Damping Sphere

Damping Sphere


If a land is tapped for two or more mana, it produces instead of any other type and amount.

Each spell a player casts costs more to cast for each other spell that player has cast this turn.

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Damping Sphere Discussion

cyeRunner on Boros Knight Tribal

2 days ago

Deck looks nice, but still a bit rough around the edges
I recommend following changes:
Cut 1 Embercleave for 1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar: having a 4-of legendary card is quite difficult, because you can only have 1 Embercleave on the field and the second one might get stuck in your hand. Gideon can be a wincon on his own and his Tokens are Knights.
For the lands: depending if you own the fetchlands and shocklands already or still have to invest in them, you still have cheaper options (or add them instead of the basic lands) : Tournament Grounds (ignore the ), Needleverge Pathway  Flip, Inspiring Vantage, Sunbaked Canyon, Clifftop Retreat.
For the sideboard add following cards:
1-2 Blossoming Calm against Burn
3-4 Rest in Peace against Graveyard-Decks
2-3 Damping Sphere against Tron, Storm and Amulett Titan

nbarry223 on T-1000 Saheeli Rai

3 weeks ago

Karn, the Great Creator might fit in here, since you could put 1x Liquimetal Coating in the sideboard and essentially tutor for it with his -2. His passive just lets you eliminate activated abilities when you make things into artifacts, and you can even land destruct (or anything 0 cmc) with his +1 since it will make them into 0/0 creatures. If you decide to go that route, you should put low cost silver-bullet artifacts in the sideboard as well.

For example, there's Damping Sphere / Grafdigger's Cage / Relic of Progenitus / Engineered Explosives which could all do well as wish targets and are just useful sideboard cards in general.

RebelGenius on No Souls, Only Shadows

3 weeks ago

magwaaf and wallisface, thank you both for the comments.

magwaaf, here is the explanation for the sideboard cards: Damping Sphere for tron + storm, Fog for any aggro decks, Gaea's Blessing for mill, Negate for combo + control, Tormod's Crypt for any decks that rely on graveyards (Dragon's Rage Channeler and stuff), Void Mirror for cascade decks, and Tombstalker and Gurmag Angler just to change up the threats in the deck.

wallisface in my playtesting of the deck, the mill cards have been pretty consistent. I agree that sorcery speed cards aren't good in a control deck, however I like Chart a Course because I both draw and discard, and it's the only discard effect. I'll do some research on some instant speed looting effects. I run 3 of each of the creatures so I'm less likely to draw them, and for room for other cards. I'm so dumb, I love both Bone Shards and Collective Brutality, I can't believe I forgot about them! You're probably right about the lands. I'll playtest with all the cards you suggested, thanks!

wallisface on Merchant, Marauder, Murderer

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • while you have hand disruption and some removal, I think you need much, much more removal in the deck (4-8 cards). Your current creature count is crazy high, and your comparative removal options are very low, and very slow (3cmc is A LOT of mana to kill a thing). Look to include at least a playset of Fatal Push, and additionally 2-3 copies of another efficient killspell (the upcoming one “Infernal Grasp” from Midnight Hunt looks ideal).

  • 22 lands feels low for realistically/fairly casting all those 4-and-5 cmc cards. The abovementioned removal should help buy you time, but personally i’d suggest cutting down the quantity of these cards you’re running. 3 Obliterators and 2 Garys feels more on-curve and reasonable. Even adjusting for this, i’d recommend going to 23 lands to help cater for your numerous 3-drops.

  • Sign in Blood is imo a bad card here (and bad in general). You’re looking to build up your board state and tear your opponents board state apart. This card does neither of those - leaving your board bare while letting your opponent stabilise.

  • Your sideboard needs to be able to cater for all the various unfair decks. This will vary highly dependant on your local meta, but generally you’ll want ways to mess with lands, ways to mess with artifacts, ways to hate on the graveyard, answers for burn, and other cards to shore up your weakpoints. It may be worth having a single Godless Shrine and some fetches in your mainboard, so that you can sideboard Vindicate, as well as Deafening Silence, Rest in Peace, and other hate pieces that white is strong in. Other useful cards could include Damping Sphere, Sun Droplet, Torpor Orb, Void Mirror - but will depend on what you’re up against.

wallisface on Minotaur Tribal

2 months ago

some thoughts:

  • are you trying to play this as an aggro deck, or a midrange build? The number of killspells indicates you might be wanting to play a slower game? In any case, Lightning Bolt should probably be here over either of these killspells (if you want to be running 8 disruptions cards, I'd personally opt for a mix of 3x Lightning Bolt , 3x Terminate , and 2x Angrath's Rampage )

  • 21 lands feels really low when you pretty-much need to get 3 lands down asap to be doing much of anything. Feels like you want 23 at a minimum?

  • I'm not convinced Mogis, God of Slaughter helps you at all here. He's slow, hard to cast, and probably won't have a huge impact on the board (he's either a dead card in hand, or a "win more" card).

  • With this many creatures, have you considered Aether Vial ?? I know the cost might be a big prohibitive, but it would certainly help your tempo.

  • Your sideboard appears to just mainly be more of the same killspell & creature-hate stuff you're running mainboard. You should instead be gearing your sideboard to deal with decks that are likely going to be causing you issues. I'd recommend your first priorities should be graveyard hate (i.e. anything that can exile the graveyard. Leyline of the Void would do well here), and combo hate (stuff like Damping Sphere , and Inquisition of Kozilek ), with the rest of the cards geared towards any common matchups you struggle with (there's no point having more creature removal when you've got so much mainboard). If you have the money, Torpor Orb could be an amazing sideboard card for you.

RestingBeardFace on They mostly come out at night...

3 months ago

@TheMediator. Thanks for the suggestions. I think In Search of Greatness would do well. I am fairly certain Castle Garenbrig and Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun would be affected by Blood Moon and Damping Sphere . I recognize it's not too optimal, but I included them knowing that not always would I be able to have every card interact with one another.

TheMeadiator on They mostly come out at night...

3 months ago

"Mostly..." +1 for the deck title!

I've always wanted to make a werewolf deck, but their flip mechanic for commander is a big problem. I like your creative solutions of dissuading people from casting spells. Winter Orb has been banned in my playgroup because it's too mean hahaha.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun and Castle Garenbrig would still be affected by Blood Moon and Damping Sphere . Just a heads up that you might want to look into that.

Court of Bounty is excellent for creature cheat! If you're looking for more options, In Search of Greatness is another cheap option for free creatures.

There is a new werewolf-themed set planned to be released later this year (Sept. I think?), so keep your eyes open for new cards! There might be some commander-friendly transform options coming.

Epicurus on Staxation without Representation

3 months ago

Frustrating. I mean to play against.

You have a good list. One suggestion I don't see enough of is In the Eye of Chaos , which I think would be useful to you since most of your instant spells are very low MV. If you did that, though, you'd want to replace Convolute with Mana Leak , or even Spell Pierce . And I'm not sure how the X spells would interact with that either, but honestly I've never liked spells like Clash of Wills and such. I've always found that a good-'ol Counterspell or even something like Wizard Replica is generally more mana efficient for the same result.

Also, Damping Sphere and Storage Matrix . And I personally wouldn't use Defense Grid , because it would hurt you too much. Ok, I'm done.

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