Ranger-Captain of Eos

Ranger-Captain of Eos

Creature — Human Soldier

When this enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost/mana value 1 or less, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

Sacrifice this: Your opponents can't cast noncreature spells this turn.

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Ranger-Captain of Eos Discussion

Squirrelbacon on For Honor and Glory!!!

2 months ago

lhetrick13 glad that at least some of the information was helpful! To put it briefly, yes, that was more or less what I was saying with points 1 & 2. Those adventure knights are fantastic cards, but when building around CoCo those "modal spells" can seem subpar and force you to use them sub optimally. It is still personal preference as there is nothing wrong with these cards! Adding some extra creatures would be a nice way to smooth that out!

There are a few really nice pieces with Dauntless Bodyguard that aren't immediately noticeable if you are not familiar with it--I played a ton of him in standard and casual formats and I love that card! Here's a few things to think about:

  1. Aggressive stat line -- Being a 1 mana 2/1 may not be the most impressive stat line now, but worst case scenario playing him naked and just going aggro if your hand permits it is never a "bad" plan.

  2. CoCo synergy -- Hitting the bodyguard and a relevant threat in the same hit can change the flow of the game sometimes!

  3. Mana value -- Speaking of CoCo synergy, it might look like you're losing mana value off of CoCo if you hit the bodyguard; however, this is sneakily more complicated. Obviously, the dream is to hit two Knight Exemplars, correct (4 CMC spell, 6 CMC return, net +)? Well, that won't happen very often... However, hitting one of them and then having access to a bodyguard is much more likely. Dauntless Bodyguard effectively forces an opponent to then answer the true threat (at minimum) twice. The Guard and Threat are equivalent to on their own, so that's mana parody, but now factor in the first removal spell (Fatal Push, Any Red Removal) which gets fizzled by indestructible trigger and then the next spell they have to use. Now, you're at a minimum of mana parody of (CoCo hit) and then card advantage/tempo gain over your opponent of (roughly) +.... equivalent to the mana from earlier! Obviously, this isn't fool proof but it is worth knowing!

If you wanna get super spicey, you could also add in Ranger-Captain of Eos to tutor for one and shuffle the deck after you decide you don't want the Bodyguard hit on CoCo lol

Sorry I kinda went on a tangent there, it really is your choice!!!! It's a playstyle thing, and if you don't want to try the bodyguard out that's cool -- it's technically cleaner on mana without it!

In other news, here are a few CoCo articles:

Frank Karsten Magic Math: https://strategy.channelfireball.com/all-strategy/mtg/channelmagic-articles/magic-math-orator-of-ojutai-collected-company-and-dragons-of-tarkir/

Reddit Nerds: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/m144n7/how_many_creatures_do_you_need_for_collected/

CoCo Bant Spirits Breakdown: :https://www.wizardtower.com/blog/pioneer/bant-spirits-the-power-of-coco/

Hopefully those can help! Also, if this is a little sloppy I am writing this out while "trying" to pay attention in class... so.... yea..... I can elaborate on stuff later and we can back and forth this list for a while to find something you love!

king-saproling on Tainted Dreams

3 months ago

Blood Pet might be good here. It can get Lurrus out a turn faster. These might interest you too:

Mentor of the Meek, Seal of Cleansing, Grave Peril, Ranger-Captain of Eos, Doom Whisperer

PurePwnage on Taxed 2 Death

3 months ago

Interesting DnT theme, have you considered adding Unsettled Mariner, Ranger-Captain of Eos or Giver of Runes?

JacobAGrossman on Glittering Company

3 months ago

Thanks, TheReal_MtGHaystak, appreciate the kind words! I used to run Murderous Redcap mainboard. The problem was at 4 mana, Collected Company could never hit it. Even though it is searchable with Chord of Calling, that ended up just not being worth it, and being too clunky. The idea is to have that effect on the side now, with Dina, Soul Steeper, which also works with the Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Spike Feeder. It is usually fine to get to it game 1 as well, using the scry from Viscera Seer to make sure a Glittering Wish is the next card i draw on the following turn.

Hey, Jackfrost23, great question! Walking Ballista just ended up being too clunky for too many reasons. Neither Collected Company nor Chord of Calling can cheat it onto the battlefield without it just immediately dying. The only way to get it to my hand was the Ranger-Captain of Eos, which made it too clunky. On top of that, the only way to use it with Heliod, Sun-Crowned is to pay 4 for it, then another 2 for Heliods ability. It's just too much.

And nbarry223, Field of Ruin isn't a bad idea, actually. Not sure how useful land hate would be in the deck, but it does offer a good Blood Moon filter around. Worth thinking about. But yeah, you're seeing the situation I'm in already. Not many lands are worth it, and they need to produced colored mana, severely minimizing my choices. Sejiri Steppe is interesting at least, though, because it can both protect a combo piece, or make an infinite creature unblockable.

Lots to think about, excited for all the new cards next week!

Grubbernaut on Kenrith, the Omnipotent

3 months ago

With Kenny, I like sac effects because it guarantees I can reanimate the creature for value. Fleshbag Marauder, Demon's Disciple, Merciless Executioner, Plaguecrafter, etc.

Bloom Tender is great, as is Phantasmal Image. Of course, Dockside+loops. Ranger-Captain of Eos is great with recursion. Cataclysmic Gearhulk is also a good backup plan for when things go wrong, and easier to reuse because you can sac it to itself. On that note, any of the Altars or other sac outlets are great. There's Peregrine Drake loops, too, and it's also just great for value if you have a cost reducer out for Kenny.

Some cards I think would be worth considering swapping out: Esika, God of the Tree  Flip, Burnished Hart, Ethersworn Adjudicator (IMO, Caustic Caterpillar is best, or Cathar Commando for artifact/enchantment hate), Ghostly Prison, Propaganda, Celestial Dawn.

You could probably justify going down on lands if you upped your dork count, which would play really well if you added Ashnod's Altar to use them for mana later. City of Brass is also a pretty budget rainbow land. Chittering Witch is a good source of removal, blockers, or fodder for sac effects. Renegade Rallier and Sun Titan can make for some explosive turns, as well. Shriekmaw is great for targeted removal that can later be reanimated. Cowardice and Willbreaker are more nice effects like Horobi. Fires of Invention can be another effect like Wilderness Reclamation, and doesn't limit Kenny's activations.

But finally, my absolute most favorite card when playing casual Kenny is Final Parting. Basically another Jarad's Orders, but adding Unburial Rites or Priest of Fell Rites makes it a tight package to reanimate a fatty, or tutor one of your enchantments if needed.


PurePwnage on Bant Stoneforge 2021

4 months ago

Nice deck! Have you considered adding Unsettled Mariner, Giver of Runes or Ranger-Captain of Eos in the mainboard?

Unsettled Mariner and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben seem to have a very powerful synergy with one another. Also, I would consider swapping out Collected Company for more creatures or artifact such as Shadowspear or Sword of Fire and Ice.

How about Auriok Champion, Drannith Magistrate or Scavenging Ooze in the sideboard?

JackMinds on Soul Sisters

4 months ago

Your deck is like a classic Soul Sisters. On these last years, some new good stuff came to improve this deck. I'm obligated to recommend you some cards:

  • Ranger-Captain of Eos: Like Ranger of Eos, but exchange card advantage for 1 less mana and some sort of control buying you a turn against some combos, like Gifts Storm and Ad Nauseam decks, for example. Good to sidedeck, but you can also run some copies on main deck along with the original Ranger of Eos.
  • Voice of the Blessed: As soon as possible, exchange all your Ajani's Pridemate, especially because it's a monowhite Soulsisters, unless you're playing it on Selesnya variants. Obvious reasons.
  • Ajani, Strength of the Pride: The best planeswalker for Soul sisters, by the way. His first and last loyalty abilities are really helpful, also his second loyalty ability gives "Ajani's Pridemate" tokens. An unsanswered Ajani can win some games, so if possible, run 2 or 3 copies.
  • Castle Ardenvale: Land with token generation. Good especially on late game (issues as card advantage for short hands, no spells remaining and/or mana flood).

Some other stuff too:

  • Daxos, Blessed by the Sun: Another soul-like card. Lifegain events are triggered both when creatures ETB or dies, for 1 more mana and is legendary. Like Auriok Champion, it won't die to Lightning Bolt.
  • Solitude: An alternative to Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares.
  • Path of Bravery or Force of Virtue: Alternatives for Honor of the Pure.

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

6 months ago

Foster_I_Am Academy Rector is alright, but remember Teysa can't double her death triggers. When she dies, you can only exile her once, so you only get one enchantment. Bolas's Citadel would be a great target, but it's an artifact. Otherwise, we don't have great single-enchantment targets. Sure, we have some good ones like Necropotence, but paying 4 mana and killing a creature is a lot of hoops to jump through for something that isn't a wincon for our deck. Ranger-Captain of Eos is alright but definitely worse than Ranger of Eos and Recruiter of the Guard. I'd play it if we had more slots. Right now, it's a fine budget replacement for recruiter.

You can definitely play Generous Gift over Vanishing Verse. It's mostly personal preference, but I like having access to a 2-mana catch all removal spell for tutoring reasons. We already have Anguished Unmaking to tutor for when we have 3 mana, but if we need to remove an enchantment with 2 mana for example, we have no tutor targets. That's why I play verse. Personally, I think verse is better than Baleful Mastery in most situations. It doesn't draw your opponents a card and can hit enchantments or colored artifacts. However, removal spells are pretty similar and situational anyway, so play whatever you like best.

Vintrastorm I like Martyr's Cause, and it's especially good if the main way you're dying in your meta is to one source, like a voltron commander. Being 3 mana though, it's not the most efficient sac outlet, so I prefer cheaper creature-outlets, altars for mana generation, or something like Spawning Pit for guaranteed value. I haven't tested it a ton, and maybe the damage prevention is stronger than I'm giving it credit for. It's definitely a fun political tool at the very least. I think I'll try it instead of spawning pit next time I playtest the deck.

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