Pact of Negation

Pact of Negation


This is blue.

Counter target spell.

At the beginning of your next upkeep, pay . If you don't, you lose the game.

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Pact of Negation Discussion

multimedia on Pirates a'hoyyyyyyy

2 days ago

Hey, nice version, but where's Glint-Horn Buccaneer? I saw your deck in the featured decks ad.

You can improve on balancing card quality since you have some amazing cards here, but also quite a few lackluster ones that are much lower on power level compared to the others. An example is Scalding Tarn which is excellent, but not playing a dual land that Tarn can search for... Steam Vents could replace Izzet Guildgate and Volatile Fjord could replace Highland Lake. Other Izzet dual lands to add in place of some basic lands to improve color fixing from lands: Training Center, Cascade Bluffs, Sulfur Falls, Stormcarved Coast and Frostboil Snarl.

I don't think I've even seen Armillary Sphere in the same deck before that also has Mana Drain, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Jeweled Lotus, Dockside Extortionist, Goldspan Dragon, Jeska's Will and Urza's Saga. Sphere is really out of place power wise. Consider cutting Sphere for Arcane Signet? The Diamonds are also subpar, considering cutting both of them for Talisman of Creativity and Izzet Signet? These are not expensive changes, but can make a big improvements on ramp.

Another example of card quality balance are the counterspells. Mana Drain, Counterspell, Pact of Negation, Negate are great thus you don't also need to play Hornswoggle, Admiral's Order and even Lookout's Dispersal because these are not as good.

Some more one drop/two drop flying Pirates and unblockable Pirates can more easily trigger Malcolm and Breeches. Spectral Sailor, Warkite Marauder, Departed Deckhand could replace some higher mana cost Pirates such as Captain Ripley Vance, Deadeye Quartermaster, Prosperous Pirates and Sailor of Means. You have Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Dockside Extortionist, Goldspan Dragon and Corsair Captain which are all excellent thus you don't really need to play other Pirates that create treasures when they ETB because those cards are not as good.

Wonder and Anger are powerful with Pirates, but they need help to get them into your graveyard because you don't want to ever cast them. Expanding with more loot can help to draw/discard them that also adds more draw to your deck. Faithless Looting, Windfall, Mask of Memory and Frantic Search could replace Mutiny, Hornswoggle, Dowsing Dagger  Flip and Admiral's Order. These changes are also not expensive and improve card quality.

Good luck with your deck.

zAzen7977 on Help optimizing my Wilhelt Precon

1 month ago

Other options for non-targeted removal besides the ones you have already mentioned are Cyclonic Rift and The Meathook Massacre. Less expensive options include Bontu's Last Reckoning or Black Sun's Zenith.

For targeted exile, Deadly Rollick is the most efficient with Wilhelt. Baleful Mastery or Oubliette are affordable options.

My favorite counterspells with Wilhelt are the ones that can be cast even when tapped out, including Pact of Negation and Fierce Guardianship.

Another strategy is increasing the speed that you can assemble a game-winning combo, with more efficient tutors or mana rocks, which unfortunately are expensive but necessary to be more competitive. If you can assemble an infinite combo, it doesn’t matter if your opponent casts Sigarda or Emrakul or whatever. And if you can’t stick the combo fast enough, tutors will increase your odds of finding a solution to a bad situation.

wallisface on Turn one modern deck, don't tell wizards

1 month ago

cold_bugs Yeah both Surgical Extraction and Extirpate will shut you down hard. I’m. not sure there’s anything you can do about it except for knowing it’s a lose-condition (you could run Pact of Negation, but that feels extreme.

I think any deck running black probably has a huge advantage against you in as well, as the likes of Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek can make your hands garbage really quickly.

Traditional Goryos/Through-the-Breach decks lose to both the above interactions, and have a LOT less moving parts. So I wouldn’t get too hung-up - theres a reason those decks don’t feature highly in the current metagame. I would say the likes of Surgical Extraction should also be a fairly rare card (outside of mill), though your meta may vary… if most your meta is playing it, it’s going to unfortunately make your deck pretty unplayable.

cold_bugs on Turn one modern deck, don't tell wizards

1 month ago

wallisface with how often I mulligan pregame, and the number of cards i see, I felt like i could stop before i had four leylines. Pact of Negation is a great card I didn't even consider that one. As for Moon & sunset revelry, I had just found a few sideboard list and took a few cards for each matchup

wallisface on Turn one modern deck, don't tell wizards

1 month ago


  • Engineered Explosives is good, it’ll help deal with various problem cards.

  • I’m not sure when you bring-in Alpine Moon. Your deck is aiming to win super quickly so i don’t see how diluting that plan helps in this case. Same goes for Sunset Revelry, its a good card, but what matchups are you actually bringing this in against?

  • I like Leyline of Sanctity but if you’re running any quantity of this card, it should be 4x. Otherwise it just becomes too unreliable.

  • Both Mystical Dispute and Thoughtseize are decent.

  • I would think you’d want Pact of Negation sideboard, to stop decks from messing with you on the turn you’re going to win.

HeavyPlay on Gideon Turns (It Up)

2 months ago

First FNM with this deck and it BOMBED (and not in the good way). DRC's top deck filtering was not enough of an edge and without some kind of card advantage the deck runs out of resources very quickly.

However, I had some ideas on how to fix this issue:




123456789101112131415161718 on Thoroughly Modern Millie

2 months ago

I feel like a lot of these cards are irrelevant in the deck and don't really help it that much. You should cut emry, ballista, fblthp, and the tooth for removal and counterspells. 3x Counterspell, 1x Force of Negation, 3x Dismember, 2x Pact of Negation and 1xArchmage's Charm should make the deck a bit more consistent. Maybe take out the paradise mantles for 3 ornithopters and another archmage's charm as well. I think that these additions will make the deck more consistent at both winning and

Hectaur on oloro control/stax all the fun is mine

2 months ago

i got Pact of Negation coming in the mail thats the one i was thinking to replace Cancel but ill keep your suggestion around for sure as a good option

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