Anger of the Gods

Anger of the Gods


This deals 3 damage to each creature. If a creature dealt damage this way would die this turn (would be put into the graveyard from the battlefield), exile it instead.

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Anger of the Gods Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Should I Use Board Wipes …

2 weeks ago

You may want to consider the Timmy route and go for massive X-spells, such as:

Also Anger of the Gods is underrated and can prove useful against certain archetypes. Now while it is true that you are hitting your own Werewolves in this process, you can always cast more, hold back on them, or find ways to get them from your graveyard. For example, Feldon's Cane, Renewing Touch, Piper's Melody, Cranial Archive and Elixir of Immortality.

Have land tutors and land ramp spells and the rest as Werewolves. Now you can ramp out Werewolves to apply pressure, wrath the board and get your puppies back. The goal of the deck would be to wear thin your opponent's resources with a continual assault across the board at all times.

As an added bonus, his reverse side wants to have tons of mana anyway, so focusing on X-cost spells is perfect.

I'd recommend Skyclave Relic and Empowered Autogenerator for some serious ramp, and Lithoform Engine and Strionic Resonator to copy his ability, and Rings of Brighthearth

Xenaphix02 on Should I Use Board Wipes …

2 weeks ago

I feel like you should still be running board wipes. Werewolves don't rely on tokens very much so you need cards that can hose decks that want 10+ small creatures on the board. Savage Twister, Klauth's Will, Anger of the Gods, and Storm's Wrath all either wipe away small creatures or let you set the amount of damage dealt. They might hit your own creatures but trading 2-1 is a pretty good rate.

Cattys on Nine Lives (modern)

2 weeks ago

Poseidon31 thanks for the suggestions!! I considered idyllic tutor originally and thought it would be too slow, but you are right that Bloodbraid won't hit it every time. I cut 1 Ghostly Prison to make hitting nine lives a bit more probable (I think not always hitting it is ok because it puts one on a bit of a clock when you account for fetches/shocks etc) and cut both the Pyroclasm 's for a Wrath of God like you suggested and then also added 2 Anger of the Gods (wrath of god reminded me of this card). Maybe 2 wrath and 1 anger would be better but I honestly don't know the meta well enough to tell.

Stardragon on Tovolar's pack

3 weeks ago

Forgot about Xenagos, God of Revels for more buff creatures

Weapon Surge and Dynacharge- for field wide combat buff

Broken Bond solid remove plus ramp, Cindervines a much smaller Ruric but can add up, Destructive Revelry one of the best artifact/enchantment removals in my opinion, Wilt is ok the cycling can help some but not the greatest, Decimate/Hull Breach just some of the best removals

Board wipes- Savage Twister,Blasphemous Act, token and small creature wipe Anger of the Gods

Some creature removal as in fight cards-Epic Confrontation, Hunt the Hunter, Neyith of the Dire Hunt, Pounce, Prey Upon, Primal Might, Setessan Tactics, Titanic Brawl and Ulvenwald Tracker

Grubbernaut on Monkeying Around

1 month ago

I think it's worth finding some room for Unholy Heat to hit walkers and beefier dudes (Omnath, in particular). Maybe -1 Spell Pierce, -1 Force, +2 Unholy Heat. As far as maindeck, it seems like you might also need a few more sorceries and/or fetches for delirium.

Regarding SB: I think Alpine Moon is MUCH better than Blood Moon, right now, and especially since the hammer matchup is usually rough. Anger of the Gods doesn't seem like where this deck wants to be; Fire / Ice or even Forked Bolt or something might perform the same function better, but honestly, I think you just want to press your card advantage and efficiently trade removal spells for threats.

Pithing Needle seems out of place, especially if you can use Unholy Heat in the same way to kill walkers, but with more flexibility. I also think Soul-Guide Lantern is better than Relic in a deck with Murktide, Snap, and DRC.

I think Chalice of the Void would be very important for rhinos, but Flusterstorm is also very good. As it sits, I'd go -2 BM, -3 Anger, -1 Relic, -1 Spell Pierce, +3 Alpine Moon, +2 Soul-Guide Lantern, +2 Mystical Dispute (or maybe Aether Gust, and a flex spot.


1337Lobster on UR 101st Airburn

1 month ago

I was considering Skullcrack or Lava Spike for more burn. Might consider some heavier creature removal spells like Anger of the Gods and Flame Slash After some test games with my friends, I definitely could use more on the board removal and target player burn.

multimedia on Dragons Forever

1 month ago

Hey, you're welcome.

Because you have Gnawbone and Goldspan you don't really need the ramp from Ramos since getting ramp from him is slow and honestly not really worth it. He's pretty subpar for a six drop Dragon.

If you're against a Goblin deck you most likely want to deal with lots of 1/1 Goblin tokens. You probably want some low CMC damage wipes that don't hurt flying Dragons such as Earthquake and Flame Sweep. Pyroclasm and Anger of the Gods wreck tokens for low CMC and don't outright kill Dragons.

rb701 on White Humans

1 month ago

if you want to stay tribal, you could trade Mirran Crusader for Auriok Champion. keeps in the human type, has good protection, and has life support which is always nice. i would consider putting in Leonin Sun Standard for a group-boost in case someone plays something like Anger of the Gods, that way (if you have the mana) you can save a bunch of the creatures. Charge Across the Araba has a similar effect, but it's a one-shot with a HUGE risk that is minimal in the reward (3 out of 5 colors have a "fog" spell or effect available, and are used frequently competitively)

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