Deflecting Swat

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Deflecting Swat


If you control a commander, you may cast this spell without paying its mana cost.

You may choose new targets for target spell or ability.

WorldEater_42 on What do you have that I cannot obtain?

1 week ago

Thanks for taking a look fluffyeel !

  • You are spot on regarding mana. I've added a Reflecting Pool and a Scalding Tarn which should help. The new fetchable surveil lands look great for this deck given the graveyard synergies with caging.
  • Mana Crypt and Mana Vault are long term goals for the deck. With some luck we will have some reprints!
  • Commandeer looks like a ball of fun! I am a little worried about my blue card count here but there are several other decks it'll do very well in.
  • I'll have to give Displacer Kitten a try. It would go quite nuts with a haste source and a caged Gilded Lotus for instance. A cage off of Deflecting Swat and/or Fierce Guardianship would also be crazy.
  • Thanks also for the other recommendations. I've had great times with Fact or Fiction in the past, probably time to bust it out again. Force spiking everything with Patron Wizard would also be useful.

DemonDragonJ on Are Free Spells Becoming Too …

3 weeks ago

In the early days of the game, spells that could be cast for no mana were supposed to be a desperate last resort by incurring a cost other than mana, but, in recent years, free spells have become very powerful, such as the free spells from Ikoria Commander (most notably Deflecting Swat and Fierce Guardianship) and the flare cycle from the upcoming Modern Horizons 3, so I wonder if free spells are becoming too powerful.

What does everyone else say about this? Are free spells becoming too powerful?

As a side note, I severely dislike that the flare cycle requires sacrifice of a non-token creature, as not all colors excel at creature recursion.

MartinEMcArthur on Abrade and Deflecting Swat Question

1 month ago

So let’s say someone plays Abrade, or any other card that gives the player two or more separate options for a targeting effect. In this scenario let’s say the player chooses “3 damage to target creature” for Abrade. If I play Deflecting Swat in response to it, would I be able to change the spell’s target to “Destroy target artifact” instead? Not sure if it could work that way but at the same time I don’t see why not since it would be a legal target for the spell‍♂️

Profet93 on Kaalia of the Funk

1 month ago


How has Dolmen Gate been playing for you? Specifically, does your meta have a lot of fliers? On the one hand, if they don't have a lot of fliers, given your commander and pretty much all your creatures have flying, is gate necessary? And if they do have a lot of fliers, how impactful is mudslide? Similar question for Bedlam.

Props for running Armageddon and Rebuff the wicked! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, given your deck is commander reliant, Deflecting Swat? Or perhaps even a Flawless Maneuver? Mithril Coat is also a good protection option that is reputable and easy to cast.

Have you thought of potentially swapping out Footfall Crater for Hall of the Bandit Lord? While hall can't be used the same turn, and does cost life, it is a haste outlet that is less likely to get you 2 for 1ed, and it takes a land slot, freeing another slot for whatever you need, probably draw. Unless you don't focus too much on draw given you're game plan is just to destroy them quick and easy with overwhelming cheating into play advantage.

How has Insidious Dreams been and what to do you tutor for? I've personally never liked it given that discard is additional cost to cast and you don't even get them into your hand. Especially given this is a combo deck and you are already low on draw, what exactly is the gameplan with it? Perhaps I'm missing something?

Thoughts on swapping out Strionic resonator for Isshin, Two Heavens as One? Resonator costs less, is less likely to be removed, and is easier to cast but requires you to have mana open. Isshin costs more mana, is harder to cast and easier to remove but doesn't require additional mana.

Mother of Runes - Protection

While I adore expedition map, have you thought of swapping it out for another ramp piece? You have about 5 pieces of ramp. Swapping map for Mind Stone or another 2cmc ramp spell can help you bring your commander out earlier. Of course mind stone's draw is nice too.

I'm sure you've went through most of these suggestions as you originally made the deck given your expertise in EDH but I would love to rack your brain regarding your thought process. Let me know what you think

Profet93 on Favorite EDH Cards

1 month ago


Anyone who has seen me comment on their deck will know I love using people's cards against them. Whether it's Worst Fears (the mythic I got in my first pack coming back into MTG), Mindslaver (flashbacks to academy ruins lock) or Emrakul, the Promised End, their hand is my hand. And with that hand I say why are you hitting yourself? LOL

As such, my 3 favorite cards are Deflecting Swat, Misdirection and Imp's Mischief. The first 2 can be cast for free which is great as you can bluff interaction. The latter is usually unexpected, until your playgroup asks why are you holding 2 mana after casting a large Torment of Hailfire and then they learn that with 2 mana open, you too can be the blue player!

Profet93 on Gruul Smash!

3 months ago

How often do you have too much trample? If it overlaps too much, would you ever consider swapping out some trample enablers, mainly Ulvenwald Oddity  Flip for something with a bit more utility such as Deflecting Swat or it's budget counterpart Bolt Bend? They both "Counter" counterspells while redirecting targeted removal, extra turns and draw. Very much utility. Ulvenwald isn't impressive on it's own and it takes a large amount of mana just to make it bigger which can be removed in response.

As a fellow Xenagos player, our decks fold to spot removal given we invest our 5+ mana into a creature just to die to a 1-3 mana spot removal. I understand you have dense foliage to circumvent this but it's just one card.

Perhaps a Swiftfoot Boots might be worth including so you don't fail to search for an equipment. Swiftfoot boots also requires opponents to use spot removal in response to equipping, pre-combat so that your xenagos trigger isn't wasted on something that was gonna die anyways. Not to mention it makes people less likely to target your creature if they are unsure of who you are swinging at. After all, why waste spot removal on something that's harming one of their enemies. As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Looking forward to your response.

Profet93 on Numot: Leave. Everything. Destroyed.

4 months ago

Weirdly enough, I didn't get a notification of your comment or upvote. The site is acting up so I might not see replies even though I am subscribed to the deck.

My bad regarding the color mixup. Perhaps a Magus of the Moat given that moat is too expensive? It is expensive and easily removed so perhaps not, but worth mentioning.

Why is teferi's ile the MVP?

What is the purpose of capsize? Would you not be better suited with a (free) counterspell such as Fierce Guardianship/Deflecting Swat? Perhaps I'm missing it.

Other cards to potentially consider....

Sunder - Not MLD but instant speed and accomplishes a similar effect

Smothering Tithe - Ramp

You mention Teferi's Protection in your description but I don't see it in the deck, perhaps it was in a previous version.

Overburden - Accomplishes a similar goal

Torpor Orb - To stop ETB effects like Bane of Progress. I know you have humility which is super strong so this might not be needed, but it's cheaper and easier to cast. Could be redundancy, sort of.

Profet93 on Tactical Nuke Incoming!

4 months ago

Wittyinator +1

Nice deck. I'm unsure what benefit Contagion Clasp provides despite seeing it's custom category, how does it work exactly to your benefit?

I noticed you have the mana gyser + reiterate combo, nice!

Deflecting Swat - Your deck is based on your commander, you need a way to protect it. Alternatively, Bolt Bend is a budget option.

Ancient Tomb - Ramp

Chaos Warp - Removal

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