself. It's a win condition with many combos because you can target opponent. Sac outlets that can also be win conditions such as Dementia, Goblin Bombardment and Blasting Station are valuable in Commander. High Market is a budget land that can sac.

Reynan on Rarefied Atmosphere

1 month ago

Very cool deck, I always thought the new Linvala could give a nice azorius deck.

I would like to suggest Shabraz, the Skyshark, as you use Drogskol Reaver, you can make an infinite draw combo - but only if you are interested in that wincom, of course.

You use Emeria Angel and Azorius Chancery, so adding a Walking Atlas, you are able to put millions of tokens as you wish, and Walking Atlas work as a ramp in early game.

Boreas Charger, Cartographer's Hawk, Knight of the White Orchid and Loyal Warhound are nice possibilities of ramping defense. They can get Hallowed Fountain and Irrigated Farmland for you.

Another combo you can explore, and there's a lot of tutors for it in Azorius, is Archon of Sun's Grace + Enchanted Evening and there's endless tokens ETB(entering the battlefield). Anything to sacrifice a token or some ETB trigger to mill or deal damage to opponent do the trick, cards like High Market, Pyre of Heroes, Culling Dais, Altar of the Brood.

That's it buddy, nice deck.

multimedia on Atla’s Eggs

1 month ago

Hey, nice version, but the manabase hasn't been as upgraded as much as the rest of the deck, you forgot Command Tower.

Because you have Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger do you really need lots of other big creatures? Most creature board wipes are good with Eggs because even if Atla will die to the wipe she will trigger for each Egg that also dies. All your opponents creatures die and you're left with a battlefield of creatures from Eggs. Avacyn and Ulamog have indestructible making them survive board wipes that destroy or do damage.

Vanquish the Horde and Blasphemous Act are powerful creature board wipes in multiplayer Commander because they care about the number of all creatures from all players on the battlefield. Wrath of God and Day of Judgment are the traditional four mana ones and Austere Command is very versatile. Fanatical Devotion is a nice budget sac outlet for Eggs since it can protect Atla from most board wipes.

Consider more ramps sources especially two drop or less ramp that's not creatures can help with Atla?

The manabase here has a few good lands (Mesa, Orchard, Glade, Shrine, Panorama), but most are subpar for much lower budget decks. Temple of the False God is a not a good land; my advice is cut it from all your decks even decks with green which have land ramp. Needing five lands just for Temple to be able to make mana isn't worth it. The Life lands such as Blossoming Sands, etc. are lackluster since 1 life gain is not worth the land always ETB tapped. If you're on a budget for lands then consider these for upgrades?

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

Scytec on Atla's Adventurous Travels

1 month ago

If anyone is still subscribed here by any chance, I am thinking of porting this over into an Atla Palani, Nest Tender deck, adding a few sac outlets such as Greater Good and High Market (among others), then I can add some other powerful creatures with really cool abilities without being restricted by the 5 power or higher limitation imposed by Mayael, what would your opinions be?

Housegheist on The Marauding Horde [WIP]

1 month ago

Asgeren Thank you for your upvote and comment.

I just added High Market for synergy reasons. Now i have 105 Cards and only 31 lands, with 3.35 cmc.

I have to cut at least 6-8 cards and add 1-3 lands.

Any suggestions?

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