Moonsilver Key


, , Sacrifice Moonsilver Key: Search your library for a basic land card or an artifact card with a mana ability, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

Spotos on I Thought You Were Selesnyan

1 month ago

MuricanSheepdog Np, just trying to help out someone starting. The main things to focus on are the cards with effects that won't help towards the main strategy. Some cards to replace would be, CREATURES: Arborea Pegasus, Dire Wolf Prowler, Elturgard Ranger, Hill Giant Herdgorger (The problem with him is that even though it does get you 3 life, for 6 mana and a creature with no other abilities is a bit too much mana to cast compared to some others cards that can gain life), Planar Ally (not sure how much you want dungeon crawling to play into the deck, but with most of these cards, you could honestly build another deck centered around it instead of putting it into this deck), INSTANTS: You Hear Something on Watch, Plummet, Repel the Vile(even if these are removal for cards, some other cards do what they do better and are still less than a dollar in price), SORCERIES: Compelled Duel, ARTIFACTS: Delver's Torch,Treasure Chest(This may seem like a really good card, but for 3 to cast and 4 to activate, making it essentially 7 mana to either gain 3 life and draw 3 cards, or lose 2 mana in total, the card seems like it has more of a chance to whiff rather than help in its effect,((don't worry, I would have fallen for that too))). Since you said your struggling to get mana, some "ramp" I would put in the deck would be Rampant Growth, Reclaim the Wastes, Roiling Regrowth, and Crop Rotation. Those should get you lands out quickly to play your commander sooner. Some artifacts I would also put in would be Commander's Sphere, Sol Ring, Moonsilver Key (this can search out Sol Ring from your deck), Moss Diamond, and Marble Diamond. Those are the ones off of the top of my head. Sorry if it's a bit long, I didn't want to make it 2 comments. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask away again, and I'll be happy to help out. :]

Anarkybot on Werewolves

2 months ago

I agree but luckily Tovolar, Dire Overlord  Flip flips all werewolves with his upkeep ability new and old ones so getting him early is a great play. I do agree that the mixing is rough for sure but so far with the games ive tested it with, the transforming is when you want to start pushing for game or big damage. Between all the buffs you can get and fight cards (adding more soon) you can pump up the human versions then just send them into problem creatures. I am considering a Moonsilver Key to grab The Celestus because that early on can be very good for quick response shenanigan's and and power ups. Can't wait to see your deck as well

qwaserdf17zz on Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy CEDH

3 months ago

Are you still updating this deck? I think Moonsilver Key would be a great addition to this deck, as well as Treasure Vault

MandrewM on Clockside Magda [cEDH]

4 months ago

Would it be too niche to include Moonsilver Key in the deck? The uses for it I can think of are that it can search for Liquimetal Torque for the Clock of Omens combo, or it can search for Treasure Vault to generate treasures which I think might make it a useful tutor.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

4 months ago

fair counter, will accept that Moonsilver Key is on the chopping block(anything that could replace it currently that comes to mind(?Arcane Signet?), guess ill be waiting a bit longer till i can get that Mox Diamond to replace it. After some further obbsessive shuffle throughs and analysis, I'm considering(going to eventually) cutting Liliana of the Dark Realms for Crypt Ghast.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

4 months ago


HEY BUDDY!!! Good to see you still here!

thanks for the insight and as always appreciate the comment. I'm still hunting a Mox Diamond, but the things that come to mind (by my understanding of what is considered "mana abilities") as targets for Moonsilver Key in this deck are:

Mana Crypt

Jeweled Lotus

Chrome Mox

Expedition Map

otherwise I just use it to fetch a basic, I don't have access to Sword of the Animist at this moment either

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

4 months ago


Cuts are as follows


Wasteland why: Im running Strip Mine and crucible in black still only means one land so I only need one instance of this interaction

K'rrik, Son of Ywagmoth why: better ways to "accelerate" that also aren't so lethal, also I have included better instances of smoothing the mana base in that this card in no longer relevant

Whip of Erebos why: slow, often removed, underwhelming

Gate to Phyrexia why: never saw use, took up space in hands to ofter or when on field saw little use

Culling the Weak why: see k'rrik

Hellish Rebuke why: underwhelming and generates little value


Jet Medallion why: Mana Acceleration

Moonsilver Key Why: Curve Smoothing

Innocent Blood Why: Efficient Removal

Myriad Landscape why: Curve Smoothing

Henrika Domnathi  Flip Why: great interaction with the deck as well as controls board well, offers an alternative to Wrankle or another instance of similar effects

Dying to Serve Why: token generator that works well with Opposition and other global discard effects

Future Thoughts:

I'm looking to cut the Op Agent and Maralen Combo, i'm considering the Geth's Grimoire + Words of Waste combo in place of it. still looking for some instances of mana smoothing in black Burnished Hart comes to mind. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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