As an additional cost to play Sacrifice, sacrifice a creature.

Add to your mana pool an amount of mana equal to the sacrificed creature's converted mana cost.

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Sacrifice Discussion

K4m4r0 on I didn't choose the Slug Life, Slug life chose me!

2 days ago

Chance777 I like the benefit that they produce coloured mana, even if they enter tapped. I don't know if I need as much coloured mana though, so I might change to better artifacts. Thanks for your suggestions!

WebbofLies I love Sacrifice, that is a great suggestion! I'd definitely test it in my upcoming games. Any idea what to remove?

WebbofLies on I didn't choose the Slug Life, Slug life chose me!

3 days ago

An interesting ritual in black is Sacrifice, which has you essentially food chain a creature without getting an extra mana. This can allow you to bring out Toxrill very early by sacrificing a creature like Clackbridge Troll, or you could even sac Toxrill to it (on your turn in response to removal, most likely) so you can recast him for only the commander tax!

A similar card is Soldevi Adnate, which is repeatable but slow and does not have the element of surprise.

Luciferian on Muldrotha Value town

1 week ago

Hey Last_Laugh thanks for your suggestions, but as I have mentioned before, infinite comboing is not something that this deck wants to focus on.

That being said milling was something that I was considering and decided to add Mesmeric Orb for that.

I had Gravebreaker Lamia in the deck before, but it was cut because it just didn't work with the current deck direction. There is no tutor this win now card.

Sacrifice looks nice, but seing my overall creature cmc the payoff wouldn't be that great, I would wager Dark Ritual would most often be better, but even then I usually don't want to ramp Muldrotha out because I am not comboing with something. It was the reason I cut Lion's Eye Diamond a card that is an actual powerhouse in a Muldrotha deck.

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha Value town

1 week ago

Altar of Dementia enables an infinite mill combo with cards you already run. Kaya's Ghostform goes on Muldrotha, Sac to Altar to mill someone for 6 and reset Muldy's 1 permanent per turn. Lotus Petal to recast Kaya's and rinse and repeat.

Gravebreaker Lamia is a stud here that makes finding that combo easy like Sunday morning.

Sacrifice is great to either ramp into Muldy or to reuse and immediately pay for any etb/death trigger creature.

tiagompm on Muldrotha "Super Budget" The Gravetide [Updated!]

4 weeks ago

Hello Last_Laugh!

Thanks for your suggestions!

I don't even know why I missed Greater Good! Use it in my competitive deck... One of Muldrotha's best card draws!

The Sacrifice is excellent in turbo ramp but this deck is more midrange, I won't "sacrifice" a slot for an instant that ramps, I'll prioritize permanents to ramp.. Unmarked Grave is an excellent tutor but the price is already going up.. like Wishclaw Talisman.

I really like Imprisoned in the Moon but I'm prioritizing Kenrith's Transformation for the same purpose...but I can try to put both!

I really liked your competitive deck! I can study ideas for my turbo Muldrotha Competitive/Stax that you can also get ideas!

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha "Super Budget" The Gravetide [Updated!]

1 month ago

Unmarked Grave is a very nice addition that I'm pretty sure is still under $2. Sacrifice is a bit of a hidden gem here... it either ramps into Muldy very effectively or after Muldy is out it's handy to reuse an etb like Gravebreaker Lamia or Gray Merchant of Asphodel again. Greater Good is an excellent sac outlet here to fill your hand and grave. Imprisoned in the Moon is a versatile piece of removal that shuts down commander reliant decks hard. There... that should make up for my whoopsie post lol. Feel free to check out my list for ideas (it's nowhere near budget but there's still some in the deck). Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Muldrotha's Madhouse ⫷Primer⫸

Daedalus19876 on BtheChemist

1 month ago

You kind of caught me at a bad time, haha. Over the last few days I've been moving over to Moxfield.

In the future I'll mostly be active on that site. My Araumi lists -- budget and full power, both updated -- exist over there as well, so if you want to ask future questions I'd do it there: and

But before I go, I can answer your questions real quickly :)

Araumi is honestly my trickiest deck to pilot. Have you read the primer in my full-power version? It helps a bit.

In the early game you want to prioritize dumping cards into graveyard -- either by self-mill, looting, or Entomb effects.

IF you can get Araumi to survive on the battlefield, everything is great: nearly all the creatures in the deck have overwhelming effects when encored. Nearly all of our "spells" (removal, ramp, etc) are on creature ETBs.

If you can't get Araumi to survive, that's fine -- in that case, you want to prioritize finding reanimation spells in hand, then assembling a combo from the cards you've milled into graveyard. This is the part where the primer is very helpful. Some common combos are Mesmeric Orb + Aphetto Alchemist, or Scholar of the Ages + any reanimation spell + Sacrifice, or Glasspool Mimic  Flip + Cavalier of Night + any sac outlet.

In response to your other question, about improving your own decks... The guiding rules that I live under are:

  1. I want to ramp as fast as I can, so I run almost zero tapped lands, and I like mana rocks which cost 2 and produce 1 and come in untapped. Similarly, draw is good, particularly repeatable effects which say "Whenever X, draw a card".
  2. Any spell which you're paying 4+ mana for should threaten to win the game very quickly, if not answered. Something like Force of Will would count as zero mana for this sort of rule, by the way.
  3. Play lots of removal, but mostly at 2 mana or less. You don't usually want to hold up huge amounts of mana for removal / interaction, because you waste those resources if you don't have a good opportunity to use the "trick" you're holding up.
  4. It's very tricky to win non-casual games via combat damage. This is because most cards are balanced for "I need to deal 20 damage to an opponent", and in Commander you have to do 120 damage instead. TLDR, combat is weak in Commander, though certain commanders can make it work.
  5. Combos and tutors are great, and help win games without paying attention to life total (thus, dodging the problem above). However, I would not run ANY card which is bad outside of a single combo. If you're building with combos, I'd try to find redundancy where you can, multiple cards which can all fill different roles and replace each other. That way, you're less vulnerable to a single point of failure!

I hope all that helps!

Rocketman988 on Demon Till Your Dreams Come True

2 months ago

To add on to the previous comment- I have found that the maximum mana cost for a non-creature spell I can really justify is 7- with a land drop, this means the spell can be cast the turn after casting Rakdos in main phase 1 before the attack wrecks my mana base. Repay in Kind is an MVP spell in the deck for this reason. I'll use an effect to drop my life to below 7, set everyone to 7 with Repay in Kind, and then swing in for the kill on one or more opponents during that turn. Can also pull off a misdirection play with Burnt Offering or Sacrifice pre or post combat to get a massive mana payoff during the turn.

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