Winding Canyons

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Winding Canyons


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Until end of turn, you may play creature cards as though they had flash.

Caerwyn on Winding Canyon + Upkeep trigger

1 month ago

First, if you have questions about card interactions, please use the Rules Q&A section of this site. It has some added functionality, such as the ability to mark an answer when your question has been resolved.

I have moved this thread for you.

On to your actual question, no, you cannot do this.

The first part of the Beginning Phase is the Untap Step. As is stated in Rule 502.4 “No player receives priority during the untap step, so no spells can be cast or resolve and no abilities can be activated or resolve.”

The very next Step is the Upkeep Step. By that point, it is too late to do what you wish.

Now, if you want to do this, you could do something similar by activating Winding Canyons and casting Felidar Sovereign during the End Step of the opponent proceeding you. That would work and give about the same amount of time for responding. It would not, however, be on your turn, so things like Grand Abolisher could not protect your victory.

GMead88 on Winding Canyon + Upkeep trigger

1 month ago

Let's say I have Winding Canyons out. I want to play Felidar Sovereign. Is there room for me to pay 2 tap Winding Canyon before my upkeep, play Felidar Sovereign before my upkeep, and win if I have 40 Life...?

Abaques on Are the Original Dual Lands …

2 months ago

wallisface In the context of commander, I think the answer is really that commander is an incredibly broad format in a way that no other format outside of kitchen table magic really is. You have hyper competitive cEDH where the ABUR duals are almost a requirement for a lot of decks because of how optimized they run. And on the opposite end you have joke decks that aren't designed to win at all. And in between is a whole galaxy of other options.

I think the reserved list is an imperfect measure of power level. You have some of the most powerful cards in the game and then you have cards like Sawback Manticore. From an accessibility standpoint there is also a huge amount of price variation. Sure Mox Diamond is $600+, but Winding Canyons is around $20 and Hatred is about $36, which aren't crazy considering how much a Dockside will run you. So I guess I'd argue that the reserved list shouldn't impact what is and isn't allowed in commander.

Tur on Hidden Power - Crop Rotation

9 months ago

Hello everyone! This will be a trial forum post for a "Commander - Hidden Power" series. My goal is to show relatively inexpensive cards which are often overlooked by commander players in semi-competitive and casual play. (This post is not designed for competitive play.) If you enjoy the topic, please provide positive feedback and I will consider creating similar posts.

The powerful card I plan on discussing here is Crop Rotation.

This card under five dollars and is one of the most powerful mono-green tutors. Period. Yes, I'm counting all mono-green tutors. This includes: Worldly Tutor, Finale of Devastation, Green Sun's Zenith, Survival of the Fittest, Chord of Calling, Natural Order, Tooth and Nail, Sylvan Tutor, Time of Need, Scapeshift, Hour of Promise, Tempt with Discovery, Reshape the Earth, Boundless Realms, Traverse the Outlands, Rampant Growth, Harrow, Cultivate, Harvest Season, Explosive Vegetation, etc.

It's one color, one mana, instant, searches for any land, you can sacrifice a tapped land, and puts the land onto the battlefield untapped (unless otherwise specified).

Although, Crop Rotation is often overlooked by players because of the very expensive cards it can search and not being "flashy" enough. Yes, Crop Rotation is ideal with any of the following cards: Gaea's Cradle, Mishra's Workshop, The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, Serra's Sanctum, Bazaar of Baghdad, and Diamond Valley. However, suppose we don't have a one thousand dollar mana base and cannot play the land cards above. Is Crop Rotation worthless? No. It is still one of the best mono-green tutors. There are so many utility and theme lands which are excellent targets. Ramp lands and color-fixing are also viable options. Here are a few categorized ideas:

Utility Lands:

Theme Lands:

Ramp Lands:

Color-Fixing Lands:

There are many more unlisted cards in each category which could fit your specific deck.

Some of the cards listed above have some pretty cool synergies with Crop Rotation here are a few:Urza's Saga, you can let the saga get to chapter III, then with the ability on the stack sacrifice it to Crop Rotation to get both the artifact and land. Field of the Dead is ideal in every two or three color commander deck with a sufficient mana base (in fact some of my win conditions are given by Field of the Dead). You can also use Field of the Dead as a combat trick. Scavenger Grounds and Bojuka Bog are fantastic for graveyard combo disruption. Maze of Ith and Glacial Chasm will hurt your lands, but sometimes it is needed to stay alive.

Simply having the ability to greatly effect the board state using a one-mana instant speed spell is impressive: life gain, damage prevention, removing steal effects, getting around blockers, denying counterspells, combo stoppers, unlimited hand size, sacrifice engines, haste, recursion, ramp, creating token blockers. The list goes on-and-on-and-on. If fact, if you're playing 3-4 of the lands listed above you should really consider Crop Rotation in the ninety-nine.

All in all, I'm always surprised the number of deck lists which do not play Crop Rotation. This is a fantastic card and one of the best mono-green tutors. It has so much hidden power. Ask yourself if there is a nonbasic land which you are playing (or would play) that would do well with Crop Rotation.

DrukenReaps on Liberating Surprise

9 months ago

Grind, Profet93 it's no Sculpting Steel and certainly not Mirage Mirror but it still turns into any of my creatures, instants, or sorceries. I mean I guess I'm unlikely to have a reason to copy All Is Dust or a legendary creature, still feels like a decent number of targets and utility to it. Some of those are still not optimal really leaving me with the following- Conduit of Ruin, Endbringer, Junk Diver, Meteor Golem, Wandering Archaic  Flip, Scour from Existence, and Titan's Presence. I can even use it along side Mirage Mirror to grab a permanent copy of an opponent's creature. Alternately with Wandering Archaic to double up on some instant or sorcery my opponent's let me have.

A few Wastes still might not be a bad idea but I'm just not convinced cutting Mirrorpool is correct. It certainly doesn't seem like my weakest land to me. I think I'd sooner cut Eldrazi Temple, Tomb of the Spirit Dragon, Command Beacon, Winding Canyons, or/and maybe even High Market. Even the Urza lands, as my personal experience with them is that they are just non-basic Wastes lol. Though, I do want to give them another go since I only just put them back in the deck.

Grind on The Table WILL Hate You (Colorless Eldrazi Tribal)

1 year ago

Cool deck!!!
Basalt Monolith is decent.
Some lands to consider:
Zhalfirin Void, Inventors' Fair, Strip Mine, Scavenger Grounds, Winding Canyons, War Room, Ghost Quarter, Wasteland, Inkmoth Nexus (good w eldrazi Conscription), Blast Zone, Dust Bowl, Tectonic Edge, Blinkmoth Nexus, High Market.
Just some ideas, cheers and have fun!!

Grind on Miirym or Double the Fun

1 year ago

Sweet decklist!!!
You have a lot of creatures. Have you considered flash?
Winding Canyons, Alchemist's Refuge, Leyline of Anticipation are all nice.
Also might consider Rhythm of the Wild over/in addition to temur ascendancy.
Cheers and have fun!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Avacyn Voltron Angel

1 year ago

Neat deck!

If you are finding yourself getting beat down right before/after you cast Avacyn then you could consider some ways to play her at instant speed. I use Scout's Warning and Emergence Zone in my Rograkh+Arkoma deck to be able to flash in Akroma (granting psuedo-haste) and not go shields down. If you have the budget Vedalken Orrery and Winding Canyons are great as well.

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