Grapeshot deals 1 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

Storm (When you play this spell, copy it for each spell cast before it this turn. You may choose new targets for the copies.)

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Grapeshot Discussion

sylvannos on Goato: Gifting Skulls all the way to Value Town

2 weeks ago

@Jackfrost23: Compared to U/R Storm with Gifts Ungiven, this is more of a "draw-go" hard control deck, rather than a combo deck. You're looking to grind your opponent down through raw card advantage and silver bullet answers over casting a big Grapeshot. Compared to Junk Gifts, the red over green means much stronger removal. Not only do you get Lightning Bolt, but also cards like Terminate and Kolaghan's Command. Sometimes, you can just burn people to death like U/W/R Control does by going Lightning Bolt -> Snapcaster Mage -> Lightning Bolt at your opponent's end step, then untap and swing with Snap and Celestial Colonnade.

What makes this specific build powerful is how difficult it is to remove its threats. Not only is Godo, Bandit Warlord strong on his lonesome by getting an equipment, Batterskull is hard to get rid of. But then along comes Trading Post and Academy Ruins to make Batterskull even more difficult to remove. This means you can safely trade your threats against other control decks. Your opponent is forced to counter your Batterskull after they bounce it back to your hand after it came out from Unburial Rites on Godo, only to have to still deal with it when you get it back via Crucible of Worlds -> Academy Ruins. Coupled with Lingering Souls and other threats, you have this massive value engine that means your opponent gets 29,301,246-for-1'd every time they want to deal with something.

Where this deck struggles that other Gifts may not is in the lack of countermagic and answers to aggro. Aggro can have problems dealing with the 12+ removal spells in the main deck and boardwipes out of the sideboard, but sometimes you just run out of removal faster than they run out of gas. No counterspells makes Tron and combo difficult matchups. This build is more about beating a control-heavy meta with red-based aggro, while CoCo variants, Humans, Fish, and so on are harder to deal with.

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

2 weeks ago

Accumulation Bolt


Deal 1 damage to any target


Linger - (When you cast this spell, you may leave it on the stack for as long as you want. At any time you could cast this spell, you may resolve it.)

As though Grapeshot wasn't bad enough already.

I shortened the reminder text, because the part about players interacting with the spell while it's lingering should be intuitive, and anyway could be handled in errata. It would be weird, though, as a mechanic. I mean, the stack itself would resolve while the spell is lingering, which means that a linger spell would kind of sit on its own separate stack until it was resolved. Other stacks would be created and resolved in the meantime. So, when you do decide to resolve the spell, is the effect placed on an existing stack? Nevermind its interaction with Split Second...


zapyourtumor on cheerio prowess jank

3 weeks ago

Actually performed pretty decently in playtesting

Have you considered Puresteel Paladin for extra copies of Sram, Senior Edificer? (although it doesn't trigger off of Ensoul Artifact)

Also maybe a single Grapeshot for the storm kill to finish off an opponent?

SynergyBuild on Lotus Shell Deck for Spellchaser Click This One

1 month ago

Manabase isn't properly built, and Grapeshot is huge over Banefire, but the deck's archetype has legs. The issue is this deck was good in Pioneer and Modern because answers to creatures were big and this deck ran none, causing the opponent's interaction to be useless.

In this format Dispel, Miscast, etc. are everywhere, and resolving the big spells this deck needs just isn't easy. Veil of Summer is a must-run for this, and this deck not seeing it makes this not a Tier 1 list by far.

DeinoStinkus on Lotus Shell Deck for Spellchaser Click This One

1 month ago

SynergyBuild thoughts?

Overall, I'd say it looks pretty decent, GoblinElectromancer made a similar deck. I'm going to recommend Pact of Negation and the Forces, just because they can protect you, however this deck is much more storm oriented.

On that note, Temporal Fissure and Grapeshot could be neat.

Tylord2894 on Does Grip of Chaos stop …

1 month ago

Neither Posibility Storm nor Grip of Chaos stop Zada. So, you will be able to copy your Crimson Wisps with Zada. You can do this without stack your triggers in a specific way.

First, the Grip of Chaos trigger will go on the stack at the same time as Zada's triggers (shortly after you cast a spell that targets them). Like with your Possibility Storm example, you can order the triggers so that Zada's trigger resolves first. In this case, when the Zada trigger resolves, there will be a bunch of Grip triggers since several spells were put onto the stack. Normally, things don't trigger when you copy a spell, but Grip triggers when a spell is put onto the stack.

Now, why don't you need to worry about stacking the triggers? For starters, Zada's trigger doesn't target that spell that targets Zada, so it won't fizzle. Also, there is no "intervening if" clause in Zada's trigger (i.e. it isn't written "when you cast a spell, if it only targets Zada, ..."), so it won't check to make sure the spell is still targeting Zada when the trigger resolves (which is important for the Grip situation). Lastly, Zada's trigger functions a lot like the Storm trigger on cards like Grapeshot. Even if the original spell ceases to exist, the trigger "remembers" the traits of the original spell and makes its copies. Zada's trigger will do that too, so you don't have to stack the Possibility Storm trigger to resolve after the Zada trigger.

Hope this helps!!

Flooremoji on Twiddle Storm > UR Storm …

1 month ago

Well, another point is storm dosen't need a manabear to win. They can also fairly cast their rituals and a couple cantrips then Grapeshot-Remand-Grapeshot. It's harder to be sure, but it does mean that storm doesn't need the creatures around to win.

Being more vulnerable mid combo probably weakens T-storms control matchup, and it probably hurts more when Ponza destroys a land that could be sacrificed to Lotus Field. Damping Sphere forces you to deal with it before you can play Lotus Field, and Surgical Extraction/Lost Legacy are much better against this deck (you don't even nesecarily have to get Lotus Field, they rely pretty heavily on Psychic Puppetry).

psionictemplar: Yep! G-storm has a potential turn two win. It's pretty much Land, Land, Ritual, Manamorphose, Mana Bear, more rituals, Manamorphose, Gifts storm. It's pretty unlikley :) T-storm combos as early turn three (Land, Land, Tap both for flaoting mana, Lotus Field twiddle Lotus Field etc.) They for most intents and purposes have the same speed.

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