Veil of Summer

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Veil of Summer


Draw a card if an opponent has cast a blue or black spell this turn. Spells you control can't be countered this turn. You and permanents you control gain hexproof from blue and from black until end of turn. (You and they can't be the targets of blue or black spells or abilities your opponents control.)

nbarry223 on LOTR... Modern Legal?

1 month ago

It is more like MH2.

I think the worst we can expect is something like the Moxes with additional downside, or some other "free" spells like the elementals which speed up the format even further (hopefully nothing along those lines is printed). Blue players are lacking a powerful card advantage spell to get them back in the game, to make sitting there passively worth it. As much as I hate sitting across from a blue player, I do think their toolbox is a little lacking currently.

I'd also like to see more color hate cards with power levels closer to some older format cards come from sets like these. The only specific color hate cards that are worth playing in modern right now are Veil of Summer and Aether Gust even though there's been multiple cycles. A lot of the older color hate was low cost removal, which has just been outdone by all the "free" removal in the format today, so it never sees play anymore.

I don't mind power-crept cards if they are narrow enough to be niche instead of staples. I think having color oriented hate would be the solution to this. If you have a card that is amazing against 2 colors, but useless against everything else, it will make good tech for decks that struggle with those 2 colors, but not be included in every deck in the format. We need good balance like that.

meinzel on Abzan Blasting Solemnity

1 month ago

Thanks for the insight jdogz32!

I actually even have a version of the deck with Thran Vigil where I replaced Young Wolf with Putrid Goblin to utilize Thran Vigil's effect. However it massively alters the mana-curve from from a 1-drop, two 2-drops and two 3-drops to literally zero 1-drop but four 2-drops. Taking into account the Profane Tutor you have way to many options for turn 2 while completely giving up the chance to do something significant on turn one. With Thran Vigil you eventually even give up on the chance of a natural turn-3-win.

I like the idea to add either Zulaport Cutthroat or Blood Artist at least to the sideboard to circumvent hexproof/shroud. When checking for reasonable or expectable hexproof effects in modern, only Leyline of Sanctity came to mind, which I can get rid of rather easily with maindeck Boseiju, Who Endures or Prismatic Ending. I can ignore Veil of Summer since both win conditions are artifacts.

In the mentioned alternative version I actually considered Kitchen Finks. However it doesn't constitute a win condition in itself and therefore will still falter to e.g. mill or decks with other unconventional win conditions. It might be interesting against burn-type, but even then I rather win the game directly.

nbarry223 on Sideboard Tech vs. Scam

1 month ago

My game plan is completely different from scam. I am mainly asking for a combo deck, so the early targeted discard hurts, and I don’t have too much in the way of early blockers, so they can get in early with Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and snowball sometimes.

Blood Moon also hurts a bit, but can be played around or removed. Their game plan almost feels meant to counter my specific deck (amulet titan) so was just wondering if anyone has some out of the box solutions. As of right now, my best options are removal or Veil of Summer but was wondering if there were any “silver bullets” like Sanctifier en-Vec which essentially invalidates their whole deck (can’t be removed beyond Engineered Explosives and freely blocks Fury).

nbarry223 on Sideboard Tech vs. Scam

1 month ago

What's some good sideboard tech vs. the Scam Deck? (R/B aggro with discard/moon and MH2 elementals)

Asking for a mainly green deck with access to splashing any color(s).

I've been toying around with the idea of Darksteel Myr as a blocker that they can't remove because Sanctifier en-Vec is a little too much commitment to to come down early. A more realistic option to help out is Veil of Summer since it has other uses.

Is there any other options that would help improve matchups vs. this deck, don't worry about colors when suggesting.

wallisface on Zalph

2 months ago

Youvegotplasticinyourlungs looks like a very interesting/cool build. The only cards i’m dubious of are Veil of Summer and Harmonize.

Veil of Summer feels weak because it’s doing nothing if your opponent isn’t playing blue or black. Green has loads of more broad protection spells if that’s your intention here - namely Vines of Vastwood or Blossoming Defense.

I’m not convinced with Harmonize because by the time you’re at that much mana, you should be dropping massive creatures, and this feels to me like a waste of a turn when you should be on the offensive. I’d swap this out for either another big creature, or more ramp (or some mix of that).

I guess lastly Hardened Scales feels like its only best on those creatures that add one counter at a time. Your creatures that are doubling counters probably don’t card too much about this card (its just 1 extra counter). I still think Hardened Scales is good here, but wonder if Solidarity of Heroes might provide you a bigger payoff… it’s hard to gauge so might need playtesting.

Personally i’d also drop the Forgotten Ancient so you can run playsets of Kalonian Hydra and Primordial Hydra. The hydras are definitely better, but it also makes your deck Modern legal if that ever mattered to you (personally I think this list looks surprisingly strong for its budget, and would do well against non-tiered decks).

Niko9 on Need help for a green …

3 months ago

Cool, well it looks like an awesome build already, and here are maybe a few suggestions from my time as an elf player. Love the commander too, Freya may not be the most combo-power commander, but she's an amazing toolbox and sometimes that's so much better : )

allosaurus shepard isn't really necessary and can cut back the overall price a lot. I'd say the same with growing rights of itlimoc and in general all of the land ramp might be unnecessary just due to how much creature ramp you will get. Things like Fauna Shaman will be better than land based ramp because they will help you hit your Priest of Titania or other elf-ramp.

To replace some of the ramp like Kodama's Reach I'd put in more big creatures to pay off your ramp. carterhoof behemoth may be the staple, but there are great low cost alternatives.

Other than that there are a few ways you can go with the deck. Elfs can do many infinite combos if that's interesting in the playgroup, or you could also splash enchantments for Setessan Champion and other enchantress card draw. Or you could add toolbox creatures to make an aggro midrange deck that attacks with elves and equipments.

But yep, looks like a great deck already. I just think that to make it budget you might just want to look at what is really necessary. Worldly Tutor and Boseju and The Great Henge and nyxthos and Veil of Summer, I don't think they make the deck run as much as they make it run better, where something like Coat of Arms is absolutely one to include.

BioProfDude on Eldrazi Ramp

3 months ago

Veil of Summer is banned in Pioneer!

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