Underground Sea

Underground Sea

Land — Island Swamp

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rshistorysmuf on Proxies, yay or nay?

2 months ago

As someone has previously mentioned. Unless I can trade up, and up, and up, I would like to have a Mishra's Workshop around 2K but there are reprints in Vintage Masters and Master edition IV (haven't seen them), Candelabra of Tawnos - 900 reprinted Vintage masters (have not seen it), Underground Sea 400 reprint, Volcanic Island 400, Plateau 150, Gaea's Cradle around 500.

It's a shame but when you see IHYD playing such uber stuff, you wish why can't I play these in commander. Do we go and buy knock off versions?

plakjekaas on Proxies, yay or nay?

2 months ago

I really don't like playing proxies myself. I really want to own the cards I play, by personal preference. I picked up my Gaea's Cradle for €375, because I really hated looking at the basic Forest that I scribbled "Gaea's Cradle" on with a sharpie.

But I do realize how lucky I am with plenty disposable income to spend on this game, and I would never scold or exclude anyone who doesn't choose to spend their money this way. I do have decks that can hold themselves at a competitive table though, so if you're not restricted by budget by playing proxies, I would like to know before playing, so that I can adjust my expectation of how powerful that will make your deck.

Proxies are fine if you explain why you're running them in the rule 0 conversation, it's not fine to hide them and pubstomp everyone with cards that were presumed too powerful for the table. If I did run proxies, I'd at least bring one deck with me that didn't have them, just to accommodate for when my opponents don't like the use of them. Some people still consider them a touchy subject after all.

Only use proxies if they enhance your gameplay experience. Using proxies is a slippery slope into using the most powerful cards because there's no treshold to not run them anymore. The resulting imbalance in power level may ruin gameplay at your playgroup. There's a difference between proxying a single Doubling Season because that's a pretty expensive card that's vital to certain strategies, and opening with a proxy Underground Sea into a proxy Mana Crypt into proxy Intuition, just because you can. As long as you're aware of and able to communicate how you feel about that difference, there's no reason I can't have fun playing with you.

ninja8244 on Thrasta's Storm Primer

4 months ago

Hi Profet93 great questions! Let's break it down.

  1. Recycle is used for card draw once you have the Food Chain + Thrasta, Tempest's Roar combo going. It allows you to go through your deck really fast. It 100% should not be played before then or else you are going to fall behind fast.

  2. I Gemstone Caverns for the same reason somebody might put Chrome Mox in their deck, free mana. the reason I chose Gemstone Caverns over Chrome Mox is because of artifact hate.

  3. Elvish Spirit Guide has been super useful a couple of times. The one green mana can make all the difference depending on the scenario.

  4. So, in CEDH 90% of the decks I go against have blue and black in them. Blue is super good against this deck because counterspells can totally ruin our combos. Choke is primarily good because most of the decks that run blue run it via dual lands or shock lands, because of this for example they may be also cut off of black if all they have are Underground Sea s and cards of the sort.

acbooster on Arcbound Proliferate

5 months ago

Suggestion: Replace Dimir Guildgate with Underground Sea

I will not take no for an answer

Polaris on Tournament Legality

6 months ago

It all depends on what format you're playing. The common tournament formats are Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.

  • Standard is a rotating format where only cards printed in the last two years of expansion sets are legal (in this case, Eldraine, Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria, M21, Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, and soon Strixhaven).
  • Pioneer is a nonrotating format that includes all sets from Return to Ravnica and newer (so starting around fall 2012).
  • Modern includes cards printed since original Mirrodin.
  • Legacy and Vintage include the whole of Magic's history; the difference is that cards are not banned in Vintage but instead they can be restricted (only 1 copy in your deck).

To be legal in a format, a card needs to have been printed in an expansion set since the beginning of that format (collectors editions, From the Vault, Commander releases, Masters sets, etc do not count except for Legacy and Vintage). Underground Sea had its last expansion printing in Masters Edition IV, so it's only legal in Legacy and Vintage.

If a card has been reprinted in a newer expansion, it becomes legal in the formats that expansion is legal in, and you can use any copy of it in that format. For example, Serra Angel is a card from Alpha, but it has been reprinted many times, most recently Dominaria. This makes it legal in Pioneer and Modern, and you can use any copy, even Alpha versions, in those formats.

To check legality (and for card searching in general) I highly suggest the website Scryfall. When you look at a card on Scryfall, it shows whether or not the card is legal in the most common formats. You can also see the current market price of different printings, and you can use the advanced search to look for cards matching certain criteria (including limiting your search to cards legal in a specific format).

legendofa on Tournament Legality

6 months ago

Major tournament formats are:

Standard - cards from the last two years (roughly)

Pioneer - cards since Return to Ravnica

Modern - cards since 8th edition

Legacy - cards since Alpha, some cards banned on power level

Vintage - cards since Alpha, no cards banned on power level

EDH - cards since Alpha, no more than 1 of each card in a 100 card deck

So your Underground Sea would be legal in the last three formats.


epicPlain on Tournament Legality

6 months ago

Returning to MTG I would like to play Grand Prix and different types of regional tournaments to eventually play in Pro Tour someday. Is there any restriction for certain type of cards that can be used? For instance, I have Underground Sea along with other lands that I used since the mid 90's but on Card Kingdom they write sometimes that a card is not tournament legal. Does anyone know how this is handled and is there eventually a resource on the internet to double check it before making an investment in specific cards?

Oof_Magic on

6 months ago

Went up against what I assume was a Time Vault / Manifold Key combo. I can’t recall my opening hand perfectly but my opponent lead with Underground Sea and Mox Jet into Ponder and Imperial Seal . I could have countered something but my general rule of thumb is to counter what is tutored rather than the tutor. Land, go. They mana rock into Timetwister which I assume is what they tutored as it would shuffle away anything else. I hit that with a Force of Negation and took the turn. Land, go. From there it was much slower. I got out Teferi, Time Raveler on turn 3 and Dovin, Hand of Control the following turn. Countered a Demonic Tutor and responded with Dack Fayden . Dack pulled us into a follow up Jace, the Mind Sculptor . At that point, they were low enough that we could ride Jace’s to deck management, maintaining our counters until Narset, Parter of Veils and Kasmina, Enigma Sage . We continued to keep our opponents top deck and our own managed, eventually completing the crew with Oko, Thief of Crowns coming down for an additional Fractal. Our opponent managed to pull a Tinker while we took the turn off but we had plenty of counters ready at that point and was able to stave off and go in the lethal offensive.

It was only one game but I would definitely have brought in Ashiok, Dream Render having seen Imperial Seal , Demonic Tutor , Tinker , and Tezzeret the Seeker .

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