Morphic Pool

Morphic Pool


Morphic pool enters the battlefield tapped unless you have two or more opponents.

: Gain or .

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Morphic Pool Discussion

Hercules23 on Slow-Roloro

4 days ago

Cool deck. I've been interested in building Oloro and I like the direction you took it. I guess the creature spots are pretty tight since they all have to be big impact. Thoughts on Cosmos Elixir , Vault of Champions , Sea of Clouds , Morphic Pool , Angel of Destiny , Hullbreacher , Opposition Agent , Venser's Journal , Approach of the Second Sun , Soul's Attendant , Speaker of the Heavens , Drannith Magistrate ?

Elixir is just a phyrexian arena without the lifeloss with Oloro. Bond lands come into play untapped so thats nice. Angel of Destiny and Approach of the second sun are interesting backup wincons which might not be super necessary with the amount of wincons already in the deck. Hullbreacher and Opposition Agent are flash creatures that severely slow down our opponents ability to assemble their combos or wincons, while accelerating our plans even further. Vensers Journal is supercharging our lifegain and also works nicely with necropotences hand size. Speaker of the Heavens creates an army of angels by itself turn after turn to serve as good blockers until we get our combo pieces. Soul's Attendant is just another copy of soul warden, which is always solid. Drannith Magistrate locks out opponents from playing their commander, while we still get the benefit from our commander. The main thing is that its a threatening card and opponents will most likely remove it as soon as they can.

abierto on The Queen's Egg

1 month ago

Mortlocke I've almost forgot! If you're playing in a multiplayer pod, Bond Lands can be even better then filter/pain/horizon lands.

Sea of Clouds - Morphic Pool - Luxury Suite - Spire Garden - Bountiful Promenade - Vault of Champions - Training Center - Undergrowth Stadium - Spectator Seating - Rejuvenating Springs

sub780lime on Damia, Sage of Gravestones (Mill)

3 months ago

Heliogabale, thanks so much for the many suggestions. You pointed out a couple things that I definitely hadn't gotten around to and was forgetting to do. The mana base? I had just revamped the deck and I totally forgot to review the mana base afterwards. Thanks for that.

Bloodchief Ascension was something others had recommended as well that I wanted to find a spot for and completely forgot. It's a no brainer now that I am running Mindcrank again.

I had Consuming Aberration in the first draft of the deck, but I dropped it in place of one of the combo pieces. I wouldn't mind still haven't it in there, but I'm finding it difficult to determine what to cut. I think if I drop the Persistent Petitioners any lower, they lose their effectiveness. I'm open to cut suggestions for sure.

I feel like Court of Cunning ends up drawing to much heat. I actually had cut Mindcrank for the same reason, but once I decided to go combo, I put Mindcrank in specifically as a combo piece. If I had the flash support, Court of Cunning could be fun.

I agree, I could lose at least one of my land destruction lands, Wasteland always being the first to go because of it ss non-basic only nature. I usually like at least one in the deck more to disrupt another players strategy than to prevent them from stopping mine. Morphic Pool is the first choice include. I could probably also drop one more swamp for Rejuvenating Springs.

Thanks again so much for the comments. Always appreciated. If you have any thoughts on cuts for Bloodchief Ascension, I welcome them :)

Heliogabale on Damia, Sage of Gravestones (Mill)

3 months ago

It is a challenge to comment on this for me because we don't play infinite in my meta, but I think I have some valid suggestions.

Since you are already running Mindcrank, I would suggest adding Bloodchief Ascension for another 2-card mill combo once activated. You can use Duskmantle Guildmage to get it online, and your opponents attacking each other will also contribute.

I would seriously consider Consuming Aberration, which double as a mill card and a potential beater in case you need an alternate wincon (Kozilek in your opponent's deck, for instance.)

Lesser consideration but maybe worth mentioning is Court of Cunning, not sure how relevant for this specific build, but definitely on-theme.

Last but not least, I have questions about your mana base. Just looking at the pie, you need more blue lands. I notice you have not included Bond Lands (Undergrowth Stadium, Rejuvenating Springs and Morphic Pool). You are running land destruction, and I am tempted to deduce it is by force of habit, because I cannot think of a land that would disrupt your strategy. Losing Strip Mine and Wasteland would free up space for actual combo pieces.

I feel 37 lands may be excessive, your average CMC being under 3 and running ramp/rocks/fetch; I would try with 35.

Hope this is helpful!

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