Beast Within

Beast Within


Destroy target permanent. Its controller creates a 3/3 green Beast creature token.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Beast Within Discussion

LittleMy on Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

4 days ago

More removal..

Well, Beast Within and Pongify are both good $2-4 choices, both of these however give them a creature in return (like Rapid Hybridization)

Imprisoned in the Moon is also a great piece that can completely lock out someone's commander or any permanent really that relies on an activated ability.

Krosan Grip, Oxidize, and Nature's Claim are all great because they're all cheap and at instant speed. Great to remove Enchantments and Artifacts.

Prey Upon is also really good since you're playing big stompy in Simic

I couldn't find any sea creature suggestions cause I think you have them all! Happy hunting

skelegon on Hydra

1 week ago

Deck looks nice. A few cards to consider would be Rhonas's Monument it will cheapen creatures and give trample which can be important for pushing damage. I know it's bit expensive but Hydroid Krasis does work on many levels and fits your deck great. I also recommend Beast Within to deal with any permanents like enchantments, lands and artifacts. Karn's Bastion would be a nice land for the deck as well. Other than that the deck looks sweet.

Profet93 on Lathril (94%) let’s get 95!

1 week ago

+1 SweetDreamsies

I would cut Skemfar Shadowsage for Shamanic Revelation - While "winmore," it does provide a substantial amount of draw unlike Skemfar.

I would cut Elfhame Druid for Heart Warden - Unless I missed a kicked spell, I think draw would be preferred.

Sylvan Library - Top deck manipulation and draw in a pinch. I would suggest mox diamond to be cut given your low land count, but I don't know enough about cEDH to seriously recommend that swap. But its worth considering. I notice an above user has recommended it as well.

Heroic Intervention - Given you go wide, is there a particular reason this card is not included or am I missing something?

IS tranquility due to your meta? I usually find artifacts to be much more problematic and commonly encountered than enchantments. I personally like Collector Ouphe, albeit he does "oof" with your own artifacts. Given your primarily use dorks and only 10% of your deck is artifacts, it might be worth considering. Especially if Mox Diamond isn't pulling it's weight in your games.

Why do you run Golgari Findbroker over Eternal Witness? I get that witness isn't an elf, but its cheaper to play, easier to cast, and gives you any card, not just a permanent. Imagine casting E-wit targetting finale of devastation. They destroy e-wit. Cast finale for e-wit, e-wit brings back finale. Not strong, but a fun synergy

I would cut Wellwisher for Devoted Druid/Incubation Druid - Lifegain is rarely relevant, more mana earlier on would be much more helpful.

Beast Within - Maybe this isn't needed because you run black, but I find instant speed permanent removal useful at most points in the game.

Glimpse of Nature - Can storm off if you have enough mana. I'm not sure if this is the best fit for this deck, but thought it worth mentioning given your creature count

Pendelhaven - Simple swap for a forest

Wirewood Lodge - While this probably won't go in due to your landbase setup, thought it was worth mentioning (Ex: Selvala, Priest of Titania, etc...)

Elvish Guidance - I see you dislike aura's, but with arbor elf or even stand-alone, this card has put in work in my elf deck.

Would love to know what you think of each suggestion

kamarupa on Squirrel Season

2 weeks ago

Toski, Bearer of Secrets is nice for some card draw. Some form of direct removal would probably be useful, too - Beast Within or something similarly broad. Maybe even consider splashing black. I've got a Modern squirrel tribal build you could check out for some other ideas:

abcdEmzi on Elven Empire

1 month ago

Misconception Thank you for all of your input. :)

I am not 100% sure on a set mechanic I wanted to use for it. But I will go ahead and say it's focused on the commander. I love it because it's low mana value and can really do some damage. Since it is based on how many creatures are on the battlefield AND graveyard I was trying to make my deck creature heavy so it would be stronger and do more damage in a single hit. Lightning Greaves is a really good idea actually. I feel dumb for not having thought of that myself. hahaha

I was thinking about lack of mana/lands as well. It is a concern but I wasn't completely sure on which cards to take out to make room for more mana. However, I have most of your recommended cards so I can start changing some out now because I can also agree on replacing the elves you listed as random. I think Nissa's Chosen is good just because it's a cheap mana cost and I can use it more than once..If it came back anyways. I was thinking of adding Nissa Revane which would then make it more valid and it's just a hella rude card even without Nissa's Chosen. But you're right as far as right now goes it's rather not needed. I like Talara's Battalion just because it's a low mana cost with trample. I do understand though there are definitely better choices out there though. Thornmantle Striker is in there more as to just kill off a semi-scary creature that might be on an opponent's side without losing any of my actual elves.. But I guess it is just the one single card that uses that mechanic so it's not really something that's absolutely necessary in this deck.

I didn't know that the card Skullclamp existed, but I like that one a lot. Thank you for the recommendation.

Both Bojuka Bog and Gilt-Leaf Palace are awesome and I will absolutely be getting them and putting them in.

Bounty of Skemfar I do actually have and can put that in right now. I used to have it in there and I am not sure why I took it out to begin with? Confused with myself on that one. haha

& Beast Within I was looking into a while back, but the 3/3 beast token part of the card made it less appealing to me.. But now that you've brought it back to my attention I can see more appeal in it. Especially for the fact that it could get rid of anything. Who cares if they get a 3/3 beast token if you're getting rid of something scarier than that. haha I will think more on it for sure before saying no to it again.

Thanks again for all your help. I've only been playing magic for a few months so I'm still learning a lot. I'll update the deck with what I do have currently soon. & then I can go from there. :)

Misconception on Elven Empire

1 month ago

So to start if off, try asking yourself what your deck is trying to do and how it interacts with your commander. Are you trying to kill through commander damage? Or to flood your board with elves and pump'em up? Maybe to get into some graveyard shenanigans? How does your commander support your strategy? And lastly, How are you going to win? At least that's how I like to build my decks :)

What comes to my attention right off the bat is your mana base. If you are running on 33 Lands (Which is not a lot) you should at least include the usual mana dorks such as Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic, Fyndhorn Elves, Elves of Deep Shadow etc... Also, I find your lack of Sol Ring disturbing.

So far, your creatures seem to be a bit all over the place and personally, I find your creature count to be too high. Duskwielder, Masked Vandal, Nissa's Chosen, Talara's Battalion, Nullmage Shepherd and Thornmantle Striker seem the most random that do not go with any strategy I can see really apart from being an elf. Try to focus on a strategy and filter out the best elves to pull it off.

In case you are actually going for a graveyard/recursion/value theme, you need sac outlets like any Altar, really.

Generally good cards with any strat you might want to check out for this deck:

Skullclamp Amazing carddraw if tokens are available.

Beast Within Green staple for removal as it lets you get rid of almost anything, including lands.

Bounty of Skemfar Ramp + Dig a bit into your deck to get an Elf.

Lightning Greaves Commander staple for haste and protection.

Bojuka Bog Free Graveyard hate!

Gilt-Leaf Palace If not here, where else?

Hope that helped a bit :)

libraryjoy on Elf Deck

1 month ago

Suggestion for you to remove Coat of Arms. It's a nice buff, but not very good if you're playing against another tribal deck (your brother plays vampires?). Another Ezuri, Renegade Leader would be good. As mentioned in the Forum thread you posted, I do think a little targeted interaction, like fight spells, would be a good idea, or something like Vines of Vastwood or Beast Within. The advantage to Vines of Vastwood is that you can use it offensively too to get damage through later in the game.

SilentPlague on Tovolar Werewolf Tribal

1 month ago

Chain Reaction and Blasphemous Act seem counter productive to a werewolf deck. Usually the more werewolves that are out, the more they complement each other. This may hurt you more than others. Also by the time you can play Blasphemous Act, you will either have a bunch of creatures and likely will be dominating, or a ton of mana to where you should be able to play anything and likely have a bunch of creatures as well.

Chaos Warp is also very risky. There are better things to replace it with to get rid of creatures. Beast Within is also too generous. You may be getting rid of a hard hitter, but why not just remove it and leave the player with nothing? It certainly would not benefit you to remove your own werewolf creature for a 3/3 beast. Werewolves are typically going to be pretty powerful. So use cards that force opponent creatures to fight yours to get rid of creatures.

Take a look at Moonlight Hunt, Pit Fight, and Clear Shot.

Moonmist is a great card even with the daybound mechanic. It may not transform your newer werewolves, but making only werewolf damage count, it like a super Fog.

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