Mentor of the Meek

Mentor of the Meek

Creature — Human Soldier

Whenever another creature with a power of 2 or less enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay . If you do, draw a card.

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Mentor of the Meek Discussion

Quickspell on Kykar: Can I sac the …

1 day ago

I have Kykar, Wind's Fury and Mentor of the Meek on the battlefield. I cast a noncreature spell, triggering Kykar to creature a spirit token. Can I sacrifice that particular token to pay for Mentor?

Guerric on Faeries

3 weeks ago

Hi Switchfox! I've played Alela in brawl quite a bit, have long pondered building her in commander, and have a lot of experience with both faeries and token decks, so I think I can be of help here. I think the low cmc focus is great, especially as it will let you cast artifacts and enchantments while keeping mana open for control pieces, and I also think you are exercising good judgment in terms of your low creature count, as artifacts and enchantments will do your most work here! I also think the land count is good.

What I'd personally recommend cutting are the anthem effects like Intangible Virtue and the like. I used to play lots of these cards and found them underwhelming, and after testing in token decks I usually end up cutting almost all of them. The problem with them is that they raise your threat level incrementally, and keep your opponents' attention on you. In the meantime, they shut off great cards like Skullclamp as well as Welcoming Vampire and Mentor of the Meek, which would be good additional draw engines here. Instead, I find it far more impactful to win out of nowhere with Coat of Arms, which I can tutor out at instant speed with Whir of Invention, or Jazal Goldmane, who can be fetched with Search for Glory, or Mirror Entity, which can be grabbed with Recruiter of the Guard or any black tutor.

I am guessing you have a lot of pillow-fort elements here because they are enchantments and synergize with your theme, and you may be in a meta with a lot of aggro coming your way and don't want to always waste your tokens chump blocking. Still, I'd personally replace No Mercy with Sphere of Safety, which is the best pillow-fort card there is, and then use the money you save to pick up a strong universal tutor like Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Intent, or Grim Tutor.

Personally I'd also add Norn's Annex to replace Settle the Wreckage, which will add to your artifact count and give you another strong pillow-fort element that won't ramp your opponents and will be more permanent. I tried Settle in so many decks on account of fondness of it from when it was in standard and I never like it in EDH. You might be thinking of using Settle to ramp yourself by exiling your own tokens and that can work, but personally I found it less significantly helpful than I had hoped for.

plakjekaas on If white isn't "allowed" to …

3 weeks ago

Stax, tax & boardwipes? Forcing your own weaknesses for others to enjoy is something white is great at. Not many great tutors? Aven Mindcensor, now neither do you. Bad at drawing cards? Spirit of the Labyrinth, now you are too. Overwhelming me with many spells I can't keep up with? Rule of Law. I don't have very efficient noncreature spells compared to other colors? Thalia, Guardian of Thraben now neither do you.

All these things are powerful, and giving white good carddraw so they can collect and stack these kinds of effects, will make white a lot more powerful, which is why it's a good thing that Rhystic Study isn't actually white, even though it feels like a white effect.

Yet, Mentor of the Meek, Dawn of Hope, Welcoming Vampire, Esper Sentinel, Bennie Bracks, Zoologist, Bygone Bishop, Thorough Investigation, even when you exclude colorless supplements, white is building a catalog of consistent carddraw anyway, especially if you consider Teleportation Circle has an array of targets to blink for carddraw in mono W as well: Spirited Companion, Inspiring Overseer, Priest of Ancient Lore, Thraben Inspector, Professor of Symbology, Resistance Squad, Search Party Captain and Wall of Omens.

Also strategy-specific stuff like Mesa Enchantress, Sram, Senior Edificer, Puresteel Paladin, Losheel, Clockwork Scholar. I think it's weird to say white can't draw cards, I'd say you're not trying hard enough if you're still complaining about that today. At least for Commander. In 1v1 formats, carddraw just isn't as important to win the game if it has to happen before turn 5.

Gidgetimer on I forgor how Garruk's Uprising …

1 month ago

Anthems (Glorious Anthem et al.) have static abilities that modify P/T of creatures. These abilities always apply as long as the permanent with the ability is on the battlefield. There is never a time when the creature that entered was not a 4/4 and you will draw off of Garruk's Uprising. Similarly if you have a base 1/1 enter with Dictate of Heliod out it will not trigger Mentor of the Meek because a 3/3 entered, not a 1/1.

ClockworkSwordfish on Mono white soldiers feat. Brimaz

1 month ago

I understand that the list as presented here is made up of cards from your pre-existing collection, but you may find it worthwhile to track down a few upgrades for the fun of it!

The main suggestions that come to mind include Field Marshal, Honor of the Pure, Mobilization and Mentor of the Meek. One or more of these might be worth trying!

lhetrick13 on Human Co

1 month ago

Looking at this deck I feel like it is very aggressive with lots of creatures. Definitely going for the game plan of disrupting opponent's spells and spamming the board with humans. It does feel a little odd that you have Collected Company in here as you only have a total of 6 lands that would let you cast it. With that said, I have a suspicion that you do not really get to play it often due to that. It also feels odd that you would run 4xAether Vial with Collected Company as you already have a way to flash in creatures. I would recommend removing the 2xCollected Company and getting in some draw potential to hit more with the Aether Vials. Maybe running a few copies of Esper Sentinel, Mentor of the Meek, or Mangara, the Diplomat would serve you better.

Guerric on White Myr

1 month ago

If you need more card draw, which mono-white usually does, Welcoming Vampire and good old Mentor of the Meek will do some good here. Smothering Tithe and Archaeomancer's Map can help with ramp.

AstroAA on Just Complaining... lol

1 month ago

I mean, yes it is annoying, but without those restrictions they'd be absolutely busted. Look at Mentor of the Meek for example - it does the exact same thing Welcoming Vampire does, except you can do it more times a turn and you have to pay one mana for it instead. Mentor is generally regarded as being really strong in token decks, and so is Welcoming Vampire. I personally think it's fine.

If you wanted to abuse it, find methods of playing creatures or making tokens on other people's turns so that you could draw more cards a turn cycle. Whitemane Lion is an example of a card that is pretty good for this. Welcoming Vampire is a card that works in pretty much all weenie decks, but is also a card that rewards good deckbuilding if you want to try and get the maximum value out of it.

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