Avacyn's Pilgrim

Avacyn's Pilgrim

Creature — Human Monk

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Avacyn's Pilgrim Discussion

Grubbernaut on Phoenix Deck color and commander

1 week ago

Mana rocks are great, but the biggest advantage of being in green (as far as ramp) is the huge amount of 1cmc dorks. Having access to Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic, Elves of Deep Shadow, Boreal Druid, Deathrite Shaman, Birds of Paradise, Avacyn's Pilgrim, and also the good 2-mana ones like Priest of Titania, Bloom Tender, and Incubation Druid is a huge boon. Getting the ramp out a turn earlier (or having it tap for multiple colored mana) makes a big difference.

Of course, if you have artifact synergies, that's its own animal and worth going into. For the idea of a boros Phoenix deck, you could also add in a tutor/Sunforger package for good value.

Grubbernaut on Flight of the Monarch

3 weeks ago

Cast Down should definitely slot in for one of the removal playsets.

Might also be worth considering Avacyn's Pilgrim, since if you only open with green, it'll fix for white whereas Mystic only gives more green.


mjrsea on Flicker

4 months ago

Is there a reason to run Avacyn's Pilgrim over Noble Hierarch . Seems like an easy upgrade.

TriusMalarky on Rainbow Scales

5 months ago

(from your post about manabases) Your ONLY real problem with your manabase is the 6 taplands, but 5 of them are fetchable 3-color lands. I'd personally see if you can cut one maybe two of he triomes for basics, and possibly the Path of Ancestry, but that's just me and honestly, your manabase is pretty close to perfect.

If anything, I'd consider cutting some of the less cool dragons for more ramp like Llanowar Elves , Elvish Mystic , Avacyn's Pilgrim , Noble Hierarch , Deathrite Shaman , and Elves of Deep Shadow , just to be able to cast the big dragons earlier. But again, that's me.

king-saproling on Sex-Proof Selesnyabians

5 months ago

You might considering running a suite of 1-drop dorks ( Birds of Paradise , Avacyn's Pilgrim , Llanowar Elves , Fyndhorn Elves , Elvish Mystic ) and 3-drop ramp ( Overgrowth , New Horizons , Weirding Wood , Wellspring , Wolfwillow Haven , Verdant Haven ). The more of these you have, the more likely that Sigarda can drop on turn 3.

You might like these too: Battle Mastery , Duelist's Heritage , Sram, Senior Edificer , Inquisitor's Flail , Helm of the Gods

Cravv on Mayael EDH Primer

5 months ago

Hey. I like your deck. I dont agree on everything and thats the beauty of edh.

First of all ScrollRack is must have in my opinion. Fetch lands makes this card great filter for your hand. You can just throw away all cards in your hand that you wont need in many turns. Those 5+ mana cards can hurt your early game a lot. Then there is cards like Land Tax that turns this card in absolute draw machine while thinning your deck.

Second thing is that i dont like your ramp package. I like to run more first turn ramp and skip 2 mana ramps completely. Turn one Birds of Paradise to turn two cultivate makes you able to skip 2 and 4 slots and if you have great hand and want to go for early mayael (rarely you do) then those first turn ramps shine when you can get turn 2 mayael. Also one card missing is Avacyn's Pilgrim i think its better than basic green mana dorks. If you can play Elvish Mystic that means you already have green mana, but if you play Avacyn's Pilgrim you will have atleast 2 colors on board afterwards. Also one of the best draw cards in edh is Oracle of Mul Daya . Its more of lategame, but still it makes not able to draw lands anymore. The ultimate drawfix.

So T1 ramps i suggest: Birds of Paradise , Avacyn's Pilgrim , Search for Tomorrow

and 3 mana ramps: Kodama's Reach , Cultivate , selvala, Selvala, Explorer Returned

Then to the utility. Gods are godlike so definetly put Xenagos, God of Revels back in. And with that i would play Enlightened Tutor . Works well with gods if you are at point to use mayael. Outside of that it can find you draw or ramp. Another suggest is Hunter's Prowess . Great draw card. At worst you can play it on manadork and draw 4 but most of the time you play it on 5/5 and it will be blocked, but you still draw 5.

I dont know what you think about overrun efects as finishers, but few i have found good ones: Triumph of the horde, Akroma's Will and Thunderfoot Baloth . Akromas will is good even if you dont have commander but very nuts when you have it and thunderfooth baloth you can hit with mayael and triumph is just cheesy way

BrassLord on Dead Men Tell (some) Tales

5 months ago

Nethroi is a good boi! Just some minor suggestions. Avacyn's Pilgrim out for Birds of Paradise . 0 attack means free body later on, can produce all colors of mana and flying makes it a great target for mutate!

It really depends on the direction you'd like to go. A lot of Nethroi decks go all in on the self milling 0 cost creatures, which is effective but kinda plays the same way every game. This shell looks like you have a lot of different options and recursion redundancies at the cost of some of the turbo self mill cards. something like Hermit Druid outside of a combo could get in a lot of work if you slim down the mana base.

An observation, the deck itself seems like you have a solid basis, but I think it's a little lacking in card draw. Something like Skullclamp with all your mana dorks, The Great Henge , Painful Truths Deathreap Ritual could help keep the gas going, especially in the early game.

Just some ideas, hope it helps!

TriusMalarky on [Primer] Enchantress's Pillowfort: A Tuvasa Guide

5 months ago

Skycloud Expanse , Mystic Gate , a turn one green source and mana dorks are amazing in Tuvasa.

Playing the turn one Llanowar Elves into a turn two Tuvasa feels so good and is just so powerful. Even though they aren't enchantments, in my experience the dorks allowed me to draw that one extra card by having Tuvasa in play a turn earlier anyways.

Also, I like to use cards like Curiosity , Curious Obsession , Keen Sense , Sixth Sense , Snake Umbra and Ophidian Eye . Tack those onto Tuvasa to draw tons, or just slap it onto one of the mana dorks for some card draw.

Other dorks for your consideration: Elvish Mystic , Avacyn's Pilgrim , Fyndhorn Elves , and Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch if you have the budget.

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