Sandstone Needle

Sandstone Needle


Sandstone Needle enters the battlefield tapped with two depletion counters on it.

Tap, Remove a depletion counter from Sandstone Needle: Add (Red)(Red) to your mana pool. If there are no depletion counters on Sandstone Needle, sacrifice it.

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Sandstone Needle Discussion

Darksoul0118 on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

1 week ago

Hey, I tried the deck and really like the idea. Did you consider Sandstone Needle? It grants you access to fast mana and also works really well with Tremble.

Savage1988 on Perv”R”Us, the Fat Sling (EDH)

6 months ago

Haha yeah forgot to mention it, but it’s already in the deck description under deck development!

Definitely an upgrade to the Phyrexian Triniform, though we may want both, i’ve been so impressed with Goblin Welder everytime that i try to keep it artifacty?

Btw, i made some changes to the list today:

  • Panharmonicon OUT FOR Mimic Vat : i think panharmonicon has big upside but is a little conditional, there’s not that many relevant hits in the deck (12 ish). Mimic Vat was once in and was cut for a land when i ran 35, but i think it’s actually a great backup that doesn’t need other stuff to do anything, always giving us something for when we run out of gas a bit. Even if we keep our own stuff around, it takes other peoples’ creatures just the same.
  • Sandstone Needle OUT FOR Prismatic Lens : i think 37 lands (counting mdfc) is sufficient with our ramp and rituals, i’d rather have the untapped 2cmc rock. I cut this land because it has been awkward in starting hands and the downside of saccing it is real.

Other cuts i’m eyeing for the spoiled cards:

  • Coldsteel heart for the mirror
  • hoarding dragon for the ruin grinder
  • for the triplicate i’m considering cutting the worldgorger/bearer of heavens combo. It’s very convoluted and pretty much insta win, but with a huge risk. Either the game is won or someone interacts with worldgorger and you’re out of the game yourself, while the others need to play from scratch. Worldgorger is still an interesting card, especially with zirillan being able to find it, in response to a wrath or to keep other sneaked in creatures permanently, reset my mana, etc. so i may keep that. Just need it to go off one more time and then i’m ready to let it go

RambIe on Demonic Consultation Combo

8 months ago

here is one i actually pulled of in a real game
Turn 1 Sandstone Needle
Turn 2 Swamp , Vampiric Tutor , Mana Crypt , Reality Scramble
target Mana Crypt and tada! Blightsteel Colossus

TriusMalarky on Márton Stromgald | EDH [Primer]

1 year ago

I'd definitely cut Temple, this deck seems too aggressive for it to be worthwhile. If you really want double-mana lands, try

Ancient Tomb if you have cash

Dwarven Ruins

Balduvian Trading Post(although it's really not a double mana land....)

Sandstone Needle

Other than that, maybe try going heavier into the Goblin theme. There are a lot of goblin token generators, and Goblin synergy is often better than straight token synergy.

Consider cutting Emrakul's Hatcher, Hanweir Garrison, Scampering Scorcher for things like Goblin Rabblemaster, Goblin Piledriver, and Goblin Trashmaster.

Additionally, lots of goblin synergy turns Shared Animosity into a win con. With Animosity or Marton, Breath of Fury becomes a straight win condition with enough tokens. Just slap it on your tokens and they'll get bigger with each swing.

Savage1988 on Nicky B and his Pro-Life Posse

1 year ago

TriusMalarky Awesome, thanks for thinking along! I like these nitty-gritty disussions.

Re: tapped lands suck

First off: My current tapped-count is at 6 (wilds, terramorphic, necro, path, vivid x 2) - I guess you could count 2 tango and 2 checklands for 0.5 tapland each, bringing our total to 8. With 37 lands I actually think the odds are pretty decent that I can run T1 tapland, T2 untapped land, enabling my 2cmc ramp spells and going from there. I'm therefore not sure this is all too bad, but a bit more in depth:

Crumbling Necropolis and Path of Ancestry provide all my 3 colors all the time, this is good enough to justify entering tapped.

The idea behind Vivid Creek and Vivid Marsh is that they're lands that function as 3c lands most of the time (especially during set-up), and with proliferation going all of the time. It's also possible to use them without removing counters if you're using them on ramp for example, so it's not like they always deplete. I agree the tapped clause is a real cost for something that's not guaranteed, and I could be convinced they're not as great as I think they are, but I think they'd do OK.

I agree Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse aren't the best. I have thought about replacing these with tapped duals, but those don't help out my tango / check lands. It's very possible regular basics are better here though.

Re: Saprazzan Skerry, Peat Bog and Sandstone Needle

Awesome suggestion. They're more powerful than the vivid cycle for sure and, don't get me wrong, providing 2 mana as a land is amazing but:

  • they're not basics

  • they come into play tapped

  • they don't fix my mana

  • they end up literal dead really quickly if i don't find a proliferation piece (not having played the deck, this concerns me the most)

I'm tempted to try them because when it works it's amazing, but I don't think they're a slam dunk except for when you're in magical christmas land. I need to think about the times when the deck's not firing on all cilinders more than when everything's already going great (i.e. i have time to proliferate). If it turns out that i easily proliferate all the time i'll add them asap.

Re: Ramp and artifacts


This gets me to 4 signets, 3 talismans, chalice, prism, sol ring, that's 10 ramp < 3cmc. Adding cornucopia and relic gives me 12 which should get me one in hand roughly 60% of the time (almost 90% if you count the free mulligan as 7 extra looks) - which is great. Looking at my curve most of my business happens at 4cmc, so getting there asap is key.

Hard disagree on Throne of Geth. Have you played with this card? (I haven't.) It seems I'll have some (maybe even a lot of) spare artifacts lying around, which makes this repeated, instant speed proliferation. Absolute worst-case you can sac it to itself. I'd even argue this is very efficient (and cheap), even though the resource cost for using it is different. It seems like a great thing to copy with something like Saheeli, Sublime Artificer too.

Lithoform Engine may be inefficient, but doubling proliferate triggers or god-forbid planeswalker ultimates is simply too spicy not to run. You could be right but if this isn't the home for this card I'd like to find out.

I have to agree on Solemn Simulacrum - it's too expensive for the deck and doesn't really do much other than provide generic value. I think I'll cut this for another walker, maybe I'll try Jace, Cunning Castaway for the memes.

Thanks again for you time, I look forward to your reply

TriusMalarky on Nicky B and his Pro-Life Posse

1 year ago

Also, Vivid lands suck. Use Saprazzan Skerry, Peat Bog, and Sandstone Needle instead. With proliferation they are basically 2-mana lands, easily making up for the etb tapped clause.

Savage1988 on Perv”R”Us, the Fat Sling (EDH)

1 year ago

PlutoniumWedding Nice, Sandstone Needle is a good suggestion. It gives us another way to get him out as early as t2 (with Mana Vault or Seething Song) or t3 in myriad ways.

Will definitely go right in, cheers!

PlutoniumWedding on Perv”R”Us, the Fat Sling (EDH)

1 year ago

If you're happy with Dwarven Ruins and Crystal Vein you might be interested in Sandstone Needle. It doesn't have the option not to sac, but it's a faster Purphy.

I'd also consider Miren, the Moaning Well since you have a lot of fatties that are going to die anyway, but the usefulness of the life gain obviously depends on your meta.

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