Dread Return

Dread Return


Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Flashback—Sacrifice three creatures. (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Format Legality
2019-10-04 Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal

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Dread Return Discussion

Apollo_Paladin on Ultra-Budget Speed Dredge (2x 5-Card "Gold Hands")

1 month ago

Counterspell Decks as you mentioned aren't as great as you'd think, not only because I can cast Dread Return from the Graveyard, but also because if any hand-cast cheap creature is countered, it only goes to the Graveyard, not Exile - meaning I can just Unearth it right back out. In general I've found Counterspell-heavy decks to merely slow this deck down by a couple turns and nothing more.

Having stuff in my Graveyard with this build isn't really that much of a detriment.

Apollo_Paladin on This Deck Needs a Name ... help

1 month ago

The same thing goes for Desolation Twin too as it were. If you force him into play using Dread Return or Apprentice Necromancer then his ability does not go off since he himself was not Cast.

legendofa on Getting the banned back together

1 month ago

Daveslab2022 The idea behind the Treasure Cruises is to make at least one of the draws a Golgari Grave-Troll dredge, which refills the graveyard. If I can hit two GGTs, even better. The biggest problem with Hogaak is the the two symbols, which can only be paid by convoke. It wouldn't be unreasonable to use Oko, Thief of Crowns to Elkify a land.

I'll try dropping a Treasure Cruise and Dread Return for a couple of Hypergenesis to bypass the graveyard.

Overall, yeah, banlist-only is a big restriction.

DiretheKingEternal on DN pt 2.

2 months ago
  1. You're playing green, so you should probably include some more creature based ramp like Sakura-Tribe Elder, Dawntreader Elk, and Diligent Farmhand. That way, you can recur them with Karador, They'll count towards his ability, and it'll also reduce the average cmc of your deck (3.8 is really high). (One-off cards that sacrifice themself are also good, like Caustic Caterpillar.

  2. Replace Betrayal of flesh with Dread Return. Dread return is a better recursion tool, and you can find better removal elsewhere, like Murder instead of Swift Response.

  3. replace Hokori with something else. you need mana to recur stuff and it just doesn't synergize with the rest of the deck.

  4. you need WAY more ramp, and 44 lands seems a bit too slow. Maybe take out some taplands and replace them with mana rocks. given the high cost of your deck maybe remove like 3 taplands

You should overall replace a few of your 6-7 mana cost bombs with lower cmc cards, since it'll result in fewer turns where you can't play anything in the deck.

dingusdingo on Budget Reanimation Targets

2 months ago

Sire Of Insanity is insanely good, and turns being ahead on the board into wins. Also quite inexpensive to purchase. Does great work when your deck plays from the graveyard

Terastodon is a 9/9 beater that solves 3 problems immediately. Also rather inexpensive to acquire. You can even nuke 3 of your own lands to get three 3/3's and one 9/9 for 18 swinging power on the field.

Protean Hulk isn't too expensive and is a fantastic choice if you have a creature based combo already in the deck.

Sheoldred, Whispering One is expensive to buy, but an absolute powerhouse in reanimator strategies. Sticking this on turn 3 can put you super far ahead.

Avatar of Woe can be great board control when reanimated early.

Massacre Wurm is about $2 after all the reprints, and while it isn't the best reanimation target, it can certainly bring the hurt for opponents.

Ancient Stone Idol is a 12/12 Trampler, no crazy effects but a massive beater that has a die trigger.

Most demons are decent choices. I'm a big fan of how Kuro, Pitlord can instantly clear a board, but his upkeep cost is kind of gross.

Most Titans are good choices too, Inferno Titan and Grave Titan for Korvold (no Prime Time in EDH)

As far as budget reanimation cards, I'm a huge fan of Apprentice Necromancer for reanimation targets with ETB triggers. It works extremely well with Sun Titan, which is out of Korvold colors but a gross combo to be aware of nonetheless (Sun Tit ETB returns the Necro, the attack trigger returns something else too). I also like Life / Death which has lots of potential in Korvold (make lands into creatures, then sac creatures to draw tons of cards) outside of just reanimation. Animate Dead and Dance of the Dead are both inexpensive at around $5 and $10 respectively last I checked and are worth getting, they will be staples even in 100% optimized reanimator. Whisper, Blood Liturgist has nice use when you get Korvold sac triggers, but needs cheap token or reusable bodies to use consistently and is expensive to cast at 4 CMC. Victimize is a great card, but once again requires bodies on the field. Exhume is fast to cast but you usually want to pair it with graveyard removal or time it well. Dread Return is a useful card that does well with lots of bodies and can be used twice. Doomed Necromancer is great Korvold tech but slow at 3 CMC + summoning sick, usually activating on turn 4 or later.

Buried Alive is a phenomenal card that can enable reanimator strategies, a definite must-include.

Cheap discard outlets also help move fatties from your hand to the graveyard. I can recommend Putrid Imp as the GOAT, but also Tortured Existence, Wild Mongrel, Faithless Looting, Noose Constrictor and Fauna Shaman. You can also look to some one-time spells to help you discard, I recommend Collective Brutality and Smallpox especially. Bog Witch can work wonders in slower metas, but will be a cut when your deck gets more optimized.

Gidgetimer on The "A" Team (Tayam Rube Goldberg Combo)

3 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions.

I hadn't thought of Hermit Druid, but I'm not sure he would do enough with the current mana base. I will keep it in mind for once there are less basics.

I had Dread Return in an early draft, but I like the reanimation enchantments and Necromancy would be the next reanimation spell if I add more reanimation.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded is a great suggestion, I will try to find a place to fit him in.

As far as the buff strategy on Devoted Druid goes, I would probably go with enchantments over a spell again. So Carapace, Street Savvy, and Web would probably get in before Wax. (I just found out about two of those cards while doing a search because I forgot what Carapace was called.)

RNR_Gaming on The "A" Team (Tayam Rube Goldberg Combo)

3 months ago

Have you considered doing an old school Hermit Druid line? With something like Dread Return and Razaketh, the Foulblooded or perhaps the buff strategy with the Devoted Druid you got in there with Wax.

TriusMalarky on What's Your Favorite Deck?

3 months ago

Mairsil, the Pretender and Mirror-Mad Phantasm mills your deck. Narcomoeba and Haunted Dead provide creatures for Dread Return to get Necrotic Ooze and then you can set up some combos from there. I forget the exact combos right now.

Also Hell's Caretaker means you can go off on your next upkeep.

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