Emeria's Call


Create two 4/4 white Angel Warrior creature tokens with flying. Non-Angel creatures you control gain indestructible until your next turn.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Emeria's Call Discussion

jamochawoke on Najeela, Queen of the Blossoms

3 months ago

I like how the guy above this comment just casually strolls in and tells you to put in a bunch of moxen...

That said, warriors is one of my favorite tribes and I've made a ton of decks with them! Plus Najeela is such a badass commander! These are my suggestions that you haven't included and could serve as some better synergy with your deck than your non-warriors:

  • God-Eternal Oketra make huge 4/4 zombie warrior tokens on every warrior cast.

  • Oketra the True make warrior tokens and acts as a big beater itself.
  • Oketra's Monument tons and tons of warrior tokens.
  • Rush of Battle warrior themed overrun that gains you tons of life.
  • Herald of Anafenza gets bigger and makes warrior tokens at the same time.
  • Raiders' Spoils probably the best card draw you'll see for warrior tribal.
  • Gilt-Leaf Ambush elf warrior tokens with sometimes deathtouch.
  • Hunting Triad elf warrior tokens or modal +1/+1 counters.
  • Presence of Gond give a creature a tap for elf warrior token ability.
  • Lovisa Coldeyes more warrior lord buffs!
  • Obsidian Battle-Axe haste and auto-attach to warriors equipment!
  • Regna, the Redeemer and Krav, the Unredeemed act as a sac outlet and warrior token generation combo.
  • Lord Windgrace deck filtering, color fixing, and generation of a ton of cat warrior tokens
  • Great Hall of Starnheim gets you a 4/4 angel warrior token in a pinch
  • Base Camp cheap 5 color land for warriors
  • Starnheim Unleashed make a ton of 4/4 angel warrior tokens!
  • Emeria's Call  Flip make angel warrior tokens and give your non-angel warriors indestructible or make it a land
  • Ascent of the Worthy pretty fun tricks on this.
  • Firja's Retribution make a 4/4 angel warrior token and give angels destroy and double strike.
  • Battle for Bretagard make warrior tokens, then make copies.
  • DanMcSharp on Purry on Main

    3 months ago


    I can see the appeal for Realmwalker but 4 seems a bit much for a deck that only runs 1 creature type and no ways to mess with the top of the library. How useful is the 2nd one?

    I like that you're using Esika's Chariot but it's kind of a shame you don't have any big tokens to duplicate. You could mix in maybe 2 Emeria's Call  Flip to your mana base to get access to angels eventually. You might as well add a few Angelic Ascension since you're pretty naked to fliers anyway, and it's a pretty versatile card. I guess it's not exactly on theme but angels would work nicely with Esika's Chariot both as target for its ability or to crew it.

    More on theme, I'm not sure how well it would fit in this deck but did you consider Felidar Retreat ? You like cats, you like +1/+1 counters, it gives you both! Just make sure you have 4 Fabled Passage if you try it out.


    NensouHiebara on Halvar, Divine Voltron

    3 months ago


    Emeria's Call and Fetchlands can't accomplish everything Plainscyclers can. Emeria's Call can't tutor for Mistveil Plains or shuffle my library. Fetchlands aren't late-game bodies. Plainscyclers are a complete package of these effects. They're not all-stars, but what they provide is plenty to help the deck flow better.

    If I wanted to use Sram, he wouldn't of been taken out to begin with. And I don't know if the new card draw is going to be good enough. I'd rather wait for them to be printed and decide on what to take out at that time instead of forcing a card I don't want anymore in the deck to act as a placeholder. The new card draw is within the coming sets.

    Omniscience_is_life on Halvar, Divine Voltron

    3 months ago

    If you want creatures on lands, Emeria's Call is two for one plus insurance. If you want shuffle effects, 1 life is a lot better a price to pay than 2 mana-- Any Fetchland can work in that space if you find yourself needing it that much.

    Considering you're going to need to find space for said card draw anyway, it kinda feels obfuscatory to not add Sram. How long are you planning on waiting for this new, exciting, card draw?

    Scion_of_Ulamog on Sisters of the heavens

    3 months ago

    Oh, sorry. When I was playing it I didn't see what the other side of Emeria's Call was. No, I think it is good as it it then. On a slightly different topic, I was able to get Ajani's Pridemate up to something like 60/60, which was rather fun.

    Drcfan on Devotion to White Angels

    4 months ago

    @ Gloglok

    You are absolutely right with the competitive level in 2021. With more and more powercreep over the last years, white decks in particular got worse and worse. Here is an nice explanation of whats happening atm. White is not the color of removal. It was way more competitive in 2016-2018 but today it holds up pretty well and i think its the most fun deck i own to play.

    Gloglok on Devotion to White Angels

    4 months ago

    Hey Drcfan,

    Just checking in to say that your suggestions from our last discussion have proven to be very interesting!

    • Skyclave Apparition + Charming Prince is huge! The Prince replaces the Wall and is a human, the life gain/flicker options which are nice to have to complement the scry 2/draw of the Wall, plus its attack of 2 can sometimes dissuade some attackers. And the Apparition is a good replacement of the Oblivion Ring , with added devotion and the fact that they never get the card back (and the flicking with the Prince is just yummy!)

    • Emeria's Call  Flip is great, always a positive as a one-of/two-of, and the small synergy with Lyra Dawnbringer and the fact that she is legendary has made me prefer her to Baneslayer Angel (or Linvala , as I don't have too many creature-based combos in my meta).

    • Mistveil Plains + Secluded Steppe are doing a lot more than I expected! Like you said, with the Wayfarer you can pay to draw a card, or to do it every turn, which in practice has been more interesting than the Arch for me. And finally, the Mistveil Plains are not only great with the Steppe, but also with any legendary angel an opponent would have destroyed/made you discard as you can bounce the Lancers with the Prince to get your angel back! It can really make the difference, and my angels have come back to play this way infinitely more in a few games than Emeria, The Sky Ruin has ever done.

    • I have taken out the Giver of Runes + Ranger-Captain of Eos as I find them kinda clunky to play or at least I don't like them as much.

    Deck is very smooth now, a joy to play again! I won't pretend it's competitive in 2021's Modern state but I'm having a great time and you still get a fair amount of wins against non-control decks! Cheers :)

    MoreSizemore on esper control for nick

    5 months ago

    Take Out: - Merciless Eviction exiles so that will not trigger our boy, Nev.

    • Bontu the Glorified really doesn't seem that good. You dont have a lot of creatures to sack. Sure you could get a bunch from Nev. Its too many conditions needed for Bontu.

    • Emeria's Call  Flip is not the best when it does not even give the very angels it makes, indestructible

    • Winds of Abandon for the same reasoning as Merciless Eviction

    • Mnemonic Deluge is so much mana and you do not even really have any good targets for it. It wont get you an overloaded rift, it can target a board clear but you dont need to do that multiple times

    • Court of Grace seems slow and you will almost never be the monarch probably.

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