Doom Whisperer

Doom Whisperer

Creature — Nightmare

Flying, trample

Pay 2 life: Surveil 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them into your graveyard and the rest on top of your library in any order.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Doom Whisperer Discussion

shadow63 on On Angels and Demons.

3 weeks ago

The progenitor of angel in magic is serra so she made them in her image. And I wouldn't say demons look masculine for the most part Griselbrand doesfor sure. But many like Doom Whisperer you can't tell

DanMcSharp on Offspring's Revenge

1 month ago

You could consider Doom Whisperer because it's a strong card by itself and it would let you mill yourself at instant speed in case your graveyard is empty when the Offspring's Revenge trigger is about to happen.

Drakuseth, Maw of Flames would be an excellent 1/1 to bring back since it would attack right away and wreck havoc on your opponent.

It's 2 cards that did a lot of heavy lifting for me when I ran a similar deck that was also built around Kaalia, Zenith Seeker .

kpres on Muldrotha, The Mangrove Queen

2 months ago

If mana is the issue, then infinite turns can be achieved with Second Chance and Doom Whisperer or any card that lets you pay life to dig. Time Sieve could be dead if you don't use artifact lands and mana rocks. I run three artifact lands, that mana myr guy, and various rocks that can be sacrificed. Without the battlesphere, you can just play most of them back from the grave on your extra turn. Then if you're using Kaya's Ghostform, you can get everything back. For only , Time Sieve is great.

kpres on Graveyard McFuck-face

2 months ago

Since you are using Doom Whisperer , I recommend Second Chance . Unlimited turns forever plus a way to get to it while filling your graveyard and getting your life total under 5. Consider playing Glacial Chasm with this combo.

Tarnoduds on Sidisi, Brood Tyrant's Semi-Tribal Tokens

2 months ago


Titans' Nest is working pretty well on my list! Since I have almost no land ramp, it's common to have my dorks wipped after a while, and the pseudo-delve it provides helps me a lot if I need to rebuild the board. Since my deck tries to mill as fast as possible, it rarely becomes a problem of losing to many resouces if I cheat 1 or 2 mana for spell with it. The self-milling at upkeep part is just the icing on the cake.

Zendikar's MDFCs are amazing on this list, trully... I took all 5 that have a creature on the front-side in Sultai colors and switched for tapped lands and the deck became that much better just like that. Since my list doesnt need a lot of mana to run, almost everything mills me for free so I just keep putting zombies on my board, it doesnt affect my gameplan to draw one of those taplands midgame.

I see what you mean about Path of Discovery , but it is just SOOOOOO GOOD with Sidisi, I can't imagine my deck without it anymore. And Doom Whisperer works great in here, you can creat a lot of zombies at your opponent's endstep, I already lost track of how many times I was able to create 15+ zombies out of nowhere with it to go for the killing blow on 2 or 3 opponents at once on my turn. It's a creture that works very well with the reanimator sub-theme, since you can keep bringing it back until you're ready to end the game.

kpres on Rot and Ruin (Muldrotha EDH)

2 months ago

I really liked reading about your deck, and where you went with it. You go for big mana and then pump out an X spell. That's different from my build in a refreshing way.

My deck is called Tide Pod Breakfast, and I've found a few really valuable cards that would be good in yours. Keep in mind that mine is a creature-based deck, and the win con is extra turns, massive mill, and then Rise of the Dark Realms . I won't mention everything, because I've already written about it there, but here are the top 10:

  1. Kodama of the East Tree - Insane value with Muldrotha. Every time you cast something from the graveyard, you get to put something into play from your hand. This can replace one of your cards that lets you play extra lands. You'll be playing lands, spellbombs, Sakura-Tribe Elder s, etc. Kodama will be your number 1 asset.

  2. Second Chance - If you have a way to get your life total under 5, then you get extra turns forever. Usually the other players will take care of this for you, based on the fact that you're playing Muldrotha. Doom Whisperer makes it easy for you to find Second Chance and also get your life total down.

  3. Glacial Chasm - You don't have to pay the cumulative upkeep cost if you don't want to, or if you want to attack that turn, and it sets up a pretty strong wall. Then you just re-play it from the graveyard in your post-combat main. Most metagames I'm part of don't run land destruction, and since you're already running strip mine, you can use your strip mine on any wastelands or strip mines your opponents have, before you drop this card.

  4. Tormod, the Desecrator - He triggers every time one or more cards leaves your graveyard... which is about 5 separate instances every turn. He also triggers Kodama of the East Tree, which lets you put lands from your hand into play.

  5. Insidious Dreams is probably the best tutor available for Muldrotha. Those cards you discard are still available to you, and you can stack your search so that the first card you find is a Windfall or something that gives you the rest of them.

  6. Forgotten Creation is a handy little guy that fills your graveyard and brings you new cards every turn.

  7. Skull Prophet is a little rampy dude that also doubles as card draw in the form of mill.

  8. Night Incarnate is a great, repeatable board wipe.

  9. Tunnel Vision is a hilarious self-mill card, especially if you scry the card you need to the bottom. In my deck, I use it to search for Rise of the Dark Realms because mine is a creature-based version.

  10. Sewer Nemesis - If you are the named player, then every time you cast a spell you mill, and this guy gets pretty big.

And finally, since you run Life from the Loam , you might find some great value in Raven's Crime .

Check out my deck Tide Pod Breakfast and give it an upvote if you like these suggestions.

Happy deckbuilding!

kpres on Tide Pod Breakfast

3 months ago

Corpse Connoisseur out, Gravebreaker Lamia in.

Golgari Grave-Troll out, Doom Whisperer in.

Splinterfright out, Reclamation Sage in.

Overeager Apprentice out, Skull Prophet in.

Foster out, Tormod, the Desecrator in.

Torgaar, Famine Incarnate out, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord in.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking out, Laboratory Maniac in.

Grave-troll and splinterfright are great for different decks, but in this deck I can reanimate everything at once, and then these two die right away. Besides, I need Doom Whisperer's type of mill to find and activate Second Chance and I don't have enough removal for artifacts/ench.

Skull Prophet adds mana to get me Muldrotha, and then "mill two cards" is effectively the same thing as "draw two cards". This makes up for the huge mana boost and discard enabling of the apprentice.

Foster is a really good mill card, but Tormod is better.

Torgaar is great against life gain decks, but they aren't very common and Jarad is effective against all decks.

Azusa is good, but she won't let me play more cards from the graveyard and Kodama of the East Tree lets me put lands from my hand into play whenever I put anything into play. I need the lab maniac for the Zegana win condition.

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