Copy target instant or sorcery spell, except that the copy is red. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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DeinoStinkus on Golos, Spell Spam

1 month ago

I have the same Conflux! What about Maelstrom Nexus or Chromatic Orrery and Fork?

Lokotor on The one and only Black Rose, Marchesa

1 month ago

I'm not exactly sure where you're taking your list. are you going for aristocrats? theft? control? it feels a bit spread out at the moment.

it might help to specifically pick one of those themes and go through the list and ask "how does this card contribute to that theme?"

A few cards i'm not sure make sense generally:

you have a lot of Fork effects. is there a particular reason why? if not you may want to consider some less situational cards.

you should probably replace River Kelpie with something like Midnight Reaper or Nikara, Lair Scavenger since they can come out 2-3 turns sooner and give the same effect more or less.

I personally feel Dack's Duplicate doesn't add much, but depending on your meta it might be a good fit.

I don't think Twilight's Call is a good card for you. Living Death is ok since it can be pretty one sided a lot of the time, but generally i've never found I am in great need for mass reanimation effects. I think between Reanimate and Victimize you'll have enough if you need it.

Grave Pact/Dictate of Erebos would probably be a big help for you.

you should also check out the marchesa subreddit and discord server

Caerwyn on Spark Reflector

1 month ago

That is the way these type of effects have been worded for years.

"Whenever . . . . If you do" effects were originally styled like an activated ability, but that was not in-line with how the effect played. See Alpha Crystal Rod printing. Around the time of Sixth Edition, they changed it to the two sentence system used today. See Sixth Edition Crystal Rod printing.

Grammatically, this makes sense--they are two different clauses. The first creates a conditional triggered effect "Whenever X, you may Y." The second creates a second condition "If Y, then Z." They are different effects and different types of conditional phrases, so really belong in different sentences.

Splitting the copy and "new targets" language into two sentences has been a part of this game from the very beginning. Fork's Alpha printing, for example, uses slightly different wording, but still splits "Any sorcery or instant spell just cast is doubled" and "Copy and original may have different targets" into two sentences. This has been the case with all subsequent copy effects.

Again, this is a grammatical point for clarifying the rules. The first sentence creates the copy effect. The second sentence then instructs you that you are permitted to modify a pure copy effect by changing the targets. Different clauses dealing with different parts of the spell; therefore given different sentences in text boxes.

bushido_man96 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 month ago

Recently upgraded the Arcane Maelstrom precon:

Lightning-Butt Strikes Back!

Commander / EDH bushido_man96


Not running Fork or Berserk for budgetary and play-style reasons.

DeinoStinkus on Spellchaser Revisited

2 months ago

The Spellchaser format, first created by GoblinElectromancer, has become one of my favorite formats.

For those unfamiliar with the format, here's how it works.

The deck is 75 cards. You can have up to 4 of a single card, and you start at 30 life. The catch is you can only include land, instants, and sorceries (technically interrupts too). The banlist is here: Spellchaser Banlist.

The format seems pretty clear cut. You either run burn, mill, or tokens, right (The exact words of shadow63)? Well, in a way. There have been many unique strategies in Spellchaser that have been invented. The First is Loam, built by SynergyBuild. The deck uses Life from the Loam to mill and get lands continously. The main win con is Field of the Dead. Field is a versatile card. It can go into any deck and generate a large number of tokens. This and Loam are the first two breakthroughs of the format.

The next deck was just me playing around.

SynergyBuild explained the format pretty well on his next post. He made the combo Thespian's Stage plus Dark Depths. I would later reach a similar combo with AEther Snap.

The format, while it may be "solved", is still interesting. Here is a list of power cards for each color:








Also, I'm going to make a YouTube video on it this weekend. Is that okay?

Krummy_MTG on Waiting for Godo - cEDH primer

2 months ago

I have been testing competitive Godo a lot recently. Since testing this list out I have been missing my copy spells like Fork. There are few better feelings than that of casting Fork to copy an Ad Nauseam.

Personally, I feel that Dualcaster Mage is a little too versatile to cut. At a minimal impact it's functionally a counterspell that you can tutor for with Imperial Recruiter. The upside is that it incidentally allows you to combo off with Twinflame, even in games where Helm of the Host has been exiled or an opponent has made casting Godo, Bandit Warlord or tutoring impossible.

At least one person was asking about Frenzied Fugue. This card is the truth! The card wins games that feel impossible otherwise. I've gained control of an opponent's Necropotence recently (and won the following turn). It can even bypass potential blockers with indestructible or help you to cast godo through stax pieces such as Aven Mindcensor or Drannith Magistrate.

Tylord2894 on Fork + Electrodominance = ?

2 months ago

Electrodominance can be copied. The value of X for the copy will be the same of the original.

When you copy any spell that has an X defined by a cost (such as Electrodominance or Channeled Force), the copy will maintain that X value. Note that you are not casting a spell why you copy it, so you don't pay that cost again. Similarly, copying a spell that has you choose modes (ie Izzet Charm) or a spell that has you divide something (ie Forked Bolt) will create a copy of that spell with the same decisions. For example, copying an Izzet Charm where you chose the third mode will create a copy that is using the third mode too.

One note about the specific interaction about the titular cards, if you cast Electrodominance with X equaling 2, you can cast Fork with it to target Electrodominance. Unfortunately, Fork will fizzle. By the time Fork tries to resolve, Electrodominance is no longer on the stack, so Fork won't be able to copy it.

Hope this helps!!

Tylord2894 on Fork + Empty the Warrens …

2 months ago

You will have the original Empty the Warrens, the Storm trigger, and a copy of the original Empty the Warrens.

Before you cast Empty the Warrens, let's the storm count was 5. You then cast Empty the Warrens, so the spell it put onto the stack and then the Storm trigger is put on top of that. Storm is a triggered ability that triggers when that spell is cast. You now have an Empty the Warrens and a Storm trigger that will make 5 copies. Copying Empty the Warrens with Fork or the like will give you a copy of Empty the Warrens. When you create a copy of a spell, that copy is created on the stack and is not cast. This means the "Fork-ing" a spell with Storm still only gives you one copy. So after Fork resolves, you'll have the original Empty the Warrens, a Storm trigger that will make 5 copies, and a copy of the original Empty the Warrens.

Hope this helps!!

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