Stitcher's Supplier

Stitcher's Supplier

Creature — Zombie

When Stitcher's Supplier enters the battlefield or dies, put the top three cards of your library into your graveyard.

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Stitcher's Supplier Discussion

Scytec on Meren: Necromancy & haruSpEX

6 days ago

To be honest with you, the competitive meter here means almost nothing, I honestly dont know how it is calculated. haha. The strongest meren lists i have seen are Hermit Druid combo lists. how that combo works is like this (synopsis by SynergyBuild years ago, but still relevant because he is a badass) "Nah, by using the five color lands (City of Brass, Mana Confluence, Forbidden Orchard, Tarnished Citadel, Exotic Orchard, and Reflecting Pool), along with fetchlands, you can build up a fast (low to no tapped lands), consistent (at getting your colors), and no-basic landbase for Hermit Druid to deck you. Bring back Dregscape Zombie and Bloodghast, sacrifice them to Dread Return, bring back Necrotic Ooze, then use Wall of Roots's ability to activate Blighted Bat's, then make infinite mana between Devoted Druid and Channeler Initiate, then use Walking Ballista to instantly win the game!"

As a bonus, Ballista combos with Mikaeus as well, so you have some synergies between the two. Things like Entomb and Buried Alive will net you Hermit early so you can access him in a hurry. Some fast mana in the form of creatures and rituals, some nice interaction like you already have, and bringing the average manavalue of your deck down will help as well. You are already runnning Stitcher's Supplier which is my favorite bit of tech. Ramunap Excavator is another solid bit of tech I really like to combine with Azusa, Lost but Seeking to get all kinds of value. Blood Pet, Stinkweed Imp, and Golgari Thug are all good bits of tech for Meren. The Gitrog Monster is also surprisingly good for us. The card draw he can get us with a little bit of ssetup is nothing to be scoffed at. To be honest, the main issue i am having currently is finding solid self-mill options.

Teeyou12 on muldrotha new

1 week ago

Cut the basic lands. Add pretty much any non basic in their place. This will let you mill your entire library with Hermit Druid. If you have Muldrotha out you then cast Thassa's Oracle from your yard to win the game. Or, with 3 creatures on board, you can flash back Dread Return.

A copy of Phyrexian Delver will let you form a back up hulk pile around the Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Walking Ballista combo by using Protean Hulk to find Delver and Viscera Seer, using the delver to bring back Hulk, sacking hulk to seer, and finding Mikaeus and ballista.

As for non combo related additions, Nihil Spellbomb is pretty much a strictly better version of Soul-Guide Lantern in this deck where you can recur them. Your only playing 9 peices of ramp in the deck with a 6 mana commander that seems to be your main value engine. I would recommend adding more with cards like Millikin and Deranged Assistant.Also run Simic Signet and the talismans in your colors like Talisman of Curiosity. ETB effects like Wood Elves and Elvish Rejuvenator may also be good. Your in green so mana dorks are very good. Elves of Deep Shadow and Arbor Elf in particular. Expedition Map may be worth playing due to your ability to recur it and find any land you want to your hand.

At 6 mana you also have to be able to protect your commander once she hits the board to keep from getting blown out. You have a few cards that do this already but Voidmage Prodigy is a very versatile card that can sacrifice itself and be recurred. Swiftfoot Boots is also a good effect for this.

As for general cuts, Avenger of Zendikar, Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, Tombstone Stairwell don't help you get to your combos faster, don't slow down your opponenets, and arent involved in any combos I can see myself. While Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat can be used as replacements for Disciple of the Vault in your persit combo, they can't be included in the hulk pile and don't contribute to any of your other combos.

I don't think you need 3 edict creatures in the deck so maybe cut Merciless Executioner. If you find you need that density than keep it but its going to kind of be a dead card if you can cast one of the others from your graveyard already.

Chronic Flooding is a bit to slow IMO. I recommend Undercity Informer as both a sac outlet and a mill card, and/or Stitcher's Supplier.

I generally want my removal to actually get rid of the thing in EDH though it is worth noting you can use these effects to bounce your own commander to save it if need be. Aether Spellbomb and Seal of Removal are possible cuts but not neccessarilly. Recommend something like Shriekmaw or Executioner's Capsule if you do feel like removing it. Beast Within is also a good card, even if it doesn't synergize extremely well with your commander.

wallisface on Mono-Black Zombie Graveyard Horde

4 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

  • Carrion Feeder seems super useful here, as it can grow big quickly with the help of Gravecrawler. It feels like this deck’d want a playset of these.

  • personally i’m not a big fan of the zombie lords, as 3 mana is pretty steep (or 4 mana in the case of Undead Warchief). I don’t think you gain much from this kind if effect, and while having some of these cards is probably useful, i’d ditch a bunch. A good thing to add in instead could be stuff like Blasting Station, which can turn Gravecrawler into a machine-gun.

  • Stitcher's Supplier can be good for grave-filling, and Undead Augur can draw you a bunch of cards (i’d rate both as more useful than the lord-effects).

  • “Champion of the Perished” from the upcoming set feels like an auto-include here.

GoblinsBeatElves on Historic Rock

4 weeks ago

Huh, don't really know why T/O lists it as legal. Maybe it's just going off the fact that it was printed in a set that is legal in historic (Mystical Archives), but Bolt (along with a few other MA cards) is banned in historic.

I can definitely see how Kroxa would be good (especially being on the receiving end of it quite a few times). I just wasn't sure if it would be good enough in a deck that didn't have stuff like Stitcher's Supplier to fuel the escape ability like some other decks that play it in Historic do, just being reliant on incidentally filling the yard over the course of the game.

Scytec on Muldrotha, Reanimator Engine

1 month ago

I use Meren of Clan Nel Toth as my commander for my reanimator deck, but for a long time i considered porting it into a Muldrotha build. I ultimately decided not to however. This deck looks really solid, i like it. Stitcher's Supplier is an insanely underrated card in decks like ours and I love to see you playing it here. Given the minimal number of Basic lands you run, you may consider Hermit Druid as an additional way to mill yourself. Be careful with it though, because it is a known combo piece that can instant win in the right builds, you may have to give some people a heads up that you wont instant win with it.

jakeelephant006 on Zombies

1 month ago

I think it would be a good idea to cut the Stitcher's Suppliers, Gurmag Anglers, and Rotting Regisaurs to add in Nantuko Husk and Plague Belcher. Those two cards in addition to Liliana, Untouched By Death's -3 + Shambling Ghast make an infinite combo that can win you the game. You could play around w/ the numbers of inclusion for the suggested cards. I'd probably want more Husks and fewer Belchers since the Husks have more utility overall. Plus you could add in more Shamblers, Lilianas, and maybe some Death Barons as well.

Scytec on Meren, the Reanimation-Queen

1 month ago

World Shaper is some pretty nice tech, i also like Stitcher's Supplier, Grim Haruspex, Greater Good, Izoni, Thousand-Eyed, Undercity Informer, and Altar of Dementia. I run a Meren list i absolutely love, but i dont like sharing links to my own decks on other peoples pages. Are there any cards on your list under 4 mana that you really like each time you find it? I am trying to speed up my list by decreasing my avg CMC throughout my deck. :p

zAzen7977 on FEAR FACTORY - Vial Zombie Tribal [MH2]

1 month ago

Hey Scottysnacktime, thanks for commenting. I’m glad that my decks are helpful! If you have any specific questions about zombies, let me know and I’ll try to help.

As you can see in the comments above, I just found out about Champion of the Perished yesterday. zapyourtumor, the more I think about it, the less I think they are a fit for this deck. The Champions don’t really further the board state until I play more zombies - in comparison, my other 1-drops are critical - Gravecrawler is a recursive combo-generator and Stitcher's Supplier generates card advantage. This deck aims to utilize vial to play Skaab Ruinator, generate card advantage with Master of Death, and assemble life-draining zombie combos. Champion doesn’t really fit, although it could fit in a different build utilizing token swarms. I think I’ll design a deck just around Champion. Maybe there will be more interesting zombies in the new set, we’ll see!

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