Winding Canyons

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Winding Canyons


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Until end of turn, you may play creature cards as though they had flash.

Grind on The Table WILL Hate You (Colorless Eldrazi Tribal)

3 months ago

Cool deck!!!
Basalt Monolith is decent.
Some lands to consider:
Zhalfirin Void, Inventors' Fair, Strip Mine, Scavenger Grounds, Winding Canyons, War Room, Ghost Quarter, Wasteland, Inkmoth Nexus (good w eldrazi Conscription), Blast Zone, Dust Bowl, Tectonic Edge, Blinkmoth Nexus, High Market.
Just some ideas, cheers and have fun!!

Grind on Miirym or Double the Fun

4 months ago

Sweet decklist!!!
You have a lot of creatures. Have you considered flash?
Winding Canyons, Alchemist's Refuge, Leyline of Anticipation are all nice.
Also might consider Rhythm of the Wild over/in addition to temur ascendancy.
Cheers and have fun!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Avacyn Voltron Angel

7 months ago

Neat deck!

If you are finding yourself getting beat down right before/after you cast Avacyn then you could consider some ways to play her at instant speed. I use Scout's Warning and Emergence Zone in my Rograkh+Arkoma deck to be able to flash in Akroma (granting psuedo-haste) and not go shields down. If you have the budget Vedalken Orrery and Winding Canyons are great as well.

Niko9 on Lathril Casually Competitive

9 months ago

Maybe Ashaya, Soul of the Wild It's an infinite mana combo with Quirion Ranger and anything that taps for a few, and also it's easier to tutor in GB than something like Umbral Mantle which is awesome. Fauna Shaman and things like Thousand-Year Elixir or casting shaman at instant speed on opponent's end step is really great. Winding Canyons and Emergence Zone can help with this.

Oh and Dryad Arbor is good, but it can not be to taste. It's slow as a land, but free as a creature, and can always use green sun's to ramp turn 1.

I really like things like Wellwisher but if you want to go super competitive, then more combos and more tutors for combos would probably stream line it.

Awesome deck! Just a few things I thought because I run an infinite elfball sometimes.

Grind on Crushing Colorless

10 months ago

cool deck. i like Emergence Zone or Winding Canyons to be able to cast kozi at instant speed

Niko9 on Stax Colony

10 months ago

Nice deck! I really like the idea of playing a lot of Rat Colony in EDH because it's so unique, you know? Really awesome stuff.

I'm not sure, but maybe Locket of Yesterdays might be neat. Probably not a worldbeater, but it can get some value for your rats maybe.

And there are definitely some shenanigans that Maralen can get up to as a commander. Giving your cards flash with something like Vedalken Orrery Winding Canyons Emergence Zone to flash her in on an opponent's endstep and get the first tutor is amazing. Getting Opposition Agent with maralen is almost game over. She also can pair well with stacks and things. If your opponents can't cast things because you put down a well timed Winter Orb then they can't do much. I've seen games go down to Maralen's life loss killing people : )

And maybe some ways to get rats through for damage. I'm not really sure what would be the most effective, but even just swords and protection or equipments to give evasion. Not really sure on this, but there might be some good options out there. Marrow-Gnawer is great, but maybe more options?

Anyways, looks awesome! Hope it's a fun deck to play.

im_just_a_lamp_bro on Liesa's L.I.P.S

10 months ago

Suggestions ans thoughts regarding your development based on my games and changes so far so far:

Plaguecrafter I found it to be immensely useful against planeswalker-focused decks which I didn't really have an answer to before but is still perfectly fine as a mini sacrification forcer. I just got Graf Reaver from a booster, but I don't know if the targeted removal will do any better. I think not, mostly because most players habe three planeswalkers at most.

I also use Reassembling Skeleton to make my life easier while I haven't found Winding Canyons or Vedalken Orrery yet. Sacking it in loop for two mana a pop to force the enemies to sacrifice is much easier than to try and spare my creatures for the perfect moment. If no sacrifice pact is on the field, it still makes good use of excess mana.

Helm of Possession is also nice to get rid of opponents creatures, or just to pull in more sac fodder that isn't even ours. It's not as cheap as I'd like though and doesnt scale particularly well. I haven't tested how it plays but I think it could work out.

Mind Slash works as a supplememt to sadistic hypnotist and replaced grief for me. I didn't like grief for its high recasting cost, so I put this in and throw cheap stuff at it.

Consider Library of Leng to make the effect of Mindslicer completely irrelevant to you. I saw that you removed the reliquary tower; I did the opposite and additonally play a Thought Vessel. Is there a reason you removed the tower? I think it has no downsides.

For the last part I currently run Nullpriest of Oblivion but consider replacing it with Doomed Necromancer. They're both cheap enough and I like to have yet another cog to protect Liesa (well, or get her back for cheap), as well as fetch stuff that went in the graveyard unprotected.

I really like the Tourach, Dread Cantor you put in, I think I'll get him as well. Not sure if I'm willing to pay the 25 bucks for the Stoneforge Mystic, it doesn't seem powerful enough to me. I also removed Alms Collector and didn't miss him so far.

TotesMcGoats on Wizzardrix (Kwain, Itinerant Meddler)

1 year ago

philesposito007 Yes! Thank you for reminding me! This is absolutely going right back into the deck! Probably along with Winding Canyons to be able to flash it into play! I might put Thassa's Oracle back in as well since it also works well with flash and I don't have Hullbreacher anymore as a backup Smothering Tithe for my main combo. I have to decide how many win conditions I want to run in the deck and which ones are actually fun or not.

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