Izzet Charm

Izzet Charm


Choose one &mdash

  • Counter target noncreature spell unless its controller pays .
  • Izzet Charm deals 2 damage to target creature.
  • Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

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Izzet Charm Discussion

TheBubbaEA on Royal Temur Moon

4 days ago

zapyourtumor YOU ARE ABSOULTELY RIGHT. I never thought about that wow. That's so fun, thanks for pointing it out! I was thinking of working more into the list but it felt hard to justify more 3 drops when you want to be more tempo based. I almost tried Izzet Charm instead but that interaction is so great hahaha

TiberiusS on Kalamax Magecraft Spellslinger (Budget)

3 weeks ago

I'm not sure! I suppose it depends on the decks you would be playing against. Resculpt and Dispel in your maybeboard seem good, Izzet Charm seems like it would be good too, especially since you could always get value out of an extra copy in the form of looting. I was mainly wondering if there were any interactions with those copy spells I was missing, and if not whether or not you were getting good value out of them most of the time or if they were ever kind of dead in your hand since they weren't combo pieces and you couldn't use them on opponent's spells. I haven't played with them before so I wouldn't know. Tutor seemed like the main thing there wasn't a lot of, but I totally understand budget considerations.

SynergyBuild on Shape anew combo (HELP WITH SIDEBOARD)

1 month ago

I'd enjoy seeing this deck on some number of Izzet Charm to dig, discard the colossus if drawn, and be decent removal/counter. Considering you are on this discardy-blue red list, have you considered Snapcaster Mage as a blocker/additional wincon that deals with some walkers and is just good general value, or Thought Scour/Consider? I think these cards beat out Peek, Serum Visions, and Dispel.

jamochawoke on My general ferric burn deck

2 months ago

This is an excellent idea for a deck! Burn with beaters!

My only suggestions would be that Light Up the Stage is kind of a non-bo with Isochron Scepter since you can't imprint the exiled cards. Since you are running blue and red both there are tons of cards that can recur spells from the graveyard that might be better and blue just has access to straight up draw spells. Light Up the Stage is really intended as one of the workarounds to mono-Red not having access to true draw effects that aren't attached to wheels or looting. Expressive Iteration is just a straight up better card imo when running blue splash since you get a card in hand and a card you can cast from exile. If you're really intent on running Light Up the Stage you might think about replacing the Sceptres with something that just straight copies spells (too many to list here).

For your sideboard: Izzet Charm gives you lots of options and a wheel draw. Azorius Charm gives you draw or the lifelink can be amazing on your pile of golems you just put out. The other ability is also nice for dealing with tricky indestructible creatures or the like. Peek gives you vital information and cantrip draw, but I get it can be hard to run in a deck that is just splashing blue. Dragon's Claw will help you with a burn mirror and work with most of your cards.

Other fun stuff: Improbable Alliance synergizes with your whole deck plan if you add in more of the card draw as does Saheeli, Sublime Artificer and The Royal Scions

Other fast card draw: Fire Prophecy and Glimpse of Freedom

Icbrgr on Mustangs Fury

3 months ago

Enigma Drake, Sprite Dragon, Crackling Drake are some good bodies to consider for a build like this... Izzet Charm, Faithless Looting and Cathartic Reunion can also be nice "draw" power

9-lives on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

4 months ago

Most of these cards are extremely high mana cost/sacrifice to do what something cheaper can easily do, besides Counterspell (probably one of the best for MV).

Ionize (on the higher MV yet dealing damage as well as countering)

Siren Stormtamer (very low MV sac counter as well as creature)

Izzet Charm (toolbox counter used if not needing to soft counter)

Disallow (one of the best for for all around denial)

CoSM0 on Brazen Blue Moon

4 months ago

I love blue moon lists. I would make a few changes though: The Royal Scions isn't as good as you might think it is. If you want a loot I would play Teferi, Master of Time , otherwise I would be on Jace, the Mind Sculptor if your budget allows or Chandra, Torch of Defiance .

Archmage's Charm is also certainly a must for a deck with this many blue sources. I'd consider adding more removal if possible, try Electrolyze , Izzet Charm , or Prismari Command . I'd definitely shave a blood moon too as they suck ass in duplicates.

Oh, and add a sideboard.

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