Cephalid Coliseum


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Realms (V12) Mythic Rare
Odyssey (ODY) Uncommon

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Cephalid Coliseum


Tap: Add to your mana pool. Cephalid Coliseum deals 1 damage to you.

Threshold — symol:U, Tap, Sacrifice Cephalid Coliseum: Target player draws three cards, then discards three cards. Activate this ability only if seven or more cards are in your graveyard.

Cephalid Coliseum Discussion

Last_Laugh on Is this your card? Street-magician Muldrotha

1 week ago

Crystal Vein and Cephalid Coliseum are both really good lands here.

Mystic Remora and other cumulative upkeep cards like Elephant Grass can be all-stars here.

Glen Elendra Archmage and Siren Stormtamer make for a great counter package in Muldrotha.

Pernicious Deed 100% needs a spot.

Feel free to check out my list for inspiration. It ain't cheap but it's one of the top rated Muldrotha lists on this site. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite

Hotspeed10 on Fblthp, the Degenerate

3 weeks ago

I would differently suggest Cephalid Coliseum and all the fetch land if you have the budget for them. I would suggest Pull from Tomorrow over of Finale of Revelation and Frantic Search or Divination since there are instant speed over sorcery. I would also suggest adding a few stax pieces like Cursed Totem and Back to basic. I would also suggest Arcane Signet (when it comes out) and Sapphire Medallion as a few ramp pieces.

Caerwyn on Kess, Dissident Mage cEDH WIP

1 month ago

You are going to run into a lot of problems if you try and run this list in a true cEDH environment. While you have a ton of cEDH staples, your deck also contains a number of less-optimized cards that you will likely never be able to cast in an ultra-competitive game.

Crumbling Necropolis should get cut. Lands that enter the battlefield tapped without an additional effect are a death sentence in cEDH, where every single turn could be the last one.

Temple of the False God should also get cut. It's a fine card in casual, slower metas, but it doesn't do all that much for you in the faster-paced cEDH (particularly if you're not in green and don't have land-ramp).

I know some cEDH decks run as few as 28 lands, so you might not need replacements. IF you do, some good budget-friendly options are Tarnished Citadel (can always provide free mana, and provides some emergency colour-fixing at a fairly reasonable cost) and Cephalid Coliseum (mana at first, later in the game it draws cards and dumps cards into the graveyard for Kess).

Dramatic Reversal is a fantastic card to run alongside Scepter, as the two can be used alongside your mana rocks for infinite mana.

Cards like Windfall and Wheel of Fortune are disproportionately powerful in Kess, since they draw you a bunch of cards and you still have access to a bunch of the cards you discarded.

I don't think Thousand-Year Storm , Metallurgic Summonings , or The Eldest Reborn have a high enough payout to justify their high mana costs. By the time you've generated that much mana, you should have some more exciting, game-winning things to be doing.

Hope some of that helps!

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha Selfmill

1 month ago

Cephalid Coliseum and Crystal Vein both deserve spots.

Feel free to check out my list for ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite

SideBae on Yuriko V1

1 month ago

First things first: All EDH decks need ramp. Unfortunately for UB decks, most of the ramp in the game is in green or occasionally red (see Orcish Lumberjack ). That means artifacts are the way to go. I advise Dimir Signet , Talisman of Dominance and MindStone (maybe) as relatively affordable cards you can use for ramp; but since you're running Mox Diamond , I might as well mention Grim Monolith and Mox Opal . Your artifact count is a little low for the opal, though, but that may change as the deck evolves.

I see you've included Changeling Outcast . Consider running Mothdust Changeling as another evasive, one-drop ninja. Mist-Syndicate Naga and Silent-Blade Oni are excellent ninjas as well; you should at least consider Throatseeker . Baleful Strix is another creature to consider, as returning it to your hand with ninjutsu allows you to draw more than one card with it after you cast it additional times. It is also hard to block, and can make a formidable blocker on its own.

Cavern of Souls is an excellent include, if you have access to it. It's usually a lot more integral, but you'll likely be using the ninjutsu ability most of the time rather than casting your guys. Still, keep it in mind.

Preordain is good in conjunction with Ponder and Brainstorm . Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time are also high CMC card-draw spells that are relatively easy to cast.

Running Jace, the Mind Sculptor seems good here, though he is over $100 nowadays; I must admit I am having a hard time determining the deck's budget, mostly because of the Mox Diamond and Mana Crypt . Note also that, as you're already including Sensei's Divining Top , Scroll Rack and potentially Jace, the Mind Sculptor , you can consider running Counterbalance . Counterbalance is generally a high-variance card in EDH, but I've had some success with it in the past.

Depending on your meta, Ashiok, Dream Render can be an all star. In almost every meta, Narset, Parter of Veils is an all star, especially if paired with a well-timed Windfall .

In my Tasigur, the Golden Fang deck, I run a similar combo-kill of casting Nexus of Fate repeatedly with an otherwise empty library. I use Tainted Pact to get rid of my library, running a single basic and snow basic of each type. Crafting your mana base carefully might allow you to run Tainted Pact too -- give thought to lands like Ancient Tomb , Cephalid Coliseum or Cabal Pit . If that doesn't work, Demonic Consultation with Nexus of Fate in hand is also good.

If your meta is filled with combo decks (I know mine is), Arcane Laboratory is a good option, especially since ninjutsu isn't an alternate casting cost; Mana Maze is similar. Dispel is a counter-counter spell I've found tremendously useful, especially since it can stop an opposing ad nauseum right away.

Raven's Crime seems like a good way to use up excess lands you draw.

Not sure how much I like Aether Vial in an EDH deck. Yes, your creature-curve is low and very consistent, but drawing it later in the game, especially if you're behind, has all the feel-bad-ness in the world. Maybe Leyline of Anticipation is better? It allows all your spells to go in at instant speed, flips for an extra three damage off a Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow trigger, and can begin the game occasionally on the table for free. Yes, it is still dead if drawn late, but it isn't AS dead in that it immediately takes full effect; Aether Vial requires two or three turns to become powerful, and then only works with creatures.

Time Stretch is an extra-turn card to consider, though it may be too expensive to cast.

Invisible Stalker as another ninjutsu enabler? I'd run it over Hope of Ghirapur , though that may be a meta call.

Commandeer and Misdirection are two disruptive, high-cost instants with good alternate casting costs to consider.

Mystic Remora is good in most blue decks, especially if your opening hand is otherwise slow. Players have to either play around it, which slows the game enough for you to catch up, or play into it, which can easily make it an Ancestral Recall . I personally think it is a better card than Rhystic Study , if only because by T3 you probably want to be doing other things with your mana.

Thirst for Knowledge , Painful Truths , Chart a Course , Notion Thief and Night's Whisper are all worth considering as efficient draw-engines. Notion Thief feels especially brutal when cast as a response to an opposing Brainstorm .

Ok man -- that's all I got. Good luck with deck building!

1shabby on Muldrotha, the Fun for the Whole Family

3 months ago

Thank you for the recommendations for the deck! I have thought about both Cephalid Coliseum and Crystal Vein previously. I like the Coliseum for its easy ability to dig through my deck for only one mana. My one problem with the card is that it takes my land spot for a turn and it doesn't give me mana so it slows me down there. As for Crystal Vein I really like how every other turn I can produce 4 colorless mana and if The Gitrog Monster is out then it gives card draw as well. I just need to find a slot for it in the deck. Lastly the Song of the Dryads I hadn't even thought about including it in the deck but I love how devastating it can be if put on someone's commander so I will definitely have to try and fit it in. Thank you again and if you have any other recommendations please let me know!

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha, the Fun for the Whole Family

3 months ago

Cephalid Coliseum and Crystal Vein are both great lands here.

I'm also really fond of Song of the Dryads here. Very versatile piece of removal that can shut down entire decks.

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Cephalid Coliseum occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

BUG (Sultai): 0.62%