Reality Shift

Reality Shift


Exile target creature. Its controller manifests the top card of his or her library. (That player puts the top card of their library onto the battlefield face down as a 2/2 creature. If it's a creature card, it can be turned face up at any time for its mana cost.)

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Reality Shift Discussion

Yesterday on Will manifests with riot enter …

2 weeks ago

I was playing on MTGO and controlled a Rhythm of the Wild and an opponent Reality Shifted one of my creatures. My manifested creature entered the battlefield without giving me an option to put a counter on it or give it haste. After the creature was on the battlefield though, the game did indicate that it had riot, so it didn't just discount it as a token.

Is this yet another MTGO programming oversight or am I misunderstanding a ruling?

Nathanael97 on I didn't choose the Slug Life, Slug life chose me!

1 month ago

I am personally a pretty big fan of Reality Shift, I‘d probably play it over a destroy effect like Pongify. Nice deck!

HydraOoze on Wilhelt Deck

2 months ago

Lord of the Undead and Reality Shift would fit well in here.

Kavle on Wierd Interaction

3 months ago

Wow, completely overlooked the damage part of this. Will give it a go in the first build and see how it goes.

Mystic Reflection, Perplexing Chimera, and Reality Shift are some cards I'm also going to try.

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