Chrome Mox

Chrome Mox


Imprint — When Chrome Mox enters the battlefield, you may exile a nonartifact, nonland card from your hand.

: Gain one mana of any of the exiled card's colours.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Chrome Mox Discussion

RNR_Gaming on Minotaurs are too slow

5 days ago

The beef battalion tribe definitely suffers from a lack of support. With jumpstart we got Sethron, Hurloon General who's probably the best option for tribal - honestly I'd wait a few more sets before trying to put it together. Haven't looked at the list yet but things like Mana Crypt , Mana Vault , Chrome Mox , and Jeweled Lotus are what I've been finding speed decks up the most. Alternatively, rituals like Dark Ritual , Seething Song and Desperate Ritual could help but they're all one shot - so, if you blow your load and get met with removal you'll be set way back.

Spirits on Undying Persistence

2 weeks ago

Ok, here's a little bit of analysis to consider. Break it up into some comments to read. These are opinions based on experience, playing and watching lots of commander content over the years, doesn't account for your specific playstyle or how you have fun playing commander which are certainly as important of decisions, as is card selection.

Topic: Ramp

You are very low in the mana curve, 11 1-drop, 21 2-drop, 15 3-drop, 16 4-drop, and Orzhov () has lots of pips, but mana ramp is critical to getting your plan onboard as quickly as others, having mana available to advance board state/gain advantage and have interaction, and landing your larger threats sooner.

Sol Ring (CMC1 for 2 = +1 mana) is a must include.

Orzhov Signet I personally don't like (CMC3 for 1 = -2 mana) but also you're in which doesn't ramp as it's core strength.

Arcane Signet (CMC2 for 1 = -1 mana) is a must include, there are only a few archetypes I wouldn't play this in and usually only .

Talisman of Hierarchy (CMC2 for 1 = -1 mana) is a must include in .

Dark Ritual (CMC1 for 3 = +2 mana) this allows for explosive turns like a T1 Vampire Nighthawk .

I would start with that at least, some fringe ones I like are: Burnished Hart (creature/recursion), Commander's Sphere (draw), Mycosynth Wellspring (to hand, fringe), Pristine Talisman (lifegain, fringe), Solemn Simulacrum (ramp+draw!), The Birth of Meletis (doesn't help with , but ramp, 0/4 blocker, lifegain? it has it all!), Wayfarer's Bauble (ramp).

On a premise of battlecruiser/low/mid power 3-6 I DO NOT recommend these, but there are stronger options out there beyond 6: Phyrexian Altar (combo builds), Mana Vault , Mana Crypt , Chrome Mox , Smothering Tithe , Land Tax (Might not be bad in this build)

Honestly on a Avg. CMC 2.99 mana curve, I would likely have 10-12 ramp.

Some potential cuts for these:

Gorgon's Head you've got plenty of deathtouch already, it's not pairing with a Viridian Longbow strategy or anything, it's redundant, but also the worst. Easy cut. (We can get to Open the Armory / Steelshaper's Gift later)

Pierce Strider CMC4 for a 3/3 is just plain bad, the idea is play, do 3 damage, block/sac it, noone going to pay 3 to prevent it? but they will because it's going to do 3 anyway on return, and if your using recursion on this, your making the wrong play as it has no value engine on it. Easy cut.

Creeping Chill for CMC4 sorcery is not great, you're not playing a mill strategy so you're not really casting it for free often. It's not a strong play, we can find better ones, like ramping into Athreos, God of Passage sooner.

Font of Return for CMC6? Yikes. (CMC2+CMC4 for 3 creatures to hand is not great, we can get them on the battlefield for that high a CMC).

Angelic Gift hmm we have flyers, with deathtouch, it replaces itself (draw a card) but unless we flickering it ( Ephemerate or Brago, King Enternal something like that, it sets up easy 2-for-1 if an opponent has instand speed removal.

Topic: Lands! (Umm!)

Average Distribution Build: 38 lands

Average Budget Build: 36 lands

Average Expensive Build: 37 lands

Average Aristocrats Build: 35 lands

Average Reanimator Build: 31 lands (closer)

Your Build: 30 lands (Umm!)

No way you can run 30 lands, and 0 ramp in this deck. I wouldn't shuffle this deck with less than 33 lands, probably 34-36 if I'm playing enters tapped/utility lands. I might (maybe not) go to 33 lands with 9+ ramp spells, but even then, 34 would feel better.

Do you have a combo with Piranha Marsh like Worldgorger Dragon does, if not, just delaying yourself for little value (1 damage). Kabira Crossroads in this same bucket, it's just not work the tapped mana.

Reliquary Tower where are the cards coming from? The colorless is a detriment. Unless your playing a draw strategy Necropotence / Greed it will hurt you more than the rare occasion it might help.

Let's be honest, lands SUCK, they are too expensive! Here is a list of lands you should look at:

Lands I suggest: Godless Shrine ($9), Orzhov Basilica (<$1, slow ramp), Caves of Koilos (<$1 must have!), Command Tower (Umm!), Brightclimb Pathway  Flip ($4), Tainted Field (<$1)

Lands I don't suggest: Evolving Wilds / Terramorphic Expanse (<$1 fixed color), Scoured Barrens (<$1 fixed color), Isolated Chapel ($6, Not bad but not T1 land), Myriad Landscape (<$1, slow), Temple of Silence (<$1, scry/slow).

Forsaken Sanctuary only ever enters tapped so even Isolated Chapel is better, but there is also Orzhov Guildgate that does this too.

Have to head out, I'll review more topics and recs later, but here are some other cards can come out for mana. Gorgon Flail it's on theme and not bad, but let's get that Basilisk Collar or Quietus Spike instead. Soul Stair Expedition I would rather Animate Dead or Reanimate to the battlefield right away, not have to wait for lands (it still sacrifices itself). Not Forgotten we have better removal. Have to head out now! More later to read. :) If it's too much info, let me know!

Geralda on Kess, 1000$ budget

3 weeks ago

Всё же считаю Notion Thief неоправданно дорогим, знаю - им многие играют и не только в Кесс, но мне он вот никак не заходит и использовать его как "стакс" - для меня тоже дорого, но из-за того что в мете появилась дэка которая побеждает через дров и может закрутиться на третий ход (уже закручивалась) - я положил Narset, Parter of Veils т.к. вижу её полезнее чем Notion Thief . (у нас в целом такая мета, где заклинания на дров не любят пускать, мне даже Ponder отменяли(!), поэтому у нас этот вор не супер полезен за свою цену, но если мета изменится, то возможно я его верну в дэку)

Opposition Agent у меня лежит - он слишком имбалансен (IMHO) т.к. позволяет играть изгнанными картами даже когда самого агента уже нет в столе(!), а так же можно смотреть руку того игрока (-об этом многие не знают). Но за компотным столом он не так уж силён как многим кажется - последние две партии где я его ставил у меня его уводили под контроль, либо ставили копию (именного копию, а не второго агента), да и в целом он "срабатывает" лишь один раз (на флеше). Основная польза в том что он полностью стопит пару дэк в нашей мете и немного притормаживает ещё парочку.

Jeska's Will показывает себя всё лучше и лучше (я сильно недооценивал эту карту), честно - я даже уже пару раз сомневался что искать тутером - тошнилку/взгляд или Jeska's Will т.к. она дешевле и в некоторых ситуациях выгоднее (например когда оппоненты сидят на отменах и искать винкон рано, а полутать дэку для прикришек или разрампиться полезно), с Кесс даёт 6 карт и 7-9 маны в пул (- аналогов подобному просто нет!). Например, сегодня в партии:

(но даже если бы на руке не было бы Peer into the Abyss , то из шести карт с Jeska's Will я не мог раскастить лишь две - две земли, а вместо Dockside Extortionist мне бы подошёл любой цветной манакамень поэтому он тоже не принципиален)

Может я и ошибаюсь, но ни одна другая карта не позволяет закрутиться с Peer into the Abyss на третий-четвёртый ход (вообще - я мог бы закрутиться и на третий, но решмл не тратить Simian Spirit Guide и остаться без прикрышки Pyroblast 'a. При этом Кесс ставить было не обязательно. Да, мог бы хорошо (и даже лучше) зайти Dockside Extortionist но у оппонетов лишь на четвёртый ход появился второй артефакт. Да, если бы был Dark Ritual на руке, то так же мог бы разыграть Peer into the Abyss , но при этом у меня бы не осталось свободной маны на случай если не придёт достаточно манакамней и ритуалов (как ни странно, но такое бывает, пару дней назад у меня не получилось закрутиться после Peer into the Abyss ).

Ещё, очень хорошо показал себя Teferi, Master of Time (- что бы его протестить я даже туторил его несколько первых партий, но потом иногда он мне и сам приходил на ранних ходах) - вот на такого дядьку совсем не жалко тратить 4 маны (в отличае от вора) т.к. он позволяет несколько кодов лутать по 4 карты, при необходимости убирает чужих Уфов/Воров (- в одной из недавних вартий я 5-6 ходов убирал Уфа + лутал по 3 карты). А в одной из партий даже ультанул(!), правда в допходах я не свог выйграть - законтрили.

P.S. Т.к. Кесс и так недолюбливают в нашей мете, я стараюсь не выигрывать ей более одного раза за вечер и если получилось быстро победить в первой партии, то потом принципиально не пытаюсь победить через Оракла, а пытаюсь собрать что-нибудь с Брешью. Все прокси так же убрал чтоб понизить пауерлевел. И довольно часто играю другой колодой - на Джойре т.к. она гораздо медленнее и намного уязвимее (но сегодня мне сказали что она тоже слишком сильная, поэтому буду собирать совсем казуальный трайбл (у нас почти все компотые игроки собрали по второй-третьей дэке в условном бюджете до 300$ по моксфилду)

Doombeard1984 on Getting Slivvy With It

3 weeks ago

I have looked at cEDH and often thought what it would take. From the looks of it, you are looking at a The First Sliver + Food Chain for cEDH sliver fun. I also think your interaction and counter magic needs to be on point for it think Force of Will , Force of Negation , Mana Drain , Fierce Guardianship etc. Probably also looking at OG duals and full set of fetches. Just a bit too rich for my blood lol. Oh, and then you got your fast mana like Chrome Mox , Mox Opal , Mox Diamond and Mana Crypt etc. Only way I'm doing all of that, is through proxies lol

plakjekaas on Are there any old cards …

3 weeks ago

The combination of Burgeoning and Ghost Town with any landfall on board is great.

Seeds of Innocence is a great green alternative to Vandalblast that I've never seen anyone else consider, even though it's cheaper than Creeping Corrosion in mana. I'm using it in my cEDH Marwyn, the Nurturer deck, to blow up a lot of opposing fast mana very early. Getting rid of someone's Mana Vault , Sol Ring , Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond on turn 2 is amazing, and your opponent only gains 2 life for that.

In the same vein, Meltdown is an amazing card if your deck is light on artifacts itself.

My Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire deck is all about ramping out the commander fast, give it haste and have fun with the transformation trigger. Orcish Lumberjack and Tinder Wall are very overlooked and efficient mana dorks to help complete that goal.

Happymaster19 on Cantrippy

4 weeks ago

What of Treasure Cruise . Also getting rid of extra cards in your hand with Chrome Mox is tough. What of Mox Diamond ?

RNR_Gaming on FYNN-ISH HIM!!!

1 month ago

I've brewed up a mean pauper list - which you've seen but definitely intend on brewing up a normal optimized list eventually. Here are some of my notes.

1) Get Fynn out either asap or wait until you've developed your board and use him as a pay off. Getting him out on turn 1 can be done in a few ways... Lotus Petal and Elvish Spirit Guide are the go to budget options. Mana Crypt and Mox Diamond - are always a solid include but I believe you noted that was out of price range. So, I'm not exactly sure if Chrome Mox , Mox Opal and Jeweled Lotus are out of the question too.

-A side note Mox Amber is really good with this low cmc commander. As it helps enable keeping up protection like Vines of Vastwood and Veil of Summer

2) Ohran Frostfang is a beast do not remove this card. Even if granting deathtouch is redundant, this is an excellent curve topper and draw engine. Also, you may not get full value out of Bow of Nylea ; if you ran some Birthing Pod , Eldritch Evolution or a go wide token lines its probably more worth it.

3) a few draw more draw engines make a world of difference Toski, Bearer of Secrets , Sylvan Library and Runic Armasaur are awesome.

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