Kessig Wolf Run

Kessig Wolf Run


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[[symbol:X], : Target creature gets +X/+0 and gains trample until end of turn.

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Kessig Wolf Run Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Well, the challenge was for a land with an activated ability that isn't a mana ability. So,

Arena Pit



, : Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control. The controller of a creature who dies in this way loses life equal to their creatures power.

Granted, could be an enchantment but like Kessig Wolf Run and Vault of the Archangel, that was the challenge.

Make a gem? Okay.

Flawless Diamond


Flawless Diamond enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add

Sapphire, Jet, Ruby and Emerald all would follow this same pattern.


As much as I love Dinosaurs in Naya, I am saddened that Dimir lacks them in totality. I feel like Dinosaurs will be akin to Dragons or Humans, comfortably nesting in all five colors.

Please make your choice of a mono-black, blue or Dimir Dinosaur.

lDruid on Wrath of Klauth

1 month ago

Kessig Wolf Run seems like it could be fun in this.

Niko9 on Swipe Right Swiftspear

1 month ago

Elsterooo Thanks :) It does tend to be one of my most generally effective decks because you an play it different depending on the opponent. Against a control opponent you can play out and try to get under them, where as if you are up against a creature deck you can remove their creatures, make the attacks that make sense, and then save up for one big Might of the Masses onto Den Protector or a trampler from Kessig Wolf Run. Or you can use pressure plus removal and then into Klothys, God of Destiny or Fumiko the Lowblood and it almost starts to play like a control deck with creatures. You can dictate the game by making them choose between damage bad blocks, and then doubling down by also making them make bad attacks.

And I mean, you could probably have a more efficient swarm deck, or a more efficient buff deck, but I really like being able to do both at about 80% good.

The only trick with the deck is that I'm trying to purposely not add +1/+1 buffs into the deck as much as possible. Shadowspear would probably be amazing for the lifegain, but adding +1 actually makes Savage Swipe either worse or harder to use. I mean, that, plus I really don't want to buy shadowspear :) But that's why most buffs are not incremental and are more big buffs all at once.

zapyourtumor on RG werewolf aggro

2 months ago

Land count seems very low. I'd up to at least 20. Could maybe include some Rootbound Crag and Kessig Wolf Run.

Creature density seems a little low(?) given how you have almost as many cards supporting the creatures as the creatures themselves.

Gruul Charm seems very situational and more of a sideboard card.

Some other fun werewolves: Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip (classic 4-drop threat, even outside werewolf tribal, maybe 2 of?), Werewolf Pack Leader (card advantage engine, definitely recommmend 2-4), Reckless Stormseeker  Flip (gives your guys haste and buffs them and stuff).

Niko9 on Grand Warlord Radha the manaificent

2 months ago

Radha is a great aggro elf, and I think the deck looks really good as is. I have a modern Radha deck and here are a few tricks I've got in there. You'll have to judge and see if you think they will fit for edh or in your deck, but I figure, the more ideas the better :)

Kessig Wolf Run is a great land that can pump your creatures. It's expensive mana wise, but in this deck you will be making just a ton of mana, so it usually works great.

Tilonalli's Summoner doesn't go infinite with Radha, but does play very nice. You should usually get ascend pretty easy with the tokens, and it's just a nice place to put your mana. Put all your mana into summoner at combat and then get it all back with Radha for main phase 2, it feels amazing.

might of masses may be better in 60 card, but it might be a way to just knock somebody out in edh. Got a ton of creatures from T-summoner? Pump up one of your big tramplers to absolute absurdity.

Fumiko the Lowblood She can act like removal for a lot of your opponent's small creatures and if you give her trample with Kessig Wolf Run she's an attacking monster. You can pump her up and if you have enough attacking creatures, a lot of the time their blocks just don't matter. Plus, it just feels good to see all your opponent's dorks attack into oblivion.

Gallia of the Endless Dance Mask of Memory Explorer's Scope Sword of Fire and Ice or anything else that gets value off attacks can be great.

I think that's it. Sorry I don't have more advice, but my deck is probably very different. It has a lot of cards like Monastery Swiftspear to play with Savage Swipe and get removal plus very fast buffs for attacking into an empty board. But I don't think that would translate too well into edh.

Good luck with this one! It looks basically there to me with a ton of good stuff and synergy. I do wonder if you need things like Cultivate with all the creature ramp that you have, but you'd know better than me if you are playing it.

loricatuslupus on Howlin' With the Pack

2 months ago

Yep for sure, going to see what I open first. Howlpack Piper  Flip looks insane - why they felt the untap clause was necessary I have no idea but being able to save on mana to pump into Kessig Wolf Run or Tovolar is great regardless.

enpc on Halana & Alena - Stomping Ground (v0.7)

2 months ago

Kessig Wolf Run seems good here. Lets you sink a bunch of mana into pumping your commander, which then in turn lets you dump a bunch more counters on a creature. and as a sneaky finisher you can just activate it for x=0 to give a blocked creature trample.

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