Blast Zone

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Blast Zone


Blast Zone enters the battlefield with a charge counter on it.

: Add .

, : Put X charge counters on Blast Zone.

, , Sacrifice Blast Zone: Destroy each nonland permanent with converted mana cost/mana value equal to the number of charge counters on Blast Zone.

NV_1980 on Be'evil (be'lakor demon tribal)

2 weeks ago

This looks nice but I think you could add some more (cheap-to-cast) draw-resources to increase the speed of your deck somewhat. I would consider Ponder, Preordain, Mystic Remora, Faithless Looting, Night's Whisper, Sign in Blood, Read the Bones. Please note that aside from Chaos Warp, the deck has nothing to deal with opposing enchantments. Therefore I'd really consider adding Feed the Swarm. Maybe also a Blast Zone and/or Nevinyrral's Disk, just in case.

BullTru3 on Can I use abilities in …

3 weeks ago

My question is concerning two cards specifically and their eligibility to use abilities in my opponents end step, Walking Ballista and Blast Zone

In regards to Blast Zone, I have seen people add blast counters to Blast Zone in their opponents end step. Is this able to happen legally? I know card abilities happen at instant speed (assuming it’s a creature that isn’t suffering from summoning sickness trying to use a TAP ability) and can be placed on the stack whenever you receive priority.

Assuming the above example is legal, does that mean during my opponents end step, could I add a +1/+1 counter to Walking Ballista, pass priority back, my opponent relieve his turn, then in my upkeep I immediately untap the lands I just used and be free to use them again?

Max_Hammer on I’m Rick Grimes, Bitch 2.0

1 month ago

Howdy, I think your mana base could use some work-shopping. As for what you have right now, it's good. You don't need to remove anything, nothing here is hurting you. However, there might be something you missed. The only reason I can see for having this number of basics is for Emeria, but I think you could get even more value elsewhere. For the record, I'm not saying to include all of these, but I am giving you some choices as to what you might wanna include. I suggested the ones that seemed like the best choices.


For removal, we have a few choices. Scavenger Grounds is graveyard hate, which is fine because we only have one piece of recursion and it's Emeria. Blast Zone is pretty solid removal, just in case. Field of Ruin can get rid of someone else's Emeria or other problem land. Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire can be removal when you need it, and a land when you don't. And lastly, Kabira Takedown  Flip in a token deck takes down pretty much anything without hexproof.


Your stuff is important! Keep it safe with these cards. Eiganjo Castle is nice for anyone especially important, as can Karakas, if you can swallow the high pricetag. Sejiri Shelter  Flip can keep a creature safe once, assuming you don't need the mana. Nephalia Academy is fun when playing against specific deck strategies. Now, for a lot of them all at once, Kor Haven, Mystifying Maze, and Labyrinth of Skophos (With a shoutout to Maze of Ith) all prevent people from bonking you too hard.


Everything else that wasn't in those two categories. Windbrisk Heights can play you a free Mass Calcify when you need it, just for swinging with 3 tokens. Reliquary Tower because this is Commander. War Room, depending on how much draw you need. Idyllic Grange may as well replace a Plains if you plan to keep focusing on Emeria. Arcane Lighthouse is just another Detection Tower effect. And for the final one, Karoo. I dig the bouncelands. They're perfect turn 2 plays and might help you ramp a little bit extra.

And one more thing aside from all of this! Caged Sun is, in my opinion, better than Gauntlet of Power. One extra mana for blocking out my opponents feels worth it.

Max_Hammer on Myrtron

1 month ago

Yeah, Saga is way too expensive, it needs some reprints. And I'm just now realizes the only 1 cmc card you have in your deck is a land fetch, so it's probably not all that helpful.

As for what to remove, Myr Turbine doesn't seem too useful. I've never run it before, but five mana for one 1/1 a turn, seems... Not great. The tutor is cool, but it seems kinda meh, too. That card is probably meant more for commander or something to that end. Maybe the Might/Weakstone, too.

As for the basics and land removal, it doesn't really look like there's any reason. If you have Darksteel Citadel it's indestructible, so removal doesn't matter anyway, and Modern doesn't have very much nonbasic specific land removal. If they're gonna blow up a land, it doesn't really matter if it's basic or not. That said, sometimes cards will let you search for a basic, but with 19 mana, playing against land destruction probably screws you anyway, and being able to search for the 1 basic wouldn't be too helpful. Anyway, here's the scryfall link to it.

As for nonbasic lands you could also use, here are some of my favorites. The aforementioned Darksteel Citadel and Field of Ruin are both good. Labyrinth of Skophos is pretty casual, but it's surprisingly not awful. For the creature light meta of Modern it doesn't really matter, but for casual it's fun. Nephalia Academy is fun if you're vulnerable to discard strategies, which Mystic Forge could prevent, maybe. Blast Zone is also pretty effective removal for a color that doesn't have much removal.

Sorry for the paragraph, or several, and good luck!!

multimedia on Muldrotha: Budget Elemental Tribe!

1 month ago

"I need to prioritize achieving the board state prerequisites my deck requires to function well, then focus on getting the biggest bang for my buck on the stuff that Muldrotha can do by supplementing her abilities." Bingo, well said, that's the direction to go.

The color pie here is majority green, but in three color deck that doesn't mean all basic Forests. Yes, you're right basic Forests should take up most of the lands, but you still want to balance the other colors. On a budget it's difficult to have a balanced ratio of color sources because good dual lands are so damn expensive, but even on a budget you can get closer to balanced.

You really need minimum 1x basic Island and 1x basic Swamp to help with color fixing for land ramp effects that let you search for a basic land. 31-15-15 is current ratio here of color sources, you can afford to cut a few basic Forests for basic Islands and basic Swamps.

Animate Dead is an excellent card upgrade, good choice, it's one of the best single reanimation in all of Magic and it's a permanent for great interaction with Muldrotha. Primal Rage isn't really needed here because you have a much better enchantment trample source in Garruk's Uprising. Wonder could replace Levitation? Wonder is great with self-mill and when you have effects such as Jarad's Orders that can tutor for it putting right into your graveyard. It also helps that you have many effects to search for a basic Island.

If you're only playing 1v1 with this deck then adding Planeswalkers can be good. Planeswalkers lose a lot of playability in multiplayer Commander because you have many opponents who will attack them. 1v1 is different, protecting Planeswalker from only one opponent is easier and if successful the Planeswalker can run away with the game. The problem with Master Chef here is it doesn't do anything until your ready to cast Muldrotha. You can do better than a three drop that relies on a six drop to get any value at all.

If you're having problems with opponents attacking you these are great options, budget one drops if you need to prevent opponent from doing combat damage to you. In 1v1 these can shut down your opponent from attacking as long as you control Mudrotha to cast them for one mana from your graveyard on your turn, each turn.

Consider adding more board wipes? Night Incarnate is good, but it's the only board wipe here. The idea with Frog and Grass as well as more board wipes is to delay the game long enough to get Muldrotha online with protection. When that happens Muldrotha can help to recover permanents that the board wipe removed. This theoretically gives you an advantage because your opponent will most likely not have as good as recovery that Muldrotha provides.

Pernicious Deed, Nevinyrral's Disk, Blast Zone are board wipes that are permanents so they can be repeatable with Muldrotha. These wipe a lot from the battlefield, yours and opponents, but they don't destroy lands. If you choose to play these then land ramp: Sakura-Tribe Elder, Font of Fertility, Farseek, Nature's Lore, Harrow, etc. should take priority for ramp over mana rocks/mana dorks. You can activate these at instant speed, but before you do that they're deterrents that sit on the battlefield staring at opponents preventing them from casting nonland permanents.

Kaya's Ghostform is powerful with Muldrotha because it's a one drop permanent that can revive the destroyed or exiled enchanted creature or Planeswalker. In 1v1 Ghostform on Muldrotha makes your opponent spend a lot of resources to remove Muldrotha. Slap this on any other Elemental before Muldrotha especially an Elemental who has an ETB ability. Ghostform pairs well with your board wipes. With Golgari Charm regeneration all creatures you control survive your board wipes.

NV_1980 on Shadow Swarm Tactics

1 month ago

Your deck could maybe do with a few removal spells for non-creature permanents. Especially those that prevent you from attacking or dealing damage can be a bother. Or those that give all creatures -1/-1 (my meta uses these to great effect against certain token decks). I'd recommend Blast Zone, Feed the Swarm and/or Ratchet Bomb.

Flavuss on glissaboyzz

2 months ago

Madhava Yes i think I need to play around it to see how it works. By the way i have liquimetal torquees just in case . If i try that the artifact removal is redundant I'll try to swap tel jilad justice with the torquees. For the bigger beaters I was thinking to add something in the side , like Stonecoil Serpent maybe? Or do you think I have to put something in the maindeck? I was trying to build the deck with the idea of making the 4 drops the keys cards (Glissa, splinter and now karn) while mantaining the majority of the cards under the 3 mana cost mark. what do you think about Elvish Scrapper and Viridian Zealot ? And to play direct Land removal/ land fetch like [mwonvuli acid-moss] dont you think rethink the llanowar/mystic presence for more basic lands in main and room for another 3/4 cards? I had Hornet Sting for removal in side. I'll try the Blast Zone too

Madhava on glissaboyzz

2 months ago

Flavuss that sounds good. You should be able to figure out what it needs after piloting it a bit. If you find that you miss having that 4th mainboard Liquimetal Coating, possibly consider adding a Liquimetal Torque or two (can't target lands... but it's ramp ...kind of an opposite Myr Landshaper?). Or, if you find you need bigger beaters, consider replacing Viridian Shamans with Wickerbough Elders.

12 actifact removal spells (the ones without creatures attached) might be overdoing it just a tad (although Splinter is amazing for basic lands, I wouldn't drop those lower than 3). If opponent removes your Liquimetals/Landshapers, you might find yourself stuck without artifacts to target... if this seems to be the case, then replace Tel-Jilad Justices with maybe Mwonvuli Acid-Moss or Primal Command (good multi-tool), which don't need anything else to combo with.

I remember seeing some creature removal spells on sideboard before? This is a good idea, as there's a good bit of creature-combo out there which wins consistently by turn 4~5. A mainboard Blast Zone or three, plus a few Dismembers on sideboard should cover you.

This list looks like a lot of fun. It should definitly steal some wins at FNM events, & I hope you have luck with it.

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