Red Elemental Blast

Red Elemental Blast


Choose one - Counter target blue spell; or destroy target blue permanent.

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Red Elemental Blast Discussion

jamochawoke on Path to Exile or Swords …

1 week ago

The hell is with people's rudeness today? Not even just here, seems to be the theme of the day. Lol.

Unless they're playing in red or black, they're running enchantment removal, and black can just sacrifice the commander usually in the case of Darksteel Mutation (I've never seen a black deck that doesn't run some kind of sac outlet) and while it may be a real problem for red there are some options there that should be run like Chaos Warp and most red decks including the ones I run have some kind of cheap land destruction that would make Song of the Dryads a good target to get your commander back. In my red deck where colors matter I just change the color of the enchantment to blue and use a blue destruction spell like Active Volcano, Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast.

Aside from a few slinger decks I'm usually running voltron or some other type of combat-based shenanigans (I love combat), and until I draw into my trample or flying cards that 0/1 indestructible is going to be a major pain in my ass for many turns. Usually people don't want to block with their commanders if your creatures have deathtouch or double strike or are running combat tricks or what have you but they will definitely block with this just because they always can. I also saw someone put that on their enemy's Voltron commander and they just went Voltron with that 0/1 with the added effect of it being indestructible when the board had already used up their Exile based removal and destroying that enchantment would make the Commander way worse. Hooray?

RiotRunner789 on Feather - Low to the Ground

1 week ago

Well the deck is finished (except updating the mana base but I find that part fairly easy). Thanks for the comments. They definitely helped me make the last few cuts.

On Path to Exile: hadn't thought of it as a self ramp piece but there are few creatures in the deck and only one creature-token producer. Good idea that I'll keep in mind if I swap something out in the future.

On Ancestral Anger: It isn't a strong card and a sorcery but there aren't a ton of instant speed red cantrips (same reason to keep Panic). I ended up cutting Rile instead because it is strictly worse. It will be swapped out once they print a new one mana red cantrip.

On the counters: Mana Tithe was the weakest option of them all. I like the possibility of a big play where an overloaded Cyclonic Rift is countered but admit this would be few and far in between. Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast, while being inflexible against non-blue, are rarely a miss in my meta. Plus, the added utility of being able to blow it up or counter is useful.

enpc on I Have A.D.D.

2 weeks ago

As a few people have mentioned, this isn't really a cEDH build as much as it's a classic pub stomp Kaalia deck. But that's ok. And there are definitely some things you can do to make the deck faster.

Rakdos Signet, Boros Signet, Orzhov Signet, as well as Talisman of Indulgence, Talisman of Conviction and Talisman of Hierarchy will all help to you accelerate your commander down, as will cards like Dark Ritual and Lotus Bloom. The problem that you'll have with 3 CMC mana rocks is that they docn't actually help you play a 4 CMC commander any faster. Long term, cards like Mana Crypt (inadditiaon to the above) will definitely help however they also come with a price tag. Still, a handful of 2 CMC rocks will help you play your commander a turn earlier which also means attacking a turn eariler.

If you are looking to make this into a more cEDH list, you'll also havbe to deal with blue decks. As such, Red Elemental Blast, Pyroblast and Deflecting Swat are all super helpful in protecting your commander from counterspells. On the side of removal, for cEDH you generally prefer to have more efficient removal rather than expensive sweeper. So Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Wear / Tear are better options as you don't really care to remove everyhting on ther board as much as just the thing that's stopping you. And if yho udo want a sweeper, Toxic Deluge is a good one as it's not only cheap but you can control what creatures die and since all your creatures are larger then you cna potentially wipe the board of only your opponents' stuff. Fire Covenant is also good as you can pipck what you want to die. And both of these are far more mana efficient than 6 mana sweepers.

Coward_Token on Because Jared said so, and what Jared says, goes.

1 month ago
  • For lands, I like the rule of thumb 31 + commander_mana_value + commander_colors. That'd be 37 for Jared, but your milage may vary on wheher it's necesary.

  • Your ramp is OK I think, I also like to go with ~8 "stable" ramp cards

  • Here's a deck building technique I sometimes apply when I have too much fun stuff and too little "bread and butter" like removal: go to the deck edit page and add in all the boring but neccessary stuff in the main board, then try to save. You'll obviously get an error since you'll be at over 100. Then cut and paste enough of the fun stuff to your sideboard to bring your deck count to the legal limit. The remaining fun cards in your main board are now occupying "wildcard slots". Now, between each game, you can readily swap in different spicey cards into those wildcard slots for the sake of variation, while still having a functional deck.

Also if you have it, I think Tibalt's Trickery is the superior red counterspell. While it should only be used in emergencies, I think it's still more consistent than Red Elemental Blast.

Asimiir on Archangel Avacyn the Purifier PRIMER

1 month ago


I gave a lot of thoughts on the Red Elemental Blast thing and here is what I came up with. Too often I face the same problem which is : not enough mana. So in almost all those situations, I barely have enough mana to cast Red Elemental Blast. In that situation, I don't really have the choice and I need to keep Red Elemental Blast over Fork and Reverberate even if the could provide more flexibility.

As for Nahiri, the Lithomancer, I play tested her a lot while I was getting some better pieces and she did the job while she was in. I took her out when I added Fiery Emancipation because while she helped a lot with the equipments, she was not really a Wincon. And, at this point, I prefer to pay 6 mana for a wincon than 5 mana for a nice helper.

Thanks a lot for the feedback tho! Really appreciated!

freezerboy on Archangel Avacyn the Purifier PRIMER

1 month ago

With all the equipment you could get decent play with Nahiri, the Lithomancer. I've gotten good results from her in my Boros deck, though it is focused more on Sunforger as a search mechanic. Unless you're using Red Elemental Blast for it's destroy function, cards like Fork or Reverberate could do a similar thing and give more flexibility.

Lord_Grimm on Hell Boy

2 months ago

EJ!! Let's do this! This build is already tight, but here are my thoughts\suggestions...

Cards I'd consider cutting: Seize the Spoils, Reckless Endeavor, Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast, Poison the Cup, Vengeful Reaper, Dream Devourer, Replicating Ring, Ward of Bones, Darksteel Forge, the flip tibalt guy, Ash Barrens, Cryptic Caves, Darksteel Citadel, Foreboding Ruins, Mortuary Mire, Zhalfirin Void

Cards I'd consider adding: Light Up the Stage, Chaos Wand, You Find Some Prisoners, Reckless Fireweaver, Valakut Exploration, Rakdos Charm, Murderous Rider, Praetor's Grasp, Rakdos Signet, Bojuka Bog, Luxury Suite, Blood Crypt, Haunted Ridge, Smoldering Marsh, Dragonskull Summit, Bloodstained Mire, Temple of Malice

I would also suggest swapping Red Elemental Blast for Pyroclasm... seems silly, but pyroclasm can be cast even if there are no blue targets. So may not be relevant, but could be randomly at some point.

Grubbernaut on Guess Who's Back, Back Again, And Again

2 months ago

Gem of Becoming and Prismatic Geoscope are what I'd cut first, for Arcane Signet and one of your other signets, or Wayfarer's Bauble.

You also might consider some protection like Dispel, Swan Song, Drown in the Loch, Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast.

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