Search your library for an artifact card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Fabricate Discussion

Neotrup on Stacking spells... timing of using …

4 days ago

I'll go a little more into the actual answers, as Raging_Squiggle provided the relevant rules. You aren't able to sacrifice any Judge's Familiar s to counter Rings of Brighthearth due to the fact they can only target an instant or sorcery spell.

Assuming they were casting Fabricate instead (a sorcery of the same mana value), you'd be able to sacrifice a Judge's Familiar , see if they make the payment, then sacrifice another if they did. This follows 117.4 letting a spell resolve, then 117.3b (giving the active player priority) -> 117.3d (that player not doing anything) -> 117.1b (you being allowed to activate another bird)

Alternatively you can sacrifice multiple Judge's Familiar s because you retain priority after sacrificing each one (as 117.3c says you'll get priority immediately after activating the first one). While how you thought you had to do it is an option, it's a bit less optimal as your opponent can see their spell is getting countered and opt to not spend any additional mana, saving it for another spell.

abby315 on

1 week ago

Hey! Maybe Thalisse, Reverent Medium and Blind Obedience should be in? I'd also recommend Favorable Winds over Empyrean Eagle or Thunderclap Wyvern since it's an enchantment. Gravitational Shift can be a game-ender, too, and Throne of the God-Pharaoh quadruples your combat damage.

I haven't actually built this in paper, but I brewed up an Alela deck a few months ago, so this might function as a list of cards to consider: Alela fun stuff

Where I might make cuts: Ravenform
Tezzeret's Touch and Ensoul Artifact
Witching Well
Tezzeret the Schemer
Fabricate since you don't have very powerful artifacts to look for
Sharuum the Hegemon
Animating Faerie

Grind on Breya....Help Me!

2 weeks ago

Cool deck.
If you want it to be more competitive then add more tutors and counterspells.

Tribute Mage can tutor Thopter foundry, Entomb can get sword of the meek, Fabricate can get krark clan ironworks.
I like Tezzeret the Seeker too

plakjekaas on Will WotC Ever Print this …

2 weeks ago

They are, as I tried to explain in my earlier post on this topic. I did mention Idyllic Tutor and Fabricate too, saying that's the power levels of tutors Wizards is comfortable with. This new Solve the Equation is a great showcase for that, I guess.

Monomanamaniac on Anowon - Rogue Tribal - $500 Budget

3 weeks ago

Great build overall. It's hard to think of what you should add or cut but i think your choices need to be cmc based. Your deck is currently sitting at 2.89, but if you can get it below 2.5 you'll be far more consistent. Stuff like Vanquisher's Banner and Coat of Arms are great, but they cost a lot and can bog down your turns. Keeper of Keys is another example of this, and a card I'm honestly a bit disappointed in. I wish it said beginning of combat because an upkeep trigger for monarch isn't very reliable. Knowledge Exploitation isn't really what i would be going for, even if it just costs its prowl cost it's not very exciting. If you really want to tutor for an instant or sorcery you should think of putting in Mystical Tutor , Merchant Scroll , Fabricate , Vampiric Tutor , or Demonic Tutor . You also seem to have a rather high concentration of equipment spells, might suggest removing a couple, maybe Bloodforged Battle-Axe for starters.

As for additions i might suggest some great rocks like Mana Crypt , Thought Vessel , or even Fellwar Stone . You could think of adding Changeling Outcast as a very cheap unblockable rogue. You could think about Drown in the Loch for that flexible removal. Then there's the ability to draw more cards with Bident of Thassa , or Reconnaissance Mission though you'd be flirting with that cmc issue again.

Besides that i can't think of much, and none of my suggestions takes budget into consideration. Seems like it's a very well put together list i don't think i could've put together a better one

DemonDragonJ on Will WotC Ever Print this …

1 month ago

I am not waiting for WotC to print the card that I desire, so Merchant Scroll will be sufficient, as I can cast it and then copy it, to find both Dramatic Reversal and Mystical Tutor , use the tutor to find Comet Storm , use Fabricate or Enlightened Tutor to find Isochron Scepter and then combine those cards to deal infinite damage to all my opponents.

Mcat1999, thank you very much for that suggestion, as I am certain that that card would be awesome for the deck that I am planning to build.

plakjekaas on Will WotC Ever Print this …

1 month ago

Eladamri's Call is multicolored first, that allows it to be slightly more powerful. Second, creatures are inherently less powerful than the other card types. Almost every deck is geared to deal with creatures, Swords to Plowshares will fix it for one mana. Having an answer to almost any sorcery or instant requires you to be blue, running Counterspell . Artifacts are historically the most broken card type in the game, and Fabricate is the power level of tutor Wizards is comfortable with, although Whir of Invention is very good too. Enchantments are known to be pretty resilient on most commander tables, and Idyllic Tutor is probably as good as it gets, seeing how they reprinted it in Standard a year ago.

Not all card types are equal, and I'm sorry if you can't see why a Eladamri's Call for even just Sorceries would be a mistake, but it really is for the better that it doesn't exist.

plakjekaas on Vedalken Orrery or Leyline of …

1 month ago

Be sure to keep the Orrery in every blue deck that runs Fabricate , Whir of Invention , Tezzeret the Seeker and other artifact tutors, if you really do want to play it in every game you can.

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