Search your library for an artifact card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Format Legality
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal

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Fabricate Discussion

Pikobyte on Snakes need wheels, they don’t have feet *Primer*

2 weeks ago

Heya MessiahComplex. It’s a decent card but it has too much downsides. I would need either mass hysteria or crossroads out to get use out of it and even if I do I shut down my ability to win with combat that turn. I think i would run other artifact tutors like Fabricate or even Tezzeret the Seeker before I play this. But so far i think I don’t need that. The deck is pretty consistent and really fast and I prob got a couple hundred games with it already

Sultai_Sir on Kaldheim Brainstorming

2 weeks ago

Tribal has always been somewhat of a white whale for me. I've been enamored with the idea of everything synergizing with everything, but it always came out bland and stale. But the Wizards decided to print this:

Your tribal tribal dreams have come to fruition! My deck idea is to have a Golos, Tireless Pilgrim as the commander, tutor up Inventors' Fair, and then tutor up this, so we have access to Maskwood Nexus all the time. So, some of the obvious includes would be artifact tutors for redundancy (Fabricate, Tezzeret the Seeker), recursion (Regrowth), good artifact tribal cards (Door of Destinies, Didgeridoo, Cryptic Gateway), and the best tribal cards WotC has to offer! There are some other promising includes from Kaldheim, like these:

So, what cards am I missing? Any whacky tribal synergies I've forgotten? Any staple Golos includes? Let me know, and as always, Happy Tapping!

Massacar on Jhoira tinkers with tiny trinkets

1 month ago

Mana Severance to allow you to pull lands out of your deck to avoid dead draws.

Fabricate and Whir of Invention to help tutor specific pieces.

Arcbound Ravager, Emry, Lurker of the Loch, maybe Etherium Sculptor instead of or with Jhoira's Familiar

Maybe do a Grapeshot or Brain Freeze to have alternate storm wincons to Aetherflux

Queen_Lulu on Simic exploitation

1 month ago

I made a mistake and didn't see that you were already running Fabricate. Sorry. But there are still other artifact search cards out there!

Queen_Lulu on Simic exploitation

1 month ago

If you include Gemstone Array, you can go infinite with Basalt Monolith. Monolith generates infinite colerless mana, and the Array filters that into infinite colored mana allowing you to use your commander to put every creature in your library into play. You should also run artifact search cards like Fabricate to get ahold of your Monolith and Array easier.

Nebechadnezzar on Aetherlich

2 months ago

First off, thanks so much for the inspiration! I've built a similar deck of my own, because I love lich effects, and I'm really happy with how it turned out, it's a huge flavor win for me. I do have some qualms with some of the choices you have here. Namely, it feels like trying to storm off with Aetherflux Reservoirin this deck is a shaky wincon. Yes, you do have the big mana producers, but being a four color deck it seems like you wouldn't be able to reliably cast a lot of spells given that they almost all just make one color. To me, it seems like a better idea to funnel that big mana into an Exsanguinateor Torment of Hailfire Cheesy I know, but it seems to be much more reliable.

I also wonder about cards like Act of Authority. If your opponents ever get to use it and the lich is out, you are totally screwed. Martyr of Sands also seems like a strange choice in a four color deck. Do you reliably have enough white cards in hand for that pay off?

Personally, I'm running Ad Nauseam and Peer into the Abyss as my main sources of gross card draw. After that, all you need is a Cadaverous Bloom and one of the aforementioned wincons to seal the deal. Ad Naus combos really nicely with Lich also, since you are unaffected by life gain. I think that changing the wincon frees up a lot of spots in this deck. You can replace Fabricate and Transmute Artifact with more general tutors. But that's just my two cents.

Matrixxx999 on Jormungandr the Powersnake

2 months ago


Thank you so much for the great suggestions and upvote!

I don’t understand how I missed the Isochron Scepter, it’s just a great card that will be excellent in both control and as a value engine! This card will definitely be added to the deck!

Fabricate - another great suggestion, now I just need somehow to find a slot for it in the deck

Song of the Dryads - I have my doubts about this card. I've been using it in my decks for a long time, and this card has proven itself just fine. But its usefulness is justified rather only in mono-green decks, where we are limited to the choice of answers. Since in our case we have access to the blue color, I'd rather use another counterspell instead of it, or another stax permanent like Back to Basics.

Submerge - a very unusual and very flavourful card. It is captivating that it can be used without paying the mana cost of the spell, this is always useful when my stax pieces are on the battlefield. Also, players using the forest are very common. I will definitely test this spell.

Thanks for the help! If anything comes to mind, be sure to let me know.

lorthosthetidebaker on Jormungandr the Powersnake

2 months ago

Came for the simic, stayed for the layout.

Since your strategy leans on Crucible of Worlds or Words of Wind (which is an awesome card that I now want to build around, thanks for that), I'd consider adding Fabricate and an Isochron Scepter package. Scepter could be flexible here with either a Growth Spiral or Counterspell tucked under it.

Song of the Dryads is among the best removal spells in commander and would slot in nicely here. In addition, since you're giving them the forest, you could play Submerge which fits the world serpent unleashing the sea.

Overall, awesome deck. I play a lot of simic and sea monsters. The only thing I don't like about Aesi is that it took wizards this long to print it.

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