Yawgmoth's Will


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Yawgmoth's Will


Until end of turn, you may play cards from your graveyard.

If a card would be put into your graveyard from anywhere this turn, exile that card instead.

Yawgmoth's Will Discussion

Kiyomei on 京 Oona, (Exile/Control)(inf combo) (CEDH) 京

1 day ago

@ KBet

Any cantrip to open the Doomsday pile is fine, predict is just easy, but there are many more in the linked Doomsday primer in the description.

Let's say you open Predict Naming Laboratory Maniac .

  • Your lab man goes into the graveyard and you draw = Gitaxian Probe and Lion's Eye Diamond

  • Play your Led... Then go ahead and cast Probe in response to probe go ahead and crack Led for Discarding your hand and still Having Probe on the stack.

  • Probe resolves and draws you Yawgmoth's Will

  • Play Yawgmoth's Will with the 3x .

  • Play led from the yard and crack it for

  • Play Labman from the yard.

  • resolve draw spell from the Yard (like probe)

All this is interchangeable but this is one of the least Mana intensive piles i know of. Early on this is extremely fast but susceptible to counter-magic and removal hence all the different piles explained in the DD-Primer in the description that i urge every DD player to study carefully and practise!.

Profet93 on Pin Cushion

1 week ago

Keep me updated! Also, thoughts for Yawgmoth's Will ? Or budget version like Deliver Unto Evil ?

Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed can be eternal witness for black cards. Synergizes with volrath's stronghold for continuous recursion. Additionally, he works well with Corpse Dance . Not necessarily recomending dance but it's a fun synergy, dance also goes well with sac outlets.

Cavern of Souls could name human for your commander and 3 others or vampire demon or eldrazi. You already run defense grid and boseju so I assume blue is giving you issues.

The one issue I have with your list is cards like Bitter Ordeal which don't do much on their own. Kind of "win more." I would cut for something else. It's a neat wincon, but doesn't advance your position.

Profet93 on Pin Cushion

1 week ago


This looks similar to the famous Yawgmoth on the Rocks deck. I actually play against the famous deck daily so I know this can be brutal if given a chance to. +1

I agree with above comment, phyrexian tribute is weak. Gate to phyrexia is ok. But I would rather add Nevinyrral's Disk , Oblivion Stone , Ugin, the Spirit Dragon , Karn Liberated , Ratchet Bomb , Perilous Vault , even Unstable Obelisk all depending on preference and budget. Reason being it hits troublesome enchantments like Rest in Peace. All you have at the moment is blast zone, meteor golem and ulamog which IMO aren't enough.

Then remove the other phyrexian card for Imp's Mischief . Counters counterspells, reidrect removal, change extra turn target. Lots of uses and rarely expected. Now people need to be careful if you have 2 black open!

Yawgmoth's Will

Daedalus19876 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

1 week ago

Profet93: I don't want to spend too much more money at this moment, honestly. Even the $40 for Volrath's Stronghold is a bit steep currently. With that being said, it's probably not a bad shift for this list, and will almost certainly go in eventually. Yawgmoth's Will is a bit less so, I'd say. I don't run enough rituals to really go crazy with it.

OptimalGreen: Ironically enough, there actually IS an Imperial Seal in the list right now! My Circu deck is currently coming apart, so I had an extra XD but I wouldn't buy one outright, alas.

I need to update this list, there've been a few changes recently.

Profet93 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

1 week ago

Daedalus19876 - Thoughts of the following 2 edits....

  1. Remove Fume Spitter for Contamination / Imperial Seal / Yawgmoth's Will but I already read your above comments recursion and how it's mostly for creatures. Nevertheless, Yawgs will is still something to consider, I mean come on, it's Yawgmoth! Which brings me to my next suggestion....

  2. Remove Command Beacon for Volrath's Stronghold - Both function similarly. Beacon immediately brings hapatra back to hand for same turn use but you lose it immediately. Stronghold on the other hand is MUCH more versatile, and repeatable getting any creature in your yard, but top deck instead of to hand. I think it warrants the inclusion. While it does happen, how many games does she cost too much and you NEED her the same turn? If you thought of switching the two, could you set up your board so that you can place hapatra in grave rather than Command zone?

PeaceAndMusic on 4C Spells - WIP

1 week ago

I like the toolbox look of this deck, a spell for every situation. I can see that you avoided combo's nicely, but I will say that Wishes are technically meta dependent since commander doesn't officially support them yet. But if your meta allows them, then all the more power to ya!

In case of wish cards not being allowed maybe try the following!

Now for suggestions - Un-budgeted:

Yawgmoth's Will : This card will allow you to replay spells already spent. Don't let its competitive stigma stop you from considering it!

Budget friendly:

Goblin Electromancer This guy will help you reduce costs without reducing other's costs as well.

Torrential Gearhulk get some extra value from your instants

Unbound Flourishing You play a lot of x costs, and this might help you out there!

I noticed that you had Arcane Melee in your deck. This card can be quite dangerous depending on your meta, so be careful when joining new pods with it. I know I've had it backfire on me several times!

I enjoyed looking through your deck and can't wait to see what future cards bring to it!


weezel on Kaalia, Mirror Breaker EDH

2 weeks ago


This has been on my mind all day. Its going to be very difficult to get that CMC cost you want in Mardu. The only thing that came to mind was replacing Goblin Bombardment with Altar of the Brood and hopefully you can Mill your opponents. I mean it isnt an instant pinging death but you drop your CMC by

Other than that, I have no idea. I was trying to think of ways of incorporating one of these: Lion's Eye Diamond , Street Wraith , Yawgmoth's Will , Call to the Netherworld but i'm stumped. This doomsday pile is depleting all my brain juice forsure lol

Spirits on Kaalia, Mirror Breaker EDH

2 weeks ago

Totally wrong, LED discards Yawgmoth's Will , can’t see a LED path to CMC4 reasonably.

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Yawgmoth's Will occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Black: 0.21%

UBR (Grixis): 0.46%