Ad Nauseam

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Ad Nauseam


Reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost. You may repeat this process any number of times.

AscendedLandfalls on Lathril Casually Competitive

4 days ago

I don't think Ad Nauseam should be in the deck. Way too many high mana value spells. Cultist of the Absolute could be a good card in the deck.

Niemzi on KROXA (cEDHish)

1 week ago

DreadKhan thanks for the Comment. Nice suggestion, i might try it out!

The reason i don't run Necromancy is because i already run so many tutors + Ad Nauseam that I didn't feel i'd need it. The Instant speed is a big plus though. I should probably play it.

My problem with this Deck is, i can't really playtest it because my Playgroup hates it :'(

WisemanYata on Maralen Cannon

1 month ago

Thank you, I had seen the idea of using Ad Nauseam and effects like Sickening Dreams together in 60 card formats years ago and it blew my mind. Those decks all had serious drawbacks though. They required many tutors (to ensure that you actually draw at least one tutor) and some effect to prevent Sickening Dreams from doing damage to you as well. I figure having a tutor as your commander frees up most of the space in the deck, and using Exsanguinate instead means you don't have to worry about hurting yourself.

The tricky parts about trying to speed up this combo are the ways that the EDH/Commader format restrict card access and the way Ad Nauseam limits itself. Having a 99 Card Library means that you are significantly less likely draw any individual card than you would be in a 60 card format. You could compensate for that by padding the deck with a bunch of tutor and draw effects and a bunch of mana ramp effects, but there aren't very many of those cards with low mana values. Adding higher mana value cards and cards with other effects also means that you can't draw as many times from Ad Nauseam because of its life loss clause for each time you add a card to your hand with its effect. The end result is that adding mana ramp doesn't make you much more likely to get out Maralen out before turn 3, and then you still need to acquire both Skirge Familiar and Ad Nauseam. As far as I can tell, the earliest this type of combo can ever reliably go off in EDH/Commander is turn 5, but I find turn 6 to be more likely.

Even so, turn 6 is not really guaranteed, but it is pretty reliable. There's a fair chance that an opponent will try to stall or answer you (keep in mind that Maralen of the Mornsong forces your opponents to tutor as well) either because they don't know what you're planning and that scares them, or because they do know what you're planning and that scares them even more. So I'd say trying to pop by turn 6 is a realistic goal.

Sorry for the massive wall of text.

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

2 months ago

Foster_I_Am Rituals like Mana Vault and Dark Ritual or fast mana like Mox Diamond increase the explosiveness of the deck on average, so power level-wise, they would make the deck more able to compete with higher tier decks. However, that comes at the cost of reducing our consistency in average games since all of those cards come with inherent card disadvantage. Rituals and imprint cards 2-for-1 us for mana acceleration. So if you're strictly looking to win, they're optimal, but they'll increase the amount of games you're sitting with dead hands. That's why I choose not to play them personally, but I can see why you'd want more explosiveness and winrate.

Jeweled Lotus isn't as good in Teysa as it is with other commanders since getting Teysa out turn 1 or 2 doesn't do anything. She's not a proactive commander. That being said, Lotus is such an insanely powerful card that it's still probably worth it to play if you want an increase in power level. It might be the difference in playing her vs not playing her on an important combo turn. Like the other rituals, I choose not to play it for game-to-game consistency and fun, but winrate and power level wise, it's a good include.

Imperial Seal is just a strong card, and I should probably include it. Since it's a strictly worse tutor and until recently, 10 times the price, I've been pretending it doesn't exist. Ultimately it does deserve a spot in the deck though.

Ad Nauseam is usually used as a combo finisher or 30-card draw spell in 1.5 cmc cedh decks. Our average cmc of 2.5 is really high for Ad Naus, meaning it wouldn't be nearly as powerful in our deck. However, drawing even 10 cards for 5 mana at instant speed is still great, so it'd be a fine include. It is a bit dangerous though to lose 10-20 life on one card since we don't combo as consistently as cedh decks, meaning the life loss matters more. But since we have good access to lifegain, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Honestly, you could add all of these cards and probably see an increase in the deck's power level through sheer explosiveness. That does come at the cost of some games and opening hands being clunkier, so that's up to you if it's worth it. Personally, I'm not ready to add these cards yet, but I can see myself doing it soon. I've been having fun making more explosive decks recently in my mid-high powered metas. One good reason to add them is if your meta/playgroup are all playing them. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Foster_I_Am on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

2 months ago

Hey Masterful Happy 4th of July! Hope all is well.

I know I asked you this before but I can't seem to find your response. If you wanted to increase the power level of this deck - would you just add more consistent ramp - what are some cards to consider?

I know there are some expensive options like Imperial Seal and Mox Diamond. But what about Jeweled Lotus to get Teysa our more easily? Would Ad Nauseam work?

Also, I do own a Mana Vault but do you think it would have any value in this deck? Not sure if you think I should include it or not (Just sitting in my binder currently).

I know the deck is already at a strong power level and pretty much fully optimized - was just curious if you ever thought about adding some additional powerful cards and what those cards might be.


shadow63 on

3 months ago

Ad Nauseam angle's grace seem out of place here. Also Bolas's Citadel and Aetherflux Reservoir seem like an nonbo being in the same deck

adw92 on It'll consist your head off

3 months ago


They are guaranteed to be drawn via Ad Nauseam as long as it isn't countered.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All (I'm assuming) is counter protection for Sickening Dreams (kind of pointless, if your opponents aren't countering Ad Nauseam it's already GG.)

Elixir of Immortality can be tutored by Maralen of the Mornsong on turn 6 if your turn 5 Ad Nauseam is countered, and acts as a reset button.

Macaronigrill5150 on Screaming Bald Guys Tribal MK2

4 months ago

I think these are kind of a stretch but Ad Nauseam, Brink of Madness, and Oblivion Crown

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