Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze


Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Storm (When you cast this spell, copy it for each spell cast before it this turn. You may choose new targets for the copies.)

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Brain Freeze Discussion

legendofa on Will WotC Use Phyrexian Mana …

4 weeks ago

I'm surprised artifact lands got printed, and I'm waiting for the MH2 lands to break, even with entering tapped.

Dredge is only a significant problem with a bug number; Shenanigans is basically a repeatable Shatter , since Dredge 1 isn't that threatening. The most used Dredge cards are Golgari Thug and Stinkweed Imp , which dredge 4 and 5, and Golgari Grave-Troll is banned in Modern. So this is a case of overbalancing.

There's a similar story with Storm: it's only a problem if it represents a win condition, like Brain Freeze , Tendrils of Agony , Grapeshot , or Empty the Warrens . I don't think too many games have been won or lost on Astral Steel or Reaping the Graves . It depends on the effect it goes with.

Spell_Slam on Veyran's Echo

2 months ago

It seems like your deck would really benefit from running actual Storm cards. Grapeshot in particular seems pretty great. I think basically every storm card in your colours is probably worth playing: Brain Freeze , Empty the Warrens , Ground Rift , Mind's Desire , Volcanic Awakening , Temporal Fissure ... Most of these are decent in commander if you can play a few spells before them (which would decks seems built to do).

Raging_Squiggle on

2 months ago

One of my pet decks is my Lavinia of the Tenth flicker deck. I love flickering stuff for value and oppression.

For win cons specifically, I use infinite spell/mana combos featuring Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker + Peregrine Drake .

There are redundancies of course, so you don’t have to use those only. Mnemonic Wall , Palinchron or Felidar Guardian + Gilded Lotus all work as substitutes.

There’s also the option of Glorious Protector infinite mana combo.

With any of these active, Brain Freeze wins, so do Aetherflux Reservoir and Sentinel Tower . For infinite mana, Capsize or Blue Sun's Zenith will make people scoop/lose. For infinite flicker combos, Venser, Shaper Savant bounces all opposing permanents and will make people scoop.

Lavinia flicker is my deck, though a bit out of date, might give you some good ideas.

BrassLord on Veyran and Zada, Bestest of Friends

2 months ago

You already run Underworld Breach , there's a lot of combos with that card, Lion's Eye Diamond and any number of wheel effects, Lotus Petal and Brain Freeze .

I agree with your Goblin Tutor cards in the maybe board! Expansion / Explosion is another decent option with different modes that can also copy your own stuff. God-Eternal Kefnet is also a decent creature that can copy some of your spells, pairs really well with your cards like Expedite

Daedalus19876 on Vadrok and Roll

3 months ago

IsThisWolfe: Glad my list was an inspiration! I will say that the 7 power on the Kraken is no joke (3-hit kill with commander damage). Careful with Teferi, Time Raveler -- he prevents your opponents from stopping your OTHER opponents if they combo off. He's killed me before.

I hear what you're saying re: Crab and Brain Freeze, though I'd argue that Brain Freeze isn't usually dead in hand -- worst comes to worst, you can cast it as a self-mill for 6-12 in response to an opponent's spells. And sometimes you get to kill opponents with it, when they're being fancy with spellslinger ;)

And the loop with Mystic Reflection basically goes -- if you target a Vadrok pile with Reflection (assuming Vadrok is not on top), the next creature you cast comes in as a copy of the WHOLE pile (including mutations). You bounce the "real" Vadrok back to hand (this is why Ignis helps, though a bounce spell can do it too), mutate Vadrok onto the copied stack, and suddenly you have TWO copies of Vadrok's ability. Rinse and repeat, and the next time that creature will acquire THREE copies of the ability. Et cetera!

IsThisWolfe on Vadrok and Roll

3 months ago

Daedalus19876, thanks for the feedback, your list was also one of the ones that inspired me to actually build Vadrok. I did see Malignus in a few lists buuut in my playgroup I feel he’d be removed instantly. IMO I feel Dream Trawler covers the damage output of Malignus and protection of Stormsurge Kraken .

Frantic Search : This one is already in the list, def a amazing card

Curfew : You make a compelling argument I’ll be swapping this in

Deflecting Swat : I did want to include this originally, but I can see where it would be better in some cases over a counter so I’ll add this in

Grinning Ignus : Also a card I wanted to include, idk what it is but [[rootha, Mecurial artist] is just cool, buuut yeah, I do agree]] Ignus would see better plays

Mystic Reflection : Wait what?!? How do you do that? I’m guessing mutate Vadrok onto Ignus -> mystical reflection on the pile -> creature -> bounce pile to hand so no sac -> mutate Vadrok on copy, trigger, cast reflection targeting pile -> cast Ignus and repeat??? Also I did see in your list how you can use it for removal so I’ll find a spot for it

Silence and Grand Abolisher : I would prob add Teferi, Time Raveler over Abolisher just because Vadrok can recur him, silence is a solid maybe

Hedron Crab and Brain Freeze : the only reason I didn’t add these was because I’m trying to build my decks winconless, like the loops and infinite combos in the deck consist of cards that would never be dead in hand, I just feel these two would be bad draws if I’m not going to combo

This definitely helped, thanks for the feedback!

Daedalus19876 on Vadrok and Roll

3 months ago

This reminds me of my first draft of Vadrok! I built him as voltron at first -- I will say that Stormsurge Kraken is an amazing mutate host if you're going for that Voltron win. Malignus , too, but that's pretty obvious ;)

I'd highly recommend Frantic Search -- it's an amazing feeling to cast it off of Vadrok and regain most of your mana, and it goes great with High Tide and/or Underworld Breach. I really like Curfew over Run Away Together , since Run Away Together doesn't work in the infinite Dockside loops (because your opponents eventually run out of creatures). If you're going for the protective spells, Deflecting Swat is an all-star. I'm not a fan of Arcane Denial , you could swap one of these for it.

I'd also recommend Grinning Ignus over Rootha, just because you can pull off some silly loops with it. Doubly so with Mystic Reflection -- because Reflection copies the whole pile, you can use Reflection + Ignus + Vadrok to staple like 20 copies of Vadrok's ability onto the same creature haha.

Finally, careful with that infinite Dack Fayden line: your opponents will draw into all their deck's interaction. So unless you've cast Silence or Grand Abolisher beforehand, you can get blown out. When feasible, I prefer to infinitely recast Reality Shift to deck my opponents, with a similar loop :) Oh, and Hedron Crab and Brain Freeze are all-stars.

Hope this helps! :D It's great to see more Vadrok players running around...

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