Imp's Mischief


Change the target of target spell with a single target. You lose life equal to that spell's converted mana cost.

Ojallday on Protection for artifacts in Black …

3 days ago

In your colors there are very few options to save your permanents at instant speed. Imp's Mischief can redirect a spell, Tibalt's Trickery can sometimes work Word of Command can pluck an answer from another player. Those are your most flexible options without including Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast to deal with blue spells. Wild Ricochet is another option as well.

Hapapapa195 on The Dancing Vampire

2 weeks ago

king-saproling ,

I was totally unaware of Strike it Rich until now, so I'll be considering that card moving forward!

In short, paying 4 mana to Bag of Holding was too steep. Shadow of the Grave was too conditional because it was often drawn into from a creatureless hand.

Cards like Shadow of the Grave and Bag of Holding increase the consistency of the deck, but also require precious mana. Right now the stats for the current build are as follows:

Turn 3 Combo: 47%

Turn 4 Combo: 30%

Turn 5+ Combo: 23%

The sample size is 46 Games so far.

I suspect that adding those cards should reduce the number of games above 5+ turns that end up being complete misses. Although, I found that when I was drawing into those cards, I was not very happy to see them. The build you see above is a result of influence from my personal playgroup, so it may not be optimized. Running cheap interaction in the slots previously taken by Street Wraith, Bag of Holding, and Shadow of the Grave are now filled by cards like Feed the Swarm, Imp's Mischief, and Vandalblast. Cheap graveyard hosers were pretty common to see after a few games of running the build.

I hope that makes sense. Optimally an Imperial Seal would be in the decklist, but I'd rather keep my kidneys, thank you.

clonalselection on Spirit of the Night Demon tribal

1 month ago

Has this deck been in your rotation for 9 years? Awesome! I have my own love bug that just won't quit: The Red Terror: Akroma's Manifesto

Some tricks that might help:

RambIe on Teneb, the Harvester

1 month ago

i am unable to upload a deck list at this time but here is the template
(30) lands - 21 Basics
(17) Fetch - Pulls lands from library onto the battlefield
(14) Recursion - Pull Cards From GY
(12) Mill/Dredge - Put Cards From Library To GY
(9) Wipe - Wipe Permanents Off The Board
(8) Break - Destroy/Exile Non Land Permenent
(7) Repsond - Instant Speed Response Spells ie Mana Tithe, Bind, Imp's Mischief
(3) Sac Land - Enables White Fetchs Zuran Orb,Squandered Resources, Overgrown Estate

as for mana curveSyr Konrad, the Grim,Thieving Amalgam, & Dreadhound are my high cmc's everything else out side of whats listed are 3 or less

Asgeren on Volrath: No School, like Old School

1 month ago

freezerboy - That sounds like a very cool approach! Some things have been very annoying against volrath, like counterspells , exile removal, stealing spells - but I usually only play him, when I know I can make a kill with him, which so far works well. But Null Brooch is a very nice protection piece that already have saved him or the strategy a number of times! And if I wasn't doing it old school, I would definitely include Imp's Mischief.

Balaam__ on Cards that redirect damage from …

1 month ago

Not sure this qualifies for what you’re looking for, but maybe Imp's Mischief?

king-saproling on Lathril (94%) let’s get 95!

2 months ago

Personally I would make these swaps:

Farhaven Elf (doesn't get lathril out faster) -> Alpha Status (makes lathril exponentially bigger every turn)

Kodama's Reach (same as above) -> Crown of Skemfar (same as above)

Wood Elves (same as above) -> Druids' Repository (functions like old gnawbone but way cheaper)

Golgari Findbroker (slow) -> Fallen Ideal (increases lathril's evasion, is a sac outlet, and functions similarly to Elvish Promenade while costing less and is usable every turn)

Realmwalker (unreliable) -> Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Shaman of the Pack (most useful when you're already winning, and not necessary even then) -> Imp's Mischief (strong in competitive games. for example it can let you steal an extra turn spell, prevent opps from removing lathril while you steal the removal effect, etc.)

Wellwisher (same as above) -> Might of the Masses (pretty much identical to Wirewood Pride)

le-stan on Infinite copy-redirect on the pile...

2 months ago


Thanks for this, I think we totally misunderstood Narset's Reversal. If I understand your answer correctly, it means that - without any Imp's Mischief involved - Narset's reversal actually copies Alrund's Epiphany but "counters" the original spell and sends it back to owner's hand... is that correct?


  • Alrund's epiphany on the stack

  • Narset's reversal on the stack targeting Alrund's epiphany

  • Imp's mischief on the stack targeting Narset's reversal


  1. Resoving Imp's misschief, target of Narset's reversal is redirected to imp's misschief
  2. Resolving Narset's reversal - No valid target --> countered
  3. Resolving Alrund's epiphany : opponent gets an extra-turn and Alrund's epiphany goes to the graveyard.

All good?

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