Command Beacon

Command Beacon


: Gain . ( represents colourless mana.)

, Sacrifice Command Beacon: Put your commander into your hand from the command zone.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal

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Command Beacon Discussion

enrico81 on Not your average Mono-U (Nezahal, Primal tide)

2 days ago

I like your deck! I love big bosses and I'll try to make my Nezahal deck version. I suggest you to include Command Beacon to cast your commander from your hand if it was killed many times, Aether Tunnel and Aqueous Form to have more unblock option and Swiftfoot Boots to protect it if you don't have cards in your hand. If you want, take look to my Uril. I have done also a budget version of it.

Profet93 on Verix's Final Fury

1 week ago
Myriad Landscape - Ramp

Command Beacon - For when your commander is too expensive

Ancient Tomb > Temple of False

Arch of Orazca > Darksteel citadel - Darksteel is nice with cleansing fire, but arch provides draw, albeit expensive, is nice when you are inevitably out of gas

Strip Mine - Destroy coffers, cradle, urborg, field, etc...

Valakut Stoneforge - "Utility"

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle - Not necessary but good to have

Given you are mono red, you need a way to draw cards

Hedron Archive - Ramp when you need it, draw when you don't

Humble Defector - Nice to have but not necessary, politics and card draw. Nice with homeward path should you wish

Ignite the Future - "Draw" and flashback is very powerful

Light Up the Stage - Similar to above, easy to cast with all your burn. Although truth be told, you should really cut down on burn and focus on strengthening your weaknesses rather than incorporating burn with no particular strategy

Mind's Eye - Expensive, not necessary but nice with wheels

Outpost Siege - A little slow similar to above, but often gives you many cards as people don't want to waste removal on it.

Skullclamp - Draw

Solemn Simulacrum - Draw and ramp

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - Best chandra - Ramp, draw, removal and wincon all in 1

Sensei's Divining Top - Digging 3 cards deeper is always nice

Wayfarer's Bauble - Ramp

Gauntlet of Power - Helps you achieve kicker

Caged Sun - Read above

Deflecting Swat - Redirect removal, counterspells, targetted draw, etc... way too much utility to ignore

Urza's Incubator - Ramp

Be sure to let me know what you think of each suggestion. There are more tribal cards to consider but since I don't play tribal, they are not on the top of my head. Once we go through these, we can consider other tribal cards as well. Your biggest issues are lack of ramp and card draw. For a dragon deck, it's not bad.

Profet93 on Etali, Primal Chaos

3 weeks ago

Tome of Legends - Draw

Scroll Rack - Top deck manipulation

Outpost Siege > Vance's Blasting Cannons as vance doesn't let you play lands, nor will you be able to chain enough spells to make it flip

Ignite the Future - "Draw" - Works well with top deck manipulation. I like to tap top in response that way I know I can always cast top since it's cheap

Light Up the Stage - See above

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - Good stuff, ramp, card draw, removal and wincon all in 1

Dualcaster Mage - Utility

Command Beacon - Utility

Ancient Tomb > Temple of False

Since you already run experimental frenzy and top, have you thought of adding or switching OG Ugin to Ugin, the Ineffable? Ugin Ineff + Top + Experimental = Draw your whole deck. Each piece is good on it's own as well.

Wayfarer's Bauble - Ramp

Mind Stone - Ramp when you need it, card draw when you don't. Can also use it to draw your top deck if you can see it, that way you have a potentially better cast trigger off of Etali

Hall of the Bandit Lord - Expensive, but haste is haste if you want redundancy

Blast Zone - Another way to deal with enchantments that doesn't take up a slot

Azeworai on Lurid Revival

1 month ago

To Profet93,

Thank you very much for your suggestions! I tried to sway away from Living Death, for it is a finisher in one of my other decks. I have some trouble with lands, but it isn't as bad as you'd expect. I tend to flood as much as I get screwed, yet neither occur that oft due to the rummaging.

Upon the matter of dragons, I went through each one that exists in Magic, adding only the ones I preferred, but I find that games without dragons are just me drawing through the deck and passing. I have matches like that and they do not go too well, thence I believe that I want as many as possible.

I don't particularly enjoy that cycle of cards, being Deflecting Swat. They are definitely powerful, but I find them too designed for Commander for me to like them.

Command Beacon is fine, though I don't particularly understand the point of it in this deck. It needs all of its mana and the difference between seven and nine isn't too much.

Have a lovely day.

Profet93 on Lurid Revival

1 month ago

Land count is too low for an AVG cmc that high. I understand that you do a lot of discard into reanimation which helps mitigate this weakness. Nevertheless, I imagine you have a hard time casting much unless you draw into your ramp and draw pieces.

Deflecting Swat

Command Beacon

Living Death / patriarch's bidding are useful

Cut some of the less impactful and more expensive cards for the above and some lands and you should be fine. The list looks decent enough on it's own The rest are dragon preferences. There are probably some dragon tribal cards (and changelings) you should consider as well

Vile. on Titania's National Park [[Competitive]] [[Primer]]

1 month ago

Hello poliscrusher.

I've personly made a list, which is very... different from yours. However, I wonder if you left cards out like,

In case your playgroup doesn't allow proxies, I could understand Gaea's Cradle, but Command Beacon is 20 bucks? Maybe you know better than I, but I'm not sure that your deck is cEDH level of power. Which is what I read when I saw 'compettetive' in the title?

Am I mistaken? Or does your deck have any "secret" tech' I don't know about.

Now... DON'T take this up as a 'diss' of your deck. I am simply trying to understand and learn if possible.

Best Regards, A fellow Titania-player

Ruffigan on One More Red Nightmare

1 month ago

@Profet93: Thanks for checking out my deck and for your feedback!

  • I think I am going to replace Worn Powerstone with Arcane Signet. The Hedron Archive comes out too late be much help I think but the Signet is can get Zirilan out early and taps for .

  • Deflecting Swat is definitely a good card and could find a spot in here. I will have to see what I can remove.

  • I think I am fine on the card draw front. I have a couple different ways to filter through my deck and though I do often deplete my hand very early by playing rocks Zirilan can grab Dragon Mage or Knollspine Dragon to refill it.

  • Command Beacon is a maybe. I can definitely see the use and there are games where it would be helpful but losing a Mountain can hurt, especially since I have multiple cards that care about them. Same with Blast Zone. I'll put them on the Maybe Board and test them but my initial thought is that unless they replace a non-basic I already have they're not going to fit in.

  • Generator Servant I'll have to test. I can see the utility but I'm thinking I'd rather just have a ritual or rock unless it is in my opening hand.

Profet93 on One More Red Nightmare

1 month ago

Hedron Archive > Worn Powerstone. Costs 1 more, but the option for card draw is nice. Alternatively, Arcane Signet or Ruby Medallion can work as well.

Deflecting Swat - WAY too much utility and for free? Sign me up!

You're lacking some card draw there, you can't always rely on your commander. Endless Atlas, Mind's Eye, Skullclamp, even Solemn the sad robot is potentially worth an inclusion as it helps mitigate your weaknesses of lack of ramp and card draw

Command Beacon - For when your commander is too expensive

Blast Zone - Gets rid of enchantments that you can't interact with

I understand limiting your nonbasics is a priority given your 4 mana doublers, should you wish, you can remove myriad landscape, but personally, I think myriad is a great card and is not a target for LD. If they destroy your Myriad, then thats LD thats not gonna target your cavern of souls or any other relevant utility land.

Generator Servant - ?

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