Aven Mindcensor

Aven Mindcensor

Creature — Bird Wizard

Flash (You may cast this spell at any time you could cast an instant.)


If an opponent would search a library, that player searches the top four cards of that library instead.

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Aven Mindcensor Discussion

The_Acid_Drip on I am Ironman, the Full Boros Experience

1 week ago

Add chained to the rocks 100%—diversity of targets when tutoring is the value/purpose of a tutor.

Also what about the following four cards

Always Watching + Combat Celebrant?

Also from Amonket

Glory-Bound Initiate is just really good with Always Watching

Aven Mindcensor is a good punisher card for way too nefarious combo decks.

Lastly consider for some mayhem one of my old and all time favorite pet cards — Fumiko the Lowblood

Fumiko is really unique and does well in any red deck trying to play politics by either incentivizing that the game starts moving. The trick is, if they attack you, ok you have do deal with it, but there's a hidden tell to Fumiko. IF THEY ATTACK ANOTHER PLAYER—despite your Fumiko being the reason for the aggressive board state—what they are telling you is they are afraid of that other player more than you.

This is a huge tell and can help you spin a game in your favor as you can literally form an unspoken alliance with another player against someone else going archenemy at the table (usually the URZA player) and neither your unwitting ally nor target knows of the alliance.

Fumiko is a much more complicated card than what people give her credit for since she creates forced decisions which are always favorable to you if you can prepare for the immediate shift in the board state after she resolves.

Epidilius on Did I just solve white's …

2 months ago

I've always agreed with "White doesn't want card advantage. White just doesn't want you to have card advantage as well." Basically, white doesn't try to pull ahead like the other colours, it just tries to slow things down enough that it doesn't need to pull ahead. It doesn't matter how many tutors you have if Aven Mindcensor is in play. No point in casting Blue Sun's Zenith with a Spirit of the Labyrinth on the board. White is the great equalizer in MtG, it levels the playing field (literally, with Armageddon) to ensure fair play among all players.

multimedia on God Save the Queen

2 months ago

Hey, good work in progress so far for a first deck with an interesting concept.

Command Tower and Arcane Signet are two staples to consider adding. Consider adding some flying creatures who can disrupt your opponent to help you do keep the monarch and some repeatable sources of flying creatures?

Blind Obedience can be opponent mana rock ramp disruption and shuts off haste of opponent's creatures who might want to attack you. With Cunning Rhetoric opponent may not want to attack you because then you'll exile card from top of their library.

The mana curve is very high here since you have so many 5 CMC, 6 CMC or higher cards. Cutting some of them for lower CMC cards and more ramp would help gameplay. More two drop mana rocks can make it easier/faster to cast Marchesa. Since she's a 4 CMC creature then a turn two mana rock can potentially let you cast her turn three if you make your land drops.

Some lands to consider adding in place of some basic lands that are within your budget to improve the manabase:

If you're playing Dark Depths then consider Thespian's Stage? Stage is the land that combos with Depths to get Marit Lage. When you control Depths and Stage pay 2 mana to copy Depths with Stage. Stage becomes Depths with no ice counters on it and the legendary rule will take place since you can't control two legendary Depths at the same time. Choose to keep Stage and remove Depths. Since Stage has no ice counters it's saced to create Marit Lage.

If interested I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

zapyourtumor on Dragon Ponza

3 months ago

20 lands seems a little low for the deck, yeah. On another note, why do you have 4x Cleansing Wildfire and 4x Assassin's Trophy? Without stuff like Aven Mindcensor I don't understand how these help the resource denial gameplan, unless you simply plan to exhaust the opponent's deck of all basic lands. And using Trophy as removal hurts your gameplan by giving them a land (same reason why RW land destruction lists don't play Path to Exile).

Caerwyn on Is there a better feeling …

4 months ago

Opposition Agent was a poorly designed card, and one Wizards should never have allowed to exist in the first place. What makes it worse? Everyone--including Wizards--knows that White struggles in EDH, but one of its greatest boons is its ability to punish searching with cards like Aven Mindcensor . With one card, Wizards created something that, when on the battlefield, does White's traditional effect better than any White card. But that is not the worst part--the threat of Agent is much greater than the threat of any White card--thus, even off the battlefield, it paralyzes play in a way none of its White brethren do.

DrukenReaps - I'm not sure you can say that there shouldn't be any banlist beyond banned as commander on one thread, then turn around the next day and say it "sucks" that the RC does not do anything about Opposition Agent the next day!

jaymc1130 on About Urza's Saga in cEDH

4 months ago

When this card was spoiled I thought it looked super sweet and that it would find homes in all the eternal formats and be a dominant component in the more modern formats. Now that I've had a chance to play about 100 games combined with and against the card in cEDH settings, however, I've reached a very surprising conclusion.

This card is actually unplayable in cEDH settings. It's legitimately a net negative contribution towards expected win rate just by holding a slot in the 99 (-2.4 % in this sample size, about twice the percentage at which our group stops playing cards in this format at all). When actually played in a game (according to the data we've collected so far) that negative contribution towards win rate triples to almost -7.5%. If the expected average win rate of a deck in a vacuum assuming players and decks of equivalent capabilities is 25% for a 4 man pod, dropping down to 18% and giving up a quarter of you're expected win shares for a card you play yourself is simply awful. A 100 game sample size isn't a huge data set, but it's become a benchmark by which we evaluate things in our group.

This would have shocked me completely if I hadn't been witness to the exact reasons this card has difficulties in the format. With that experience it seems not only logical, but obvious that this card will struggle in cEDH. I'll dive into why in more detail.

  1. In a format where games are either insanely explosive or astonishingly grindy, Urza's Saga can't hold up either end of the bargain. A 3 turn clock for a free tutor seems solid at face value, but is way too slow for this specific format to be considered a consistent means of generating an advantage in game. Every white deck is running Aven Mindcensor , every blue/black deck is running Ashiok, Dream Render and Opposition Agent . Just resolving the tutor portion of this card successfully happened a hair shy of 1/3 of the time the tutor effect triggered in our games. This is way too slow, with way too much risk and a typically modest at best reward to be effective in the more explosive games. When it comes to grindy affairs this is a land that sacrifices itself and causes it's owner to lose the battle of attrition in a huge way (doubly so in the case of Oppo Agent hijacking the tutor) in a format where making consistent land drops every turn is often very difficult. Denying yourself resources by playing your own cards is generally a less than ideal circumstance. Urza's Saga just doesn't perform in either scenario.

  2. The constructs are not only meaningless in cEDH, but are a trap to even make. Spending mana on the early turns of game in cEDH on constructs is never a correct play, no matter what deck a player may be piloting. Tapping out to make some random non impactful bears and playing shields down into opponents is a fantastic way to lose a lot of games. While the constructs may be very powerful in other formats, in cEDH this aspect of Urza's Saga is quite literally worse than useless as choosing this option tends to present opposing players with very easy windows of opportunity to win games while you're tapped out and cannot represent the ability to interact with an attempted win. Those constructs certainly won't be killing any opponents very quickly any ways (outside of Urza Artificer decks) if this isn't the case.

  3. Urza's Saga does not produce colored mana. This might actually be the most impactful negative aspect of this card in cEDH settings, it's a bit hard to tell. Regardless, in the most competitive settings, mana base consistency and being able to cast spells and interact with opponents in the first 3 or 4 turns of the game is a critical component of consistent success in the format. Urza's Saga simply isn't going to help in this regard and makes it an unappealing choice for a land drop in the opening stages of the game (precisely when it would be most effective, timing wise, as a play to set up a tutor effect for down the road).

In hindsight it seems like these things should all have been very obvious from the jump. Still, I really wanted for this card to be good in what has become my favorite format. Sadly, from a cEDH statistical performance perspective at least, this card appears to be completely unplayable. I hope you folks have had more success than we have with the Saga, and if not, well, at least we know why.

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