Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Legendary Land

Boseiju, Who Shelters All enters the battlefield tapped.

, Pay 2 life: Add to your mana pool. If that mana is spent on an instant or sorcery spell, that spell can't be countered by spells or abilities.

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Boseiju, Who Shelters All Discussion

plakjekaas on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

1 week ago

Pay more and deal with entire game-winning stacks of spells and abilities, and you get Summary Dismissal , which can counter the Storm trigger, something Disallow can't do.

On top of that, it exiles the spells instead of just countering them, working even through a Boseiju, Who Shelters All -like can't-be-countered effect. If we go by power, it's hard to beat that.

Profet93 on Carah Approaches with Pyromantic Intent

2 weeks ago

+1 Cool deck and visual design

Ancient Tomb - Ramp

Wheels - Help put more of dragons approach in grave, provide card draw as well.

Any reason why dockside and jeska's are in your maybeboard, price?

Boseiju, Who Shelters All - Anti blue

TriusMalarky on Expanding on a new format …

1 month ago

You realize you have to ban a crap ton of stuff, right? Mox Amber , Mox Opal , Mox Diamond and Chrome Mox all mean that everyone has 2 mana turn one every single game. Also, most decks are running Skullclamp in the equipment slot anyways, especially as that's basically the only equipment worth playing in high tier play. Other than that, you'd have Lightning Greaves . That's two equipment that you'll see.

The vehicle is always Smuggler's Copter . There's nothing else good enough to see play in high power, and everything else is a gimmick.

On lands, most decks will probably just run Boseiju, Who Shelters All , and the ones that don't get crap like Gaea's Cradle, Eye of Ugin , Phyrexian Tower , or The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale . Maybe the occasional Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper to power out big commanders.

Planeswalker? Hmmmm. . . . Oko, T3f, Wallet Sculpter, LotV mean anything to you? Between them, the only cards worth playing will be sorceries and enchantments . . . oh wait, Serra's Sanctum for the Sythis player.

It's an unplayable format because nobody can cast instants, nobody can keep a creature or artifact around because it's an Elk, nobody has a hand, all of that starts on turn one, and oh by the way you also get a Copter that you might bother to cast. You can crew it with the Mox you got to use twice before it got Elked! That's fun. Then the Elves player with 400 Cradle mana and the Enchantress player who staxed the table out while drawing 40 cards a turn will take over the game.

While it could be fun, the first couple turns will play out exactly the same every game. Everybody either gets overly explosive starts or overly staxxy starts. You could ban stuff, yes . . . but what happens when you ban the cards worth running in those slots? You get a bunch of Copters. Cards that are played because they're objectively good but you'll never cast them because almost anything else is better in this format. And then where are you? Back to commander, but with a larger banlist and everybody gets several extra useless cards in hand.

TL;DR, Interesting idea but I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, and I enjoy degenerate piles of stax like the filthy grinch I am.

ObIviom on [[cEDH]] Bloodsky Citadel

1 month ago

Profet93 Thanks for commenting! I've sort of given this deck a bit of a rest for cedh due to the amount of ad naus / thoracle decks in the meta currently, with the other half of the meta being graveyard hate and stax, sadly this deck does seem to die pretty hard once Bolas's Citadel gets exiled, and its rather hard to come back even after it just gets destroyed. Scheming symmetry is rather solid for opposition agent, which we can tutor with Varragoth, most games I'll have Varragoth out t1 and tutoring t2, so if I have a it in hand, I'll use it in that scenario, again though, very easy to see, and stop. I think I'll pass on the crucible, because I personally think it'd feel bad in more cases than not to spend 3 mana on it. Leyline is something I'm definitely pondering on, with the addition of Dauthi Voidwalker we achieve the same effect, but slightly better and its more mana efficient. but the void is still a good though, as I'll probably be making some touches to this deck to attempt to shift it into a grindier deck, because it's simply a bit rough for Varragoth to outspeed most decks in the meta right now, but I think he'll be a solid grindy deck.

I honestly can't believe I forgot about Boseiju, Who Shelters All it will definitely be going in the deck, as for Infernal Darkness that one extra mana and the cumulative upkeep makes it a bit rough for me to want to add, but I'll experiment with it to make sure I'm not missing an opportunity.

Again, thank you so much for comment, I really like the suggestions and I'll be implementing them asap, if you like the deck, an upvote would mean a lot, thank you! :)

Profet93 on [[cEDH]] Bloodsky Citadel

1 month ago

If they exile your wincon, you're SOL. Have you considered adding a Leyline of the Void given you already run Helm of Obedience?

While I like scheming symmetry, it seems a bit asymmetrical in this build because they will almost always get their card prior to you unless you have Opposition Agent in hand. How has it played for you?

Also, how has insidious dreams been for you, as discard is additional cost to cast, one good counterspell and you're out of luck. I see you have defense grid and imp's mischief to combat blue (as well as cavern). Have you considered Boseiju, Who Shelters All , or is the colorless + tapped + lifeloss not warrant making 1/4th of your deck uncounterable?

A potential idea is Crucible of Worlds to go with your fetches and self discard (dark deal) and sacrifice (smokestack). I know it doesn't do much on it's own, and this is cEDH, but something to consider. It's constant artifact recursion with buried ruin as well.

Perhaps its just my experience but Temporal Extortion reads target player loses 20 life. Which is fine, but doesn't further your strategy all that mucch.

Since you mention contamination in your description a fair amount, have you considered adding it's cousin Infernal Darkness ? Do note that contamination shuts off your own coffers, lake, and nykthos, as well as opposing cradles and serra sanctums. Infernal darkness does not shut off large mana producers, is 1 more expensive, but it doesn't require a sacrificial upkeep cost. I understand you have Endrek and bitterblossom, but even with your consistent tutors, I am unsure how reliable that can be. Tutoring is a loss of tempo and in cEDH (not that I have much experience), spending a turn to tutor just for them to counter the card you tutored for feels bad. Adding consistency of contamination with infernal darkness can help slow the game down to your level. What do you think?

ninja8244 on Thrasta's Storm Primer

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions! I will have to figure out how good Road of Return would work, it does have a lot of synergy with Eureka . I forgot about Cavern of Souls , and I should also throw Boseiju, Who Shelters All in there.

Unenlightened on Synthetic Polymorph (Talrand)

2 months ago

Ryan Leser is someone from my LGS that I played with regularly in the before times. Hopefully I'll be seeing him again in the upcoming weeks. He came up with a deck that used Synthetic Destiny to drop I think 6 combo piece creatures like Deadeye Navigator , Peregrine Drake etc. so he had access to his entire deck and graveyard. It wasn't as streamlined or effective as the Thoracle combo but it worked. He made it specifically so he could beat his buddy's $1,000+ cEDH deck with a budget deck. I think his version was also below $100 though I can't remember for sure. I posted his original version here: Talrand Shenanigans (Original)

I would love to add Cyclonic Rift but I don't think I will. I prefer running my more expensive cards as proxies. I have decks with proxies and without proxies. The latter are pretty much universally budget decks - I proxy anything over or around $20 usually. I made an exception for Boseiju, Who Shelters All because I actually have multiple copies of it.

As for Time Spiral , $200 is a bit more than I'm willing to drop right now. I've never spent more than $40 on a single card, and I've only done that three times - foil MM Doubling Season, Sliver Queen and Oko, Thief of Crowns before he got banned almost everywhere. Really glad I got that Sliver Queen when I did, she is crazy now.

I'm definitely considering the suggestions you made for the upgrade to your own deck though. In particular Flusterstorm and Pact of Negation . I already have Swan Song in my version.

0rc on Cheapskate Talrand ver. 1.5 ($100)

2 months ago

Romanowski13, the best upgrades would include improving the mana rocks. I’d replace any that enter tapped with the following (depending on your means): Arcane Signet , Jeweled Lotus , Mox Opal , Chrome Mox , Mox Diamond and Mana Crypt .

I’d add all of the powerful counter spells: Swan Song , Flusterstorm , Force of Will , Force of Negation , Pact of Negation , Fierce Guardianship , and Mana Drain .

I’d add the following lands: Temple of the False God , Boseiju, Who Shelters All , and Cephalid Coliseum .

I’d remove some of the slower card draw and tutors for Mystical Tutor , Personal Tutor , Time Spiral , and Timetwister .

I’d add better removal spells such as Cyclonic Rift . This would probably be the first change I’d make.

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