Ad Nauseam

Ad Nauseam


Reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost. You may repeat this process any number of times.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Highlander Legal
Custom Legal
Legacy Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Casual Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Limited Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Ad Nauseam Discussion

Tederollz on Lathril, Blade of Help this deck needs help

1 week ago

Lathril seems really interesting and I'm currently considering to convert my Nath (Deck

Since Nath cares alot more about stax while I want to combo of while having bunch of elves on the board. So I can give some suggestions based on my current ideas.

Copperhorn Scout and Seedborn Muse seems like really powerful includes since the first let's you attack and still tap your elves with Lathril, Blade of the Elves and the ladder let's you tap your elves several times in one rotation like crazy.

Some things I would definitely recommend is:

Final notes: Lathril, Blade of the Elves Wants alot of elves on the board and so does Staff of Domination, I believe that it's very easy to just make a regular elf tribal and include staff as a alternative win-con together with something like Torment of Hailfire but also since you're running a good amount of tutors I see no reason to not include it; Always fun to be behind in the game and then "accidentally" win out of nowhere.

Hopefully this helped out a little. :)

RNR_Gaming on Ad Nauseam Wincons

3 weeks ago

RambIe - a 5 cmc card and a 6 cmc card are not what you wanna be doing in an Ad Nauseam build. While your combo would work assuming you had enough mana to pull it off, the deck should be able to pull off a main phase win if need be. Sometimes shields will only be down during your turn.

gatotempo highly suggest you look at the fish bowl sidisi deck that lays out why you should be running aetherflux better than my small little blurb.

RambIe on Ad Nauseam Wincons

3 weeks ago

quote - RNR_Gaming "RambIe - you should be building around Ad Nauseam you're not just putting a random 20+ cards in your hand."

quote - gatotempo "Ad Nauseam usually comes down on t3, draws 20-30 cards, and puts of mana rocks into play. I then use a couple of tutors to find Skirge Familiar, then discard a bunch of cards to have ~20 mana. "

im not building a deck.. im trying to provide a solution to a current issue,
you don't have to Ad Nauseam to all 3 peaces of the combo - out of the 20 cards you only need 1 or 2 peaces of the combo and tutors for the rest which is why i'm also suggestion the use of Living Death because now it can be tutored to the grave yard also leaving a lot of redundancy to fetch
even though Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Walking Ballista + Viscera Seer is a three card combo
it only takes two cards to fire off Buried Alive & Living Death

RNR_Gaming on Ad Nauseam Wincons

3 weeks ago

RambIe - you should be building around Ad Nauseam you're not just putting a random 20+ cards in your hand. It should all be positive rocks, 0 cost rocks and free spells. You should be able to storm off and nuke people with the reservoir. I've done it a number of times and it's a lot of fun. There was even an instance I was able to gain enough life and use Yawgmoth's Will to Ad Nauseam again - was it necessary to win? No. Was it super fun? Hell yes.

plakjekaas on Please Enlighten Me

1 month ago

The competitive decks I play against will Ad Nauseam for 23 cards on turn 2, piecing together an immediate win from fast mana and very cheap card advantage/combo's, showing at least 2 free counterspells for protection and disruption. If you weren't a blue deck with a counterspell up or a stacks deck that went Sol Ring into Null Rod, you'll have some struggle to answer that.

cEDH decks are built to deal with exactly that, because on a cEDH table, everyone will be trying exactly that. They don't hold up as well in a game mixed in with more casual decks, because they play on an entirely different axis. cEDH decks are built around scary commanders, showing immediately they're a threat, but they pay something like 15 life from lands, Sylvan Library and phyrexian mana spells in a game.

Playing against casual decks that play creatures that actually attack for a bunch, they're not prepared to defend against that. They play less removal, less boardwipes and more counterspells, because they should be stopping non-creature victories while employing their own. That's their gameplan. When they don't get to combo fast on a casual table, the Timmy Plays will easily best them.

A single cEDH deck struggles on an all casual table the same way a single casual deck struggles on a full cEDH table. They're not meant to play in that environment.

sylvannos on New hubs to be added

1 month ago

I agree with legendofa, we need hubs for Ad Nauseam, MUD, Belcher, and Xerox. These are all archetypes frequently present in Legacy and Vintage, sometimes overlapping into EDH or having Modern ports.

Ad Nauseam is, of course, built around the card Ad Nauseam. Frequently Ad Nauseam into Tendrils of Agony earns the deckname ANT. Doomsday ANT is another popular deck, and arguably the hardest deck to play in MtG (there's about a dozen ways to accidentally kill yourself early in the game).

MUD stands for "Mishra's Ultimate Domination" and refers to the old borders on artifacts, such as Black Lotus. Sometimes this deck is referred to as "Mono-Brown." It relies on Mishra's Workshop with the occasional Mishra's Factory to cheat out huge threats early on in the game. Initially, it was pretty much limited to Vintage. But in recent years, the deck has been moved over to Legacy where it uses Cloudpost instead of Mishra's Workshop. People have also tried playing the deck in Modern, trying to abuse Chalice of the Void, Trinisphere, and Lodestone Golem. However, Modern doesn't have the powerful mana to make the deck stronger than Eldrazi or regular Tron. What separates this deck from other colorless decks and Tron, however, is its ability to abuse "artifacts matter" mechanics.

Goblin Charbelcher has been one of the most popular combo cards since it was first printed. It sees play in every format it's legal in, since it's one of the most consistent turn 1 kills in Magic.

Xerox is definitely something that has gotten more viable as the game gets bigger. It's a type of tempo-control deck that relies on cantrips to constantly generate value. The archetype is viable in Vintage, Legacy, and Pauper. I've even messed around with it in Standard. As more cards like Opt, Serum Visions, Thought Scour, Brainstorm, and so on get printed, the viability of the deck across all formats only increases.

Show and Tell/Sneak Attack/Through the Breach/Eureka/Hypergenesis/Channel are IMO all part of the same archetype of putting dumb cards into play for no mana. Probably could put this all under the hub of "Sneak and Show."

@RemoteV & Femme_Fatale: "Big Red" is the Standard/Modern version of Dragon Stompy. Use a strong mana base to pump out prison cards and cheap, efficient threats like Bonecrusher Giant or Inferno Titan. Stompy decks are typically built around Sol lands (Ancient Tomb, City of Traitors) and other fast mana. I think what we really need is a hub for Stompy decks. Mono-Green Stompy is one of the oldest archetypes in Magic and I'm surprised there isn't a hub for it already. There's also Fairy Stompy, Sea Stompy, and MUD. If MUD doesn't get a hub, we definitely need Stompy to file it under.

TriusMalarky on Court of Grace, the best …

1 month ago

Aight, my thoughts: first, I think EDH games don't actually go all that long. 8-10 turns is probably a good estimate of game length -- but that's 8-10 per player.

So, if you resolve Phyrexian Arena t3, you can expect to draw 5-7 cards over the course of the game, and it doesn't do anything immediately. Compare to Tymna or Tuvasa the Sunlit as ways to draw one extra(or more with Tymna, or if you have instant speed enchantments in Tuvasa) card each turn in the command zone. Both of them can do something immediately, so they're better lategame, and they also don't take up a draw: they're always in your command zone.

Thus, I wouldn't consider Arena. It's too slow for a draw engine in the 99. IMO, draw engines in the 99 gotta be pretty good, like Notion Thief or Ad Nauseam. Lots of cards now is better than twice as many in as many turns.

Court is interesting, and guarantees a draw -- 4 mana cantrip, which is bad -- and is incredibly likely to give you a 1/1 with flying. So 4 mana to get a 1/1 and a card as its floor. Not great.

But I don't think we should be comparing it to Arena, or using it as a draw engine. It's a way to bring Monarch to the table, and it also makes it so you're one of the best equipped to maintain Monarch status. It brings another angle to the table.

I'm a big fan of cards that, while not strategically correct, are correct to run for the purpose of fun games. Rootweaver Druid is a 3-mana Rampant Growth, in overall effect, but it guarantees that no player is mana or color screwed. Court of Grace, on the other hand, doesn't do nothing and also brings a fun, combat-centric political aspect to the table. That's the reason to run it. It sucks compared to Arena, which is already bad card draw, but it's amazing when considering the fun it could bring at the right tables.

Geralda on Budget Kess

1 month ago

Wishclaw Talisman сейчас кладут не только в бюджет (кстати, у тебя этот лист так называется ;)), талисман сейчас довольно популярно класть комбо-дэки независимо от бюджета, тут на таппедауте таких листов действительно не много, но на других ресурсах она лежит даже в праймерах

правда, я пока использую её только как прикрышку - на закрутке можно найти за бесплатную контру и это меня уже дважды спасало как ни крути - это всё-таки тутор за (технически, конечно за , но обычно она выходит раньше чем появляется достаточно ресурсов на закрутку с консультацией), с удержанием приоритета можно выйграть на третий ход в твоём случае я бы 100% заменил Dark Petition или Night's Whisper на лапку (более того, из-за игры Ad Nauseam, Necropotence, Toxic Deluge, Grim Tutor, шок- и пэйн-лэндами я уже давно отказался от лишних трат и заменил Night's Whisper на Omen т.к. он позволяет "копать" глубже да ещё и шафлить, но это тестовый вариант который я в ближайшее время заменю на See the Truth (карта в пути)

Simian Spirit Guide как ни странно, за десяток последних партий так ни разу и не приходил, но в теории он позволяет:

  • раньше ставить Кесс
  • раньше ставить мана-камни
  • на закрытой мане играть Pyroblast/REB

и у меня чуть больше красных заклинаний чем у тебя: Pyroclasm, Fire Covenant (- последний я собираюсь заменить на Rolling Earthquake, у нас очень много колод с зелёным = много дорков, уфов и т.д.) более того, во многих сборках кладут красные ритуалы (вместе с чёрными) т.к. в некоторых сборках красный источник примерно так же важен как чёрный, вот например, в твоей: 3 чёрных заклинания; 8 красных заклинаний; 16 бесцветных (+11 заклинаний с бесцветной маной в оплате) при этом относительно дорой резервуар итого ты имеешь 35 заклинания для реализации красной маны - это довольно много возможностей для реализации красной маны, а вместе с Кесс - это ровно половина твоих заклов с таким листом я бы скорее всего хотя бы попробовал поиграть с Pyretic Ritual и/или Seething Song

(у меня красного хоть и больше, но у меня и чёрного побольше, причём в ключевом слоте - на комбе, но я всё же думаю попробовать красный ритуал тоже, особенно когда придёт Rolling Earthquake)

а вместо чего их класть... - Abrade, Drown in the Loch, High Tide, Narset, Parter of Veils, Serum Visions, Night's Whisper, Faithless Looting - все эти карты в нашей мете (и в моих играх в частности) показали себя довольно слабо, напрмер, тот же Faithless Looting в средней и поздней игре чаще бланк, High Tide аналогично, т.к. во многих партиях у меня всего 1 остров, а Drown in the Loch у меня вообще не заиграл...

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