Talisman of Curiosity

Talisman of Curiosity


: Gain .

: Gain or . This deals 1 damage to you.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Talisman of Curiosity Discussion

Flodder on Koma, Koma, Komaleon

1 month ago

Since you have access to green, I recommend using more land ramp, because lands are generally reliable and less likely to be removed.

Add: Sakura-Tribe Elder ; Farseek ; Kodama's Reach ; Wayfarer's Bauble ; Myriad Landscape ; Temple of the False God

Remove: Fellwar Stone ; Talisman of Curiosity ; Simic Signet ; Harvester Druid ; Island ; Forest

multimedia on

3 months ago

Hey, well done on a budget upgrading a precon for a first Commander deck.

There's some cards in the precon to consider adding:

  • Meloku the Clouded Mirror : one of the better budget cards with Aesi because it can bounce lands you control. It can be a repeatable source of flying tokens, landfall triggers or best of all draw with Aesi.

  • Spitting Image : can copy any creature on the battlefield including an opponents creature. Retrace is the reason to include this because by discarding a land you can cast it again from your graveyard and keep doing this as long as you have a land in your hand to discard.

With Murkfiend Liege and Retreat to Coralhelm you can take advantage of Llanowar Scout and Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy who can tap to put a land onto the battlefield. This interaction if you have lands in your hand lets you trigger Aesi on your opponents turns. Can also abuse this interaction with Simic Growth Chamber or Guildless Commons because these lands can bounce themselves back to your hand. Either one lets you trigger Aesi and draw a card on each opponents turn.

Some other cards $1 or less each to consider adding:

Some other budget lands $1 or less each to consider:

If interested I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

Omniscience_is_life on I'm new and on a …

4 months ago

and will be the cheapest colors to play, as they have so many amazing options that some of the good ones that are slightly overshadowed stay pretty budget.

You can have a pretty decent cheap ramp package in Simic, with cards like Rampant Growth , Cultivate , Talisman of Curiosity , Growth Spiral , etc. plus card draw in the form of Beast Whisperer , Secrets of the Golden City , Windrider Wizard , et al. So that just makes everything easier, having a good baseline.

BUT, the MOST important thing you can take away from this--play the COMMANDER you want to play. Your commander is the card you will be casting in 99% of games, and as such you really want to love it. I would say take a half-hour or so scrolling through all these cheap legendary creatures (you can change the dollar amount of the cap I set, but for the reasons I said earlier your commander is definitely something worth investing a little into)... and just see what sticks out to you.

multimedia on Koma Prototype

5 months ago

Hey, nice start on a budget.

Elemental Bond and Garruk's Packleader draw a card when each 3/3 Serpent is created. Maskwood Nexus has already been suggested and it can make cards that create tokens much better since then those tokens are Serpents. Nexus can also be repeatable protection for Koma for three mana to create a Changeling. Nadir Kraken creates tokens and cares about +1/+1 counters. Nadir + Bond + Koma can create a Tentacle and grow Nadir on each player's turn for one mana. Chord of Calling can get Packleader and Whir of Invention can get Nexus.

Koma is a Commander who you want to cast as fast as possible because of her ability to create a Serpent on each player's turn. For this reason ramp should be priority because even if you all you draw is ramp that's fine because you can use it to ramp into Koma. You have the right idea with Kinnan, consider expanding on nonland ramp that taps?

Incubation, Sage, Devoted care about +1/+1 counters to make more ramp. If you control a land that can make blue mana then Incubation can make blue mana making her the best option.

multimedia on From the Depths of the Sea

6 months ago

Hey, well done on a budget and nice package of Sea Monsters :)

Court of Bounty is a budget repeatable way to cheat big Sea Monsters onto the battlefield as well as repeatable ramp and draw. Fierce Empath and Shared Summons are tutors to put Sea Monsters into your hand. Empath is nice with mass bounce effects such as Whelming and Crush since then he can be a repeatable tutor.

Mosswort Bridge's hideaway can be triggered with just Arixmethes. Garruk's Uprising can be repeatable draw as well as give Arixmethes and all Sea Monsters trample.

Kiora's Follower and Vizier of Tumbling Sands can untap any permanent including Arixmethes or Piper, etc. they're upgrades for mana dorks. Beast Within is an upgrade for a removal spell. Talisman of Curiosity is an upgrade for a mana rock. Path of Ancestry is a land upgrade.

Some upgrades to consider:

  • Court of Bounty --> Oko, the Trickster
  • Fierce Empath --> Field Research
  • Garruk's Uprising --> Mulldrifter
  • Kiora's Follower --> Maraleaf Pixie
  • Vizier of Tumbling Sands --> Lullmage's Familiar
  • Shared Summons --> Harmonize
  • Mossmort Bridge --> Woodland Stream
  • Talisman of Curiosity --> Ur-Golem's Eye
  • Beast Within --> Eye of Nowhere
  • Path of Ancestry --> Rupture Spire

Good luck with your deck.

RNR_Gaming on Walls need mortar

8 months ago

You may want to link your deck so people have an easier time providing help. Builder's Blessing and Leyline of Vitality are a few options for you. Though you may want to add in some more ramp and artifact fixing. Sol Ring, Fellwar Stone, Talisman of Unity, Talisman of Curiosity, Arcane Signet and Talisman of Progress are all fairly cheap and could help with getting your commander out much faster.

Peoni on Zaxara's Infinite Hydras

9 months ago

Never got a notification for this for some reason hmmmmm.. I might be a bit late but I'm definitely happy to help. :^)

Starting with your lands, they look pretty solid. This is SUPER nitpicky, but Path of Ancestry doesn't feel like a good fit here. This deck isn't exactly a tribal, and it only has 7 cards it can scry off of. It may give you any color you need, but the coming in tapped bit would make me steer clear. The decision is totally up to you though because it isn't necessarily a bad card, but just keep in mind I'm really finicky when it comes to mana coming in tapped lol. Alchemist's Refuge and Emergence Zone might be fun picks. Dropping 1000 1000/1000 Oozes or Wurms on your turn is certainly good, but even better would be your opponent's end step. >:^)

Your ramp might need a little more focusing between the auras, dorks, and rocks. I might recommend a few more rocks in Talisman of Curiosity and Talisman of Resilience, but I think auras are going to be your focus considering your untap synergies, so more cards like Wild Growth, Wolfwillow Haven, Overgrowth, and Verdant Haven would make for nice additions. That being said, I think the dorks should probably come out, along with maybe your more expensive auras Dawn's Reflection and Market Festival. Ramp cards that in my opinion definitely need to come out are Heartbeat of Spring and Dictate of Karametra purely because of their symmetry. Group hug effects like these are super dangerous, and I really don't think you need them in order to pull off your strat. That being said, I think you should cut Tidal Barracuda for similar reasons. Giving people flash is risky, even if they can't cast stuff on your turn.

Card draw suggestions I would make for now would be to consider targeted X draw spells like Blue Sun's Zenith and Stroke of Genius instead of Mind Spring, as they can also be used with infinite mana to deck your opponents. Brainstorm is almost always a good addition. I also think cutting Gadwick, the Wizened wouldn't be a bad move. He's difficult to cast outside of having infinite blue mana and he doesn't really have the best synergy with the rest of your deck.

For your removal I would suggest perhaps adding in some lower CMC options like Pongify or Rapid Hybridization as nice cheap spot removal. Dismember or Tragic Slip are also nice black options that get around indestructible. Any removal will do, really, and so it's again all up to you. I just like these a lot.

I'll leave it at that for now, and when you've made changes we can figure out what else needs to be added/cut. :^)

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