Noble Hierarch

Noble Hierarch

Creature — Human Druid

Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

: Gain , , or .

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Noble Hierarch Discussion

NonetheWeisser on cats Mayhem

1 day ago

I run a cat deck myself (+1 simply for the tribe itself). Looks like you're going down more of a midrange strategy. I think that Unclaimed Territory is a good budget option for your mana base and fits your tribal theme. On top of that, have you considered running any mana dorks like Birds of Paradise, Ignoble Hierarch, and Noble Hierarch?

They will allow you to drop your 4-5 drop cats sooner rather than later which can turn the tides of any match up. I also personally think King of the Pride should be maxed out and Feline Sovereign should be at 2.

Great deck!!!! :)

xtechnetia on Banlist Open Discussion

1 day ago

1 mana creatures being vulnerable to removal doesn't really mean much. There's no real risk to deploying them - if they get removed immediately, your opponent still only traded evenly at best.

"Answer me immediately or fall far behind" is fine if the creature is like, 4 mana, because that represents a genuine risk being taken (your opponent can likely answer it for less, has had time to develop board state, etc). At 1 mana that's likely way too powerful.

The other thing about DRS is that it plays the role of a mana dork without suffering the same drawback as traditional mana dorks (namely, that they're terrible topdecks later). The deckbuilding cost of a traditional mana dork is substantial - you might get useful mana acceleration on turn 1, at the cost of a possible dead draw on turn 10. DRS is a genuine threat no matter when it's drawn, in addition to its mana acceleration. For some comparison, Noble Hierarch is a Modern and Legacy staple, and pretty much the only thing it does later in the game is provide exalted.

DRS is one of those cards that's perhaps hard to appreciate on paper, but when you watch games being played with it (or sit down at a table with it yourself), you'll quickly understand why it's possibly the best creature ever printed in Magic's history. "1 mana planeswalker" indeed.

zapyourtumor on Soulherder Flash

1 month ago

Path to Exile isn't great in the current metagame, since you're running three colors I suggest Prismatic Ending

I'm not sure 4 Opt and 3 Remand is good when you could be running more creatures instead. Watcher for Tomorrow is a decent one to help you dig. Wall of Omens is another good draw engine that can stop aggro and walls Ragavan.

Also I think you should heavily consider Yorion, Sky Nomad as companion. Free cards are just really good, and there are definitely enough good flicker creatures in bant colors to go up to 80 cards. You could also include the Stoneforge Mystic package with the extra space to give the deck a more clear "must answer" wincon besides just generating value with etbs.

Some other creatures I think you should consider are Solitude, Endurance for sideboard grave hate, Skyclave Apparition, Noble Hierarch, Aether Vial (lets you "flash in" those non-flash creatures).

Mortlocke on The Queen's Egg

1 month ago

Tobuts, I really appreciate the chance to discuss a Burgeoning Sliver build. This is fun. Doombeard1984, it's also great to hear from you as well. I appreciate the well wishes. I'm managing my Hive just fine - I hope the same for you and yours as well. Have you had a chance to play paper magic? I've managed to get together a small casual EDH playgroup. I've been playing mostly precons as a result of that, but hey - magic is magic.

Tobuts, I must disagree with slotting in Darksteel Ingot for Mox Diamond . Indestructability is nice and all, but few players at the table would be willing to use removal on your mana rocks outside of a well timed Vandalblast effect. Not to mention, you'd be spending on a rock - there are so many better choices before you invest into spending so much mana on a turn. I maintain that the Talisman cycle is your best bet, or maybe even a Commander's Sphere , Coalition Relic (yields so much more value than Darksteel Ingot , despite having a CMC). Including Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise are also viable options - but more vulnerable ones. Personally, I opted to exclude anything that is a filthy non-sliver simply due to a personal build choice. Also, I must implore you to not use Lotus Bloom unless The First Sliver is your commander (and honestly even that is a stretch) to make the card viable. Just to note - when you cascade a spell with suspend, it is simply cast and is not exiled from the game with suspend counters on it. Honestly, Lotus Bloom belongs in a Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder deck.

Wheel of Fortune is a rather pricey pick up. Full disclosure - I picked mine up for about 30 USD back in the day, and even then I was upset because I thought I was overpaying lol. If only I knew about the Reserved List buyout that was to come. If you are committed to picking up a Reserved List card, and you know you will enjoy it for years to come then get it. Otherwise, i'd try out either of the previously suggested cards for the slot first - then make your decision.

I'm glad we're both on the same page in regards to Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip, it's a perfect substitute. As for The Great Henge - I don't think it would be a very good fit for this deck. Why? The average power for most creatures is well below 7. Additionally, I like to consider each card in silo - if for some reason my opponents were removing my Legendary slivers at just the right times, that would leave The Great Henge as a dead card as far as I'm concerned. I get why anyone would be excited about it though - it's literally keyword soup of all the things magic players like to do in green on one card. Just unfortunately, it's just a card that doesn't fit in this deck. My opinion may change in the future though - so who knows? Maybe i'll try it out one game and it just slaps

As for your manabase, use what you feel is right for you. My manabase was built with having literally the best and most efficient manabaase possible for a Sliver tribal deck with cost not being a factor. Such a ridiculous concept for a manabase won't work for everyone so I implore you to use what you know is financially feasible for you. However, i'm a big proponent of proxies. I love em'. Sure, I do own these cards as they are special to me, and all have a story (for the most part) but it would be absolutely silly to walk out of the house with a 15 thousand+ deck of cards. I wouldn't be able to even focus on the game - I'd be hoping and praying that I don't bend anything while shuffling or hope that no one steals one of my cards. Additionally, if you are in a playgroup that loves power simply ask what they would find acceptable and proxy to your heart's content. Heck, even Wizards official policy on proxies pretty much echoes my thoughts expressed here. They only care if you're bringing proxies to official DCI events. That's when they'd say "no". So again, as long as your playgroup is cool with it - then do it.

Omniscience_is_life on Jegantha Xerneas Jodah Yoda the VIII

1 month ago

As it stands, you have 16 lands that enter tapped. You're going to want to get that number closer to 4-6, if possible.

Your mana ramp package could use some optimizing-- Sol Ring , Birds of Paradise , Noble Hierarch , Rampant Growth and Cultivate when you get some basics in (which you should)... all great options.

The next packages to get started on are card draw and interaction. Some examples of interaction: Path to Exile , Beast Within , Counterspell , Out of Time , Saw It Coming , Swords to Plowshares , Heliod's Intervention . You'll want 3-ish board wipes and 8-ish targeted removal/counterspell pieces.

For card draw, you'll want to find cards with synergy, for the most part--staples can only take you so far in this category. If your strategy continues to revolve around big creatures, cards like Garruk's Uprising will do you good. Just make sure to have 11-ish card advantage pieces, and as few weaker cantrips as you can.

DemonDragonJ on Will there be a Red/White/Green …

1 month ago

The Alara block featured Noble Hierarch ; later, Modern Horizons 2 introduced Ignoble Hierarch , and both of those are excellent creatures, but I noticed that they are both green, despite green not being the central color of either shard that those creatures represent, so I find myself wondering if there shall be a hierarch that is red, white, and green, representing the Naya shard of Alara.

What does everyone else say about this? Will there eventually be a red/white/green hierarch?

anonymousperson184 on Biovisionary

1 month ago

I would swap out the walls for mana ramp to put more pressure on your opponent. Cards like Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch come to mind. I would swap out your cloning cards for Mirrorweave . That not only makes your deck faster and more difficult to play around, but also provides extra space for some counterspells. Make those changes and you're looking at a stronger deck.

ahthornev2 on Death & Taxes

1 month ago

Hey blessrain -- Walking Ballista is definitely at it's most fair in this deck but it serves a few cool use cases. It has a unique role in the deck where it can act like Umezawa's Jitte w/ counters and ping off some creatures or act as just a bear that can send a few points of damage at the opponent if it is about to be removed. In both cases it is pretty solid, mono-white can use the extra reach sometimes.

a) Tutor target for both Recruiter of the Guard and Ranger-Captain of Eos , and also Ranger of Eos that is in the maybe board. It's usually the best target for Ranger-Captain if the game is going to go long at all or I have some excess mana that I can feed into the Ballista the next turn. Would likely add Ranger of Eos if I was going into the Heliod combo just to maximize on ways to find Ballista.

b) Can help mana denial strategy. Pinging off x/1 creatures is really helpful when half of the payoffs in this deck involve removing the opponent's resources. Pinging their Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise leading into an Armageddon / Wasteland to choke out certain colours or an early 3 drop is exactly what we want to do to maximize our disruption.

c) Goes well with the fast mana draws, whether it is Mana Crypt or City of Traitors , Ancient Tomb , getting an early Ballista against creature decks is great for the reason described above, plus it can be a mana sink later while fitting the curve early.

I've been looking to add more +1/+1 counter synergy as well, both Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit and Luminarch Aspirant are underrated and there are a few other cards I have been looking at too. I think in a slower meta including the Heliod, Sun-Crowned combo is a very valid build, too. Heliod is just a little bit weak on his own but it is a good card to slam early off a fast mana start. Ballista is just a good enough card on its own that I have really embraced playing it in a deck like this!

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