Sisay, Weatherlight Captain
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain

Legendary Creature — Human Soldier

This gets +1/+1 for each colour among other legendary permanents you control.

: Search your library for a legendary permanent card with converted mana cost/mana value less than this creature's power, put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

TypicalTimmy: I guess Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis or Sisay, Weatherlight Captain could easily get it done, but I have to admit, it's a stretch.

vishnarg on How do You Bling-Out Your …

2 weeks ago

Over time I will slowly swap out my cards for different ones. Upgrading basic lands to secret lair versions, replacing an old card with a foil copy, replacing a newer version of a card with the original. It depends on the deck. I have an old Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck which is focused on going for an infinite combo involving sacrificing and reanimating. That deck I like to make "old school", using non foil and the pre-modern borders wherever possible. Not white border tho, ew. Another deck of mine is a Sisay, Weatherlight Captain 5 color superfriends combo deck. That deck I want to foil out with the shiniest newest version of every planeswalker I can. When I go to MagicFest (pre covid) I used to get my cards signed. I met Mark Tedin and got my Emrakul and Mana Vault signed, the signed mana vault is in my edh decks :)

ZendikariWol on What makes a deck-worthy commander?

2 months ago

On topic, I really like build-around commanders, but building them with a bit of a twist: something the commander enables or assists with but doesn't directly entice you to do. Examples are Sisay, Weatherlight Captain politics (because politics decks run SO many legends, seriously!), or Prosper, Tome-Bound exile-based theft.

Off topic, slow your roll on the big words, my guy! I admire your propensity for loquaciously expanding upon your subject matter, but "menageries" has other (magic-relevant) meanings that could be confusing, "thereupon" could have been cut and nothing in the sentence would have changed, "immense vastitude" is redundant and vague- vastitude with regard to what? If you mean possibility, just say that! ... I'm mostly just givin' ya grief, it's a little hard to follow but there are worse things to be than pretentious, for sure.

RNR_Gaming on New secret lair Alert!

4 months ago

Anyways with that whole kickstarter thing going on I noticed that the professor hasn't made a video so in case anyone was wondering

Some regular guys non-foil/foil

Void Winnower - 16.07/20.46

Vengevine - 10.71/12.95

Collector Ouphe - 5.63/33.07

Goblin Settler - 48.71/N/a

Non foil: 81.12 Foil: 115.19

Foil: B / non-foil: C+

There's a good bit of value with this secret lair. Goblin settlers getting its' first foil printing is definitely noteworthy. Also, if you're into the Adventure Time art style you'll like be picking this up anyways.

Showcase: Streets of New Capenna

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice - 30.77/35.53

Breya, Etherium Shaper - 7.98/9.84

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder - N/A/8.84

Non-foil: 47.59 foil: 54.21

Non-foil - D foil: C-

This grade pains me because I REALLY think the art on these is beautiful and they'll likely include a Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis in the same style as a bonus card but putting personal preferance and speculation aside the value just is not here.

Special Guest: Matt Jukes Foil Edition

Glacial Fortress - 3.71/11.25

Drowned Catacomb - 7.28/17.46

Dragonskull Summit - 3.79/6.96

Rootbound Crag - 3.81/6.55

Sunpetal Grove - 3.89/5.96

Non-foil: 22.48 foil: 48.18

Non-foil - F foil - D-

The value in these really speaks for itself.

Artist Series: Magali Villeneuve

Mother of Runes - 4.91/Varies

Death's Shadow - 6.12/10.19

Elvish Mystic - .45/9.97

Forest - N/A

Non-foil - 11.48 Foil: N/A

Non-foil - F Foil - D-

The biggest thing out of this lair is the foil Mother of Runes the prices fluctuates so much with the older foils it's hard to set an exact price to obtain a foil one; if we look at the previous secret lairs those versions of Mother of Runes are sitting at about 6-10 a piece.

Artist Series: Sidharth Chaturvedi

Concordant Crossroads - 46.87/N/A

Nomad Outpost - 1.06/5.74

Ghost Quarter - 1.12/16.90

Island - N/A

Non-foil: 49.05 foil: 69.51

Non-foil: D- foil: C

Essentially this lair is being carried by the fact that Concordant Crossroads only has 1 printing and has never had a foil printing. If you need one or would like to get a foil one knows your chance but outside of that its just some bulky cards with nice art.

Artist Series: Wayne Reynolds

Sram, Senior Edificer - .25/6.09

Torbran, Thane of Red Fell - .95/1.89

Depala, Pilot Exemplar - .23/1.65

Balthor the Defiled - 10.95/59.61

Non-foil: 12.38 Foil: 69.24

Non-foil - F Foil - C

This lair is also being carried by 1 card that has only 1 printing the rest is bulk.

Finally! Left-Handed Magic Cards

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain - .98/6.02

Empress Galina - 18.31/206.82

Geralf's Messenger - 9.89/34.48

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh - .26/.41

Garruk, Caller of Beasts - 8.20/23.41

Non-foil: 37.64 foil; 271.14

Non-foil - C Foil: A

While Empress Galina is definitely the chase card out of this; it still has value in the other slots too outside of Roger - but even Roger is still highly playable.

Anyways, after doing all the math and putting this all together I appreciate the professor doing this and compiling it a video format. Also, which secret lairs if any are you planning to get?

jaymc1130 on Which non-partner commanders would you …

4 months ago

There are a number of commander pairings that I'd love to see be possible for a number of reasons.

First on the list is Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip and The Reality Chip. Doesn't strike me as overly powerful, but it could be fun to run 2/3 of a Sensei's Top combo in the command zone. My gut tells me it wouldn't be quite as capable as the archetype already is with Elsha, but it would be a nifty pairing none the less.

Second on my list would be Gavi, Nest Warden and Rielle, the Everwise. Another nifty pairing where they play off each other's strengths. The Gavi+Library of Leng+Decree of Silence soft lock gets even better when it also draws a card each time you slap down an opponent's spell on their turn, exactly what a control deck like this needs to be effective. Doesn't change the deck any, just puts Rielle into the command zone for convenient access.

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain and Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful would be just too cute a pairing. The theme would be strong with this one.

Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca could be fun with Sygg, River Guide, Jori En, Ruin Diver or Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders to cram even more cool merfolk into merfolk tribal.

Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip and Tinybones, Trinket Thief seem like a match made in heaven. Ditto for Emry, Lurker of the Loch and Urza, Lord High Artificer.

Mina and Denn, Wildborn and Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait would be THE definitive "lands matter" commanders, right up my alley.

All of these seem like fun, none of these mashups present a true problem for the format in terms of play pattern powerlevels, but not all my wish list pairings are things that would play nice with the rest of the format.

Najeela, the Blade-Blossom and Plargg, Dean of Chaos  Flip/Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, for example, would break the entire format.

le-stan on Chainer Nightmare Adept

5 months ago


I don't see why a creature wouldn't get haste when brought back from the graveyard, with Reanimate or Sisay, Weatherlight Captain. In the first case, you play a sorcery spell that makes a creature enter the battlefield from the graveyard (--> You didn't cast it from your hand, you casted the reanimate...)

In the second case, you activate Sisay's ability to have a creature enter the battlefield from the graveyard, and again, you don't cast it, you activate an activated ability

--> In both cases, the creature would get haste from Chainer.

Even playing something like Haakon, Stromgald Scourge would work, since - even though you cast Haakon, you don't cast if from your hand, but from your graveyard, so Chainer, Nightmare Adept's ability would also trigger.

OmicronPrime on Chainer Nightmare Adept

5 months ago

Does the second part of Chainer, Nightmare Adept require you to "cast" a creature spell? Would a creature get haste that enters from a Reanimate, Sisay, Weatherlight Captain, or anything that cheats creatures into play, or no?

MTGBurgeoning on Gods, Shrines & Weatherlight Sisay

5 months ago

Thank you very much for your feedback! I really appreciate the acknowledgement! The deck runs smoothly and is very formidable. If my opponents do not interact with Sisay, Weatherlight Captain early, or if she is well-protected, then the game ends very soon. I have not cast Enduring Ideal yet, so I can't comment on its effectiveness. However, as predicted during the UP & UP installment and subsequent deck tech, rarely do opponents pack enchantment-specific removal, and never any Tranquility-like effects. Removal is slanted more to creatures and artifacts. Win for Sisay! Admittedly, I fear Merciless Eviction or Farewell. I am unsure how the deck recovers, but we shall see through game-play experience. I have perused through the deck that you shared:

1) Your mana base is solid. For me, I would worry a little bit about only two basic lands. I never want to miss the opportunity for a free basic land off of a Path to Exile, Field of Ruin or Veteran Explorer effect.

2) Does your removal seem a little light...? I see Meathook Massacre as the only mass removal spell and Assassin's Trophy as the only spot-removal spell...? How has this worked for you? I'd guess that a lot of your removal comes from Shrines...?

3) Lithoform Engine is a great addition to the 99! Should be game-ending when paired with Weaver of Harmony!

4) Tell me about Starfield of Nyx. That card worries me. One of the benefits of playing enchantment-heavy decks is dodging removal. Has Starfield of Nyx been beneficial? It seems so risky to me. I have Dance of the Manse in the 99 of my Sisay, Weatherlight Captain enchantments-matter deck, and never pay more than 5 for X for fear of creature removal/exile. Tell me your experiences with this card!

5) LOVE the flavor of the deck! This is an enchantment-matters build that enchantment-fans would love!

Great deck! Love it. It seems like an absolute blast to play!!

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