Mana Vault

Mana Vault


Mana Vault doesn't untap during your untap step.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may pay . If you do, untap Mana Vault.

At the beginning of your draw step, if Mana Vault is tapped, it deals 1 damage to you.

: Gain .

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Mana Vault Discussion

Lanzo493 on Mono Black Braids Unban

4 weeks ago

Don't forget, you can also run Vampiric Tutor (for fast mana), Mana Vault, and Jeweled Lotus for more turn 1/2 Braids. It's not the best, but it's the worst when it happens. If you wanted to get really competitive, then you can also run Blood Pet, Lotus Petal, Cabal Ritual, Mox Diamond, Mox Opal, Vault of Whispers, and Chrome Mox. Even Priest of Gix for helping kill everyone faster. The consistency is high enough to get this commander Rule 0'd at most tables if it got unbanned.

Peoyogon on My First Deck

1 month ago

I saw your update and I think your list looks much more streamlined!

Let me try to go over why mana rocks tend to be super important in Commander. Mana Rocks are a term folks use to talk about artifacts that produce mana on their own. They are usually considered a form of 'Ramp' which just means that they are cards that help you make more mana than you would normally have if you only played one land a turn. Ramp is named after the card Rampant Growth which is a fantastic card since it allows you to get an entire extra land out. At any rate, the idea for ramp is that, by investing in some cards early on, you will gain access to more mana in later turns than you would if you were only playing one land a turn. So for example, if you play Commander's Sphere on turn 3, next turn you would theoretically have 5 mana to use on turn 4 (if you played a land), 6 mana on turn 5, 7 mana on turn 6, etc. Though it seems kind of bad spending mana on a card that doesn't do anything right away, that Commander Sphere will give you value throughout the whole game (or until it gets removed). That being said, not all ramp is considered equal. You are right on about Sol Ring being much better than Commander's Sphere. Ideally, you want the most mana per cost that you can find; Sol Ring is so good because it essentially pays for itself plus some! Finding mana rocks as good as Sol Ring is difficult and expensive (things like Mana Vault, for example) so players are always on the hunt for the next most efficient ramp pieces.

Each color is also not equal in its access to ramp. Green has a ton of cards that allow it to just grab extra lands but most other colors have a much harder time. Mana rocks are really nice for Red and Blue especially since they really have a hard time finding meaningful ramp in their colors.

Ramp is also especially good if you can chain them together. Playing Sol Ring on your first turn and then using Ring's mana to also cast Talisman of Creativity is a huge advantage. After playing a land on your second turn, you would have 5 mana to spend; that means on turn 2, you are now able to cast cards you normally would have had to wait until your 5th turn to start playing!

Hopefully some of that makes sense! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about it to!

enpc on Consultation Tasigur (Spicy-ish)

1 month ago

If you do want to add Freed, I would recommend finding space for Kiora's Follower. It's a good card which kind of bridges the land/dork/rock spaces and I have had a lot of success with it in the past. With Freed from the Real on it, it combos with Simic Growth Chamber but you can also look at adding High Tide which both combos with Palinchron but also with an Island and Freed+Follower.

That and Follower is just bonkers with either Sol Ring or Mana Vault. Just make sure you get the promo art one, it looks much cooler.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

1 month ago

Most resent cuts that have been made based strictly off of memory.

-1 Mana Vault for +1 Culling the Weak

Why: both are fast mana, Culling of the Weak is faster and less lethal to me over time

-1 Glasses of Urza for +1 Entomb

why: Glasses are cute, i need access to combos or other anything else, hand knowledge is not often needed.

-1 Urza's Saga for +1 Lake of the Dead

Why: Because nice things are nice (fast mana is essential in this build)

bluezor on Bird's the Word <('')>

1 month ago

Thanks for the question arcarceus. I wouldn't spring for a The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale given the extremely high creature count of our own deck. I typically only play this deck in cEDH or cEDH-adjacent pods and usually find that my own creature count is much higher than my opponents. I do love this type of plan for artifacts, and my low count of artifacts has enabled Kataki, War's Wage to be extremely powerful against the high artifact count of many cEDH decks.

I haven't spared much expense when it comes to this deck, but Living Plane over Nature's Revolt comes to mind immediately. I'm personally not a fan of artifact driven fast mana for reasons unrelated to the power of the strategy, but I certainly believe that the deck would be more powerful with its inclusion. Mana Vault is already included due to its synergy with Derevi, and Grim Monolith would be a similarly powerful inclusion. Additional rocks to include would be Mana Crypt, Mox Diamond, and Chrome Mox. If those were added you'd have to take out a couple pieces of artifact hate (the aforementioned Kataki, Null Rod), but I think you'd speed up your average first or second turns which is where this deck can really struggle against your typical cEDH deck.

tiagompm on Muldrotha, Sac N Snatch

1 month ago

1 - Cont.

My favorite mana creatures: Birds of Paradise; Bloom Tender; Deathrite Shaman; Skull Prophet. This 4 dudes is badasses in muldrotha deck.

My favorite mana Rocks: Arcane Signet; Fellwar Stone; Jeweled Lotus; Lotus Petal; Mana Crypt; Mana Vault; Sol Ring and the talismans.

Carpet of Flowers is another essential card to generate mana.

My Muldrotha decks typically carry between 45 to 50 cards that generate mana, giving the deck the ability to act and react in good time.


A_box_of_waffles on Rograhk cedh

1 month ago

I realize I completely misread your comment, ignore my prior message

However, here is a magical Christmas hand

Ad Nauseam Culling the Weak Mana Vault or some form of mana positive card A black+ land that deals no damage And some form of free interaction

Cast rog Play the land Play the mana-positive card Tap the land to cast Culling the Weak sacrificing rog Cast the Ad Nauseam Most likely win using either Thassa's Oracle or Brain Freeze+Underworld Breach

Necrosis24 on Rograhk cedh

1 month ago

I don't keep up with cedh at all just play casual with a group of friends but going off what TypicalTimmy said I'd assume it is because he is a turn one first strike, menace, trample so built in evasion and will surely land commander damage early on. Paired with Colossus Hammer you are looking at a win in 2-3 combat steps perhaps one if you slap double strike on him.

If you want to take Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh in another direction he is a guaranteed cheerio. Pair him Crimson Kobolds and Cloudstone Curio and you can get infinite etb or cast triggers. So with Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip or Impact Tremors you can get infinite mana or infinite damage respectively.

So a potential magical hand you are looking for in cast order is:

  1. Mountain
  2. Mana Crypt: Use to cast...
  3. Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip
  4. Crimson Kobolds: Use to cast...
  5. Sol Ring: Use to cast...
  6. Cloudstone Curio: Cast Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh and bounce Crimson Kobolds to get mana from Birgi (Repeat and use to cast...)
  7. Impact Tremors:Win

Alternatively for Combat damage

  1. Jeweled Lotus: Cast Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist
  2. Mana Crypt: Use to cast...
  3. Mana Vault: use to cast...
  4. Colossus Hammer
  5. Fireshrieker
  6. Mountain: Use to cast...
  7. Boots of Speed: Cast Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh equip with everything for free he is now an 11/11 doublestrike turn one with haste that is 22 cmdr damage

If I did everything correctly these are two turn one wins but I may have messed up somewhere but you get the gist of it.

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