Generous Gift

Generous Gift


Destroy target permanent. It's controller creates a 3/3 green Elephant creature token.

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Generous Gift Discussion

LunchBox1211 on List of Bugs and Feature …

1 day ago

How is the "Token" section of the deck builder supposed to work? it seems to work fine for everything in the mainboard (except for treasures, but I'll get to that in a bit here), and I can't seem to be able to add tokens from cards not in my mainboard (ie: sideboard cards that make tokens, and tokens for things like Generous Gift that are not in the deck, but I run into more often than not). This may be how it is programmed, in which case, OK, that's fine.

Now for treasures. If I'm running Smothering Tithe, I can only get the GRN treasure, even if I run other treasure makers. If I try to add another one, even one that works in other decks, or has a treasure maker on that set, I get an error message saying "Printing not found" when I try to save my deck. This is annoying for me, because I love the art on tokens, so when I saw the token feature, I was excited! I could use the more exotic looking treasures from STX, instead of GRN (not to mention the full art style of newer tokens looking better, in my opinion, than identical, but bordered, tokens).

There is one more problem with treasures. I built a pauper deck recently that cares about Venturing into the dungeon. All three dungeons show up, and the 1/1 B Skeleton (from Dungeon of the Mad Mage) and The Atropal (from Tomb of Annihilation) both show up on the token generator when playtesting, but the treasure (from Lost Mine of Phandelver) does not show up. When I try to add one using the token tab while editing, I get the same "Printing not found" message from before, even though I am trying to add the AFR treasure (which does show up in other decks of mine).

Last question/request about the token feature. To my (limited) knowledge, there is no easy way to choose between different arts of the same token from the same set (MH2 treasures, for example). Am I missing something, and if I am not, could you please add an easy way to check which art you have?

This is about art, but not about tokens, Legion's Initiative shows up as a blank rectangle when playtesting. Its not an alter, and the only printing of Legion's Initiative available via deck editing is the DGM printing, so that's the one I'm using. If I hover over it, it shows up as normal, both playtesting, and when looking at the deck, but in my hand/on the battlefield/graveyard/exile/etc... it does not show up.

Thank you for maintaining this site! I'm sure it's not easy, and nitpickers, like myself, don't do much to help, but thank you so much!

multimedia on Vast of Vanity

1 week ago

Hey, good first version, nice Avacyn, Angel of Hope.

Having some backup plans to cheat big creatures onto the battlefield can be helpful because you will not always control Kaalia. Reanimation and ramp are two straight forward backup plans to consider expanding on.

  • Rakdos, Lord of Riots: Demon who can reduce the colorless cost of creatures you cast.
  • Emeria Shepherd: repeatable reanimate any nonland permanent in your graveyard if you play a Plains or if you play any land then put that permanent into your hand instead.
  • Karmic Guide: Angel who can reanimate any creature in your graveyard.
  • Nahiri, the Harbinger: all her loyalty abilities are good, her -8 can tutor for any creature and put it on the battlefield.
  • Wayfarer's Bauble: land ramp that has interaction with Emeria Shepherd since it can get a basic Plains, repeatable with Shepherd for two mana.

Some changes to consider:

Some other upgrades to consider:

Some lands to consider adding to improve the manabase in place of some basic lands, the three Bounce lands, Wreckage and the two Scry lands.

If you choose to add Emeria Shepherd then some Fetch lands that can get a basic Plains are helpful because they give you two triggers of landfall.

Good luck with your deck.

ahthornev2 on Death & Taxes

1 week ago

Hi Gurkins -- Both Lurrus and Sevinne's exclusive are indeed personal preference, with the excess of 3drops in the deck to those that are the highest impact on turn 3 as opposed to the longer term value that Sevinne's and Lurrus provides. I have just found that if this deck really tries to grind with some of the Ux or Gx value we cannot quite keep up so I tried to build towards disruption or immediate value.

You could definitely swap Generous Gift and Brimaz with Lurrus + Sevinne's if you like, that is a pretty clean swap. I am just playing Gift as a pure catch-all removal (even lands!) which can be great, and the 3/3 is usually not problematic (similar to the X/X tokens from Skyclave Apparition in that the exchange is usually worth it). Brimaz and Lurrus are both weak to Karakas but Brimaz has the extra toughness and is a better blocker so I am playing it for those reasons to fight against the aggressive decks and Lightning Bolt decks a bit better.

Big list of flex slots would be the following, included the removal here because it is a bit narrow and I mostly play them to help counteract some troublesome decks in my personal meta (Academy Decks and mono-red -- Portable Hole + Prismatic Ending both take out Moxen, Sol Ring, and low cost creatures early which I find really valuable in those matchups):

  • Portable Hole
  • Prismatic Ending
  • Generous Gift
  • Brimaz, King of Oreskos
  • Batterskull

Batterskull is a bit overcosted and rarely works with SFM like it does in 60card but I still include it on occasion when it seems like a good meta call.

I'm pretty attached to most creatures but maybe Imposing Sovereign is outdated at this point since there are a few other similar effects in the deck right now.


3 weeks ago

U should try Omen Machine (although it locks multiple draws, free casting cards to all players are always fun), Revelation and Generous Gift.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Given that we have cards such as Generous Gift and Beast Within...

Rot the Core


Destroy target permanent. It's controller creates a 3/3 black Zombie creature token.

Make a creature with a keyworded ability called "Steady".

Ziabo on Tribal Elf/Token

1 month ago

Very nice start to an elf tribal.

Aura Shards over Naturalize & Generous Gift over Disenchant

Maybe you could add Rhys the Redeemed? He can help populate the field. Also while you're doubling tokens Second Harvest would be great as it's an instant and doubles all tokens.

Rhys of the Wilt-Leaf is my elfball token deck.

Good luck with the deck! <3

twechsler on Messing with Lore

1 month ago

Thanks! Yea I think grinning totem is kinda a wildcard but seems like it would be nice to take away everyone else's sol ring at the very least lol. I added some more looters and untappers to the maybeboard. Do you think this is a good route to go? as well as get rid of some of the high cmc removal and replace them with Path to Exile or Generous Gift. Let me know what you think. For now I think it is playing much smoother and gets what I want done faster.

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