Force of Negation

Force of Negation


If it's not your turn, you may exile a blue card from your hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost.

Counter target noncreature spell. If that spell is countered this way, exile it instead of putting it into its owner's graveyard.

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Force of Negation Discussion

zAzen7977 on RISE OF THE NAZGUL - Esper Reanimator [Primer]

1 week ago

Thanks Mark3sie!! I highly encourage you to build it, it’s a ton of fun to pilot.

I have experimented with different versions, including a version that ran Grief, Solitude, Mulldrifter, and Ephemerate. That build runs less blue and is less reactive than my current iteration, but is more explosive during early turns. Plus Ephemerate is brutal with Archon of Cruelty. However, exiling cards from my hand takes its toll, and I found that incarnations ended up clogging my hand, or I ran out of steam after turn 4. This is why I elected to forgo Grief and blink effects and focus on protecting my spells with Counterspell, Force of Negation, and Teferi, Time Raveler. This deck hinges on sticking an Archon on the battlefield and attacking with it, and in this current meta that is almost impossible without defense.

GloriousSeeker on Mono Blue Delver 2021

1 month ago

Hi man!

Nice list, but.. I have some things you may have to change to make the deck really work. Mono blue can be really good if you know how to build it. For example Merfolk is better in Mono blue then Simic (green/blue) because of the tempo you have.

Mainboard: -4 Cryptic Command -1 Archmage's Charm -2 Remand -4 Scalding Tarn -1 Snapcaster Mage +4 Consider +1 Force of Negation +1 Murktide Regent +2 Demilich +2 Island +2 Fiery Islet

Sideboard: -2 Spell Snare -2 Vendilion Clique -1 Negate -1 Remand -1 Force of Negation -1 Annul -1 Murktide Regent -2 Ceremonious Rejection +2 Hurkyl's Recall +2 Thing in the Ice  Flip +1 Dispel +2 Malevolent Hermit  Flip +2 Tormod's Crypt +1 Spell Pierce +1 Narset, Parter of Veils

Try this out, all the changes I made in this list has their reasons. Some cards have their special power on their own. Make use of more cheap and better counterspells. Try it out and ofcourse this are tips what you can do better with mono blue delver. I play it myself and it's great.


1 month ago

Manabase: Temple lands tend to be pretty slow for modern. The filtering is nice but if I ran it I would only run 1, 4 feels like too many. I suggest running some manlands like Hall of Storm Giants and Celestial Colonnade, and maybe some filtering with Castle Vantress (which can enter untapped unlike the temples).

Counters: Counterspell is great. Some of your other choices could probably be improved though. Dovin's Veto is more of a sideboard card, while Force of Negation isn't as good in straight-up control lists since you go down on card advantage. Archmage's Charm is a strong counterspell that can also draw cards or steal an opponents threat which could be a Ragavan, DRC, hexdrinker, esper sentinel equipped with a hammer, etc, and I'd slot it in over Render Silent.

Overwhelming Denial is very bad because you will almost never have surge. If you want to play 4 mana counters I suggest good old Cryptic Command. Ashiok's Erasure is similarly bad. Even if it handles uncounterable threats (which aren't as numerous as you might think), it's generally better to just remove those threats instead of playing a bad 4 mana counter.

Removal: Verdicts are good (4 is a lot but I frequently see 3). However, Detention Sphere and Ixalan's Binding are both pretty slow removal spells. Sphere is not bad as a 1 of, but Binding is definitely too slow. The best removal spell in white right now is Prismatic Ending which I suggest since it can deal with opponents t1 ragavan and stuff. It would be better if you ran fetches and 1 three-color triome, but it's still not bad. Solitude is another option for removing bigger creatures. Cyclonic Rift is just bad, because bounce spells require you to waste another counterspell dealing with them. This deck is maybe the one deck in modern where you would overload it, but an overloaded cyclonic rift is to save your ass when you're behind, and if you're at 7 lands you're probably far ahead already. I'd just replace with more removal/counters.

Wincons: The planeswalkers look pretty solid, but I'm not sure Luminarch Ascension is worth it, given how mana-intensive it is. You could maybe work in 1 Teferi, Hero of Dominaria which is a control powerhouse.

wallisface on Turn one modern deck, don't tell wizards

1 month ago

cold_bugs I've just read your walkthrough, yeah it is quite a complicated procedure and one that I missed, so good work on figuring out that interaction.

Hoping your opponent isn't playing blue is actually a non-issue if you're enacting your turn-1 plan, as outside of Force of Negation or Spell Snare (both not being played much atm) you're pretty safe. The real risk is your opponent running black (for hand disruption), or playing post-sideboard (where a bunch of 1-mana grave-hate cards exist).

I guess I'll re-enforce my prior thought, that while fast, this is a combo that is by no means consistent (the Allosaurus-Neoform decks look reliable by comparison). It would be interesting to crunch some numbers to see how often this deck can win on turn 1/2/3 etc, though I feel in any case you need some inbuilt way to safeguard yourself from getting blown-out. Winning on turn-4 reliably is better than having to often scoop before the game begins.

123456789101112131415161718 on Thoroughly Modern Millie

1 month ago

I feel like a lot of these cards are irrelevant in the deck and don't really help it that much. You should cut emry, ballista, fblthp, and the tooth for removal and counterspells. 3x Counterspell, 1x Force of Negation, 3x Dismember, 2x Pact of Negation and 1xArchmage's Charm should make the deck a bit more consistent. Maybe take out the paradise mantles for 3 ornithopters and another archmage's charm as well. I think that these additions will make the deck more consistent at both winning and

zapyourtumor on Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde

2 months ago

I love the name.

Some comments:

You don't have a single one drop/turn one play, other than Vial. That's definitely a big tempo loss. Jabberjaw46 mentioned Mausoleum Wanderer for the sideboard, which is a good suggestion, except I strongly think you should put all 4 copies of it mainboard.

Supreme Phantom is an amazing card. I'd up it to a playset.

Honestly, I've always been lukewarm about Geist. Yes, it is a hard to remove threat that can win games on its own, but the creature itself has no evasion, plus the angel token that's created isn't a spirit so it doesn't benefit from our lords.

I think you might be going a bit overboard on the removal and counterspells. I like that the deck is a bit more controlly than most UW spirits which makes it a little more unique, but if you add too many of these other spells it makes it harder for you to churn out enough creatures and lords and make full use of Vial. I'd just straight up cut the Mana Leaks. 4 Counterspells total feels like the highest I would go, since you also have 4 Queller (2 Counterspell 2 Force of Negation seems like a good split to me). Same for removal, you have 4 Apparition so I'd cut down to 4 removal spells tops as well (whether you keep path or on thin ice is personal preference I guess). Removing these will give you space for Mausoleum Wanderer and more Supreme Phantoms.

In case you want more spirits, Rattlechains and Shacklegeist are two that I like. Cemetery Illuminator is a new card that looks interesting for the sideboard, doubling as grave hate and CA engine. Guardian of Faith is nice as a one of in the sideboard against wipes.

kamarupa on No Land Challenge It Definitely Has To Be Affinity

2 months ago

Not much help from me, but Obelisk of Urd and Will-Forged Golem fit the bill.

In theory you could play Force of Negation?

ASalesman on Unesh, Ultimate Guide (Tribal)

2 months ago


  • Panharmonicon is too good for several reasons. Primarily, the value it gets while it's on the field invaluable. It will absorb at least one removal piece, because if it can't be removed the value train is pretty unstoppable. Secondly, its a great target for Sphinx of Enlightenment. I am taking out one card I find to be underwhelming, Arcane Denial, to make room for Panharmonicon again. I can justify this because I also just recently added 2 other counter spells (Force of Negation & Swan Song).
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