Culling the Weak

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Culling the Weak


As an additional cost to play Culling the Weak, sacrifice a creature.

Gain .

Toherden on Goblin Charbelcher EDH

2 months ago

Hey, you can add these spells : Culling the Weak ; Jeska's Will to accelerate your mana, and all tutors : Scheming Symmetry ; Wishclaw Talisman ; Tinker ; Diabolic Intent ; Imperial Seal ; Gamble ; Grim Tutor ; Personal Tutor ; Planar Bridge ; Demonic Consultation ; Tainted Pact (with the combo Thassa's Oracle if don't play a lot of lands), you can add Divining Witch same thing, and the master piece for these tutors is Laboratory Maniac. Nowday there is a lot of mana rock : Arcane Signet ; Mox Amber ; Thran Dynamo ; Thought Vessel

ebillips2003 on 93 Swamp Commander

3 months ago

This deck is made to win on turn five with one combo. If this combo fails or you misplay, you are about 99.9999% likely to lose the game, but that's all part of the fun. Here's the combo: Play Maralen of the Mornsong on turn 3, tutor for Ad Nauseam on turn 4, and then tutor for Culling the Weak on turn 5. Once you have Culling the Weak, cast it and sacrifice Maralen of the Mornsong. If you don't cast Culling the Weak first, you won't have enough mana to fuel the combo. Tap all your swamps so your mana is in float, and play Ad Nauseam. I like to do this now because you'll need all of your mana in float before you play Rain of Filth. Next, cast contamination. This helps ward against counters. Then cast Dark Ritual and Rain of Filth. This should leave you with enough mana to play The Golden Throne followed by Sickening Dreams. Discard all the cards in your hand as the additional cost and enjoy.

NV_1980 on Liliana, Demon Reanimator

4 months ago

Nice deck. I'd really recommend adding some more ramp. I play-tested this a few times and each time got stuck around turn 3-4 for a turn or two, before I was able to perform meaningful actions again. Dark Ritual is nice, as well as Culling the Weak.

kookoo on "Chains and Things"

4 months ago

I looked until the cards starting with F on scryfall, and here are some card recommendations I have. I don't often play aristocrats decks, so I'm sorry if this isn't very helpful.

Removal: Avatar of Woe, Defile, Dismember

Reanimation: All Hallow's Eve, Balthor the Defiled, Exhume, Dance of the Dead

Ramp: Blood Pet, Blood Vassal, Cabal Ritual, Culling the Weak

Other: Carnival of Souls

multimedia on Infectious Invasion

4 months ago

Hey, good start. To help with deck building add 36 lands, even just basic Swamps to start, to see how many deck spots you have left to fill? How about the name Infectious Invasion?

Other areas to help improve gameplay are more ramp sources and more draw sources. Sheoldred is 7 mana you'll want ramp to consistently cast her as well as cast many high mana cost infect creatures. Dark Ritual, Defiler of Flesh and Culling the Weak are good, but consider more?

Black does well with mana efficient draw for the cost of life or a permanent. Weatherlight Compleated looks to be powerful, but slow and Phyrexian Rager is subpar, consider more draw?

Infect gives poison counters to players when any type of damage is done by the creature with infect, not just combat damage. Vindictive Vampire when it has infect gives each opponent a poison counter when a creature you control dies.

Good luck with your deck.

NineTails2 on All Hail the Railgun

7 months ago


First, thanks for the formatting help, I'm decently new to Magic and don't fully understand the formatting, switched it to casual since that's the format I build/play

I like the deathtouch with Foulmire Knight, deathtouch makes it useful to kill something with if I don't get Culling the Weak while still being a cheap drop. Replaced Banehound.

I'm going to agree with your point about Baleful Mastery, and I'm going to replace it with Debt to the Kami. Planeswalkers enter the battlefield (usually) less often than planeswalkers, and it still serves the purpose of stalling and getting rid of creatures.

CommanderNeyo on All Hail the Railgun

7 months ago

Howdy! I have a few comments for you!

First of all, unfortunately Sol Ring is banned in Legacy, so it would need to be removed.

I'm not a big fan of Banehound. It doesn't seem to serve much purpose in the deck. Since it's main purpose is for Culling the Weak, I would consider other 1-drops, maybe something with deathtouch like Foulmire Knight to fend off attackers?

I would consider a different removal spell other than Baleful Mastery. Four mana it too expensive, and giving them a card to pay the two mana cast is pretty significant in a format like Legacy, where any amount of card advantage is significant.

I saw you mentioned playing this deck with more than one opponent. Since Legacy is 1v1, maybe the format you are looking for is casual? That would allow you to play your Sol Ring.

Stignone on DecadAnce

9 months ago

The grimoire is work in progress, I have not yet reached the minimum limit of 60 cards so advices are welcome

I’m happy that my deck was noticed! About Changeling creatures I had already considered them but there are a lot of fast Human/Cleric drops with focused sinergy. The removal/control cards are very situational, I guess I have to change them based on what I notice is missing during my games, I like the advice of Dismember,paying with life is not a problem and it is a good removal even at full cost. I had Dark Ritual in when I assembled the deck but I removed it because I tought that cards is placed everywhere trivially,but now the deck look slow without it and Culling the Weak seems very usefull :O

Thanks for your time and for help DreadKhan!

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