Teferi, Master of Time

Teferi, Master of Time

Legendary Planeswalker — Teferi

You may activate loyalty abilities of Teferi, Master of Time on any player's turn at any time you could cast an instant.

+1: Draw a card, then discard a card.

-3: Target creature you don't control phases out.

-10: Take two extra turns after this one.

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Teferi, Master of Time Discussion

plakjekaas on Why Has WotC Brought Back …

4 days ago

To be exact, it started exactly 1 year after MH2, with the introduction of Teferi, Master of Time in Core Set 2021

DadHumanPraetor on Bolos And his (Super) Stoner Friends

3 weeks ago

I play Mystic Barrier Silent Arbiter and Meekstone in my superfriends deck. Not sure how creature heavy your meta is. I also play Karmic Justice to threaten my opps lands if they screw with my pws.

Have you considered a Deepglow Skate or Flux Channeler?

I once accidentally took unlimited turns by flickering a Deepglow Skate with Venser, the Sojourner while I controlled an Oath of Teferi and Teferi, Master of Time so I love the card lmao.

Nice build!

zobster on turbo fog but historic

1 month ago

Ok so this is a deck. But it can be improved. First Oath of Teferi, Second Teferi, Master of Time and third more wraths. Preferably Doomskar or Settle the Wreckage. Also less fogs and maybe Alrund's Epiphany

MULRAH on Cockatrice Commander Battle Box

1 month ago

We tried this out last night. For the most part, things worked as one might hope for a Battle Box. Mana sequencing was important and difficult at times. Few cards felt unfair, but most felt quite powerful. Even the roster of "underdog" commanders did fine without taking over the game or outshining the rest of the set.

There were some issues, however:

  1. I missed that I'd included quite a few cards that cause players to sacrifice permanents, which could be lands, which goes against the spirit of the format's balanced mana system.
  2. Teferi, Master of Time did in fact feel unfair. Even though it never got to ultimate, it would just phase out anything that attacked it (which was necessary to prevent the ultimate), and it easily stocked the graveyard in advance of a Hunting Grounds. Despite relentlessly attacking Jeremy for the entire game, Ryan and I just could not recover from this combo; it seems like the player who gets ganged up on should lose, not still win because of a single card that granted tremendous advantage. (Ganging up on one player is not a great dynamic and is something to address in the future.)
  3. I felt that infect wasn't quite as present as it should have been. It's possible it just didn't come out in the right order or at the right time, but I'm still going to make a couple very minor changes to increase its presence.


  • Elite Spellbinder --> Lost Leonin
  • Cephalid Constable --> Amphin Mutineer
  • Teferi, Master of Time --> Jace, the Living Guildpact
  • Tidespout Tyrant --> Coastal Breach
  • Anje's Ravager --> Razor Swine
  • Silverclad Ferocidons --> Embercleave
  • Cavalier of Flame --> Molten Primordial
  • Chain of Acid --> Gleeful Sabotage
  • Eldrazi Conscription --> Ancient Stone Idol
  • Ajani Vengeant --> Huatli, Warrior Poet

RaidenShogun69 on Blinking Contest

1 month ago

Sevelantis: Teferi, Master of Time can't go in a BW deck, and 5 mana for Teferi, Hero of Dominaria isn't too much in commander. i also wouldn't consider Dovin's Veto one of the most powerful counter spells in magic. better counter spells that come to mind that i don't see in this list include Force of Will , Force of Negation , Archmage's Charm , Absorb , Sinister Sabotage , Dissolve

Sevelantis on Blinking Contest

1 month ago

Hello. I have been studying Blink Brago Control for few weeks and I have to tell that I probably have found my place in MTG - I need to build this deck. The job that you had done is so good.. I'm gonna create my deck based on yours. Why ? Because your deck is IMO lacking some essential cards and OFC an UPDATE. Yep... you really need an update. Im casual player, any feedback is very appreciated. So I encourage everybody who is reading this to a discussion.

card draw / card selection

Rhystic Study - Every blue commander should play this, why don't we try - gives consistent draw to get more cards..

Mystic Remora - more draw..

Esper Sentinel - kinda new card in magic - gets consistent draw

Teferi, Master of Time - perfect for multiplayer commander and also 1v1 - +1 in opponents' turns. Discard helps to cast Delve ability or to play Snapcaster Mage - its fine I think.

Dig Through Time - Powerful because of delve.

Search for Azcanta  Flip - enables delve cards and lets to search graveyard for more options. There are some payoffs like Snapcaster Mage , Sun Titan and more.


Luminous Broodmoth - Mass removal - even more profit! more blinking!

Soulherder - Every blink deck, please. This enables to get more blinking triggers and payoffs at the same time.

Ghostway && Eerie Interlude - Why not ?


Time Wipe - powerful mass removal spell, despite Supreme Verdict or Wrath of God :)

Disallow - extended counterspell...

Trickbind - counter triggers sometimes are gold worth.

Dovin's Veto - One of the most powerful counterspells in magic. Guesss what. It's Azorius colors ;)

Path to Exile - classic


Lightning Greaves - protect commander

Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate - lets sacrifice it anytime we need...


Thran Dynamo - IMO really underappreciated mana base card.


Phantasmal Image - worse version (but only ... ) of Clever Impersonator

Snapcaster Mage - also seems like you are missign something... Play mass removal or counterspell, or anything discarded even by Teferi, Master of Time

Teferi, Master of Time - Isn't this a must-play in an BW deck now?

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria - Isn't it too much mana?

BlackGtitan on Kess, Dissident Mage | Frozen Underworld | PRIMER

2 months ago

First off: Damn. This is a beast.

This is a well laid out and very expensive deck. Kudos to playing it! Glad that you've got it in paper and not just throwing cards together digitally - huge respect.

Strong recommendation for Teferi, Master of Time . He is a beast in my casual Kess deck and takes a ton of heat off you / draws out removal (people apparently are scared of extra turns, who knew)

As for Dark Confidant , I'd maybe recommend Phyrexian Arena instead? Past experiences in spell flinger decks is they will eat life and I've been burnt on that "you loose life equal to its Mana value" too many times. Yes it's one more Mana but Enchantments tend to stick better and 1 life loss for a card is way easier to stomach.

Otherwise ... damn. Wicked deck.

CoSM0 on Brazen Blue Moon

2 months ago

I love blue moon lists. I would make a few changes though: The Royal Scions isn't as good as you might think it is. If you want a loot I would play Teferi, Master of Time , otherwise I would be on Jace, the Mind Sculptor if your budget allows or Chandra, Torch of Defiance .

Archmage's Charm is also certainly a must for a deck with this many blue sources. I'd consider adding more removal if possible, try Electrolyze , Izzet Charm , or Prismari Command . I'd definitely shave a blood moon too as they suck ass in duplicates.

Oh, and add a sideboard.

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