Blind Obedience

Blind Obedience


Extort (Whenever you cast a spell you may pay . If you do, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain that much life.)

Artifacts and creatures your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.

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Blind Obedience Discussion

SimicVisionRy on Crazy Cards to add

5 days ago

Red is, well at least, on the color pie, the color of hate effects that have to deal with either damage, or permanent control. Each of the colors has their own way of being a dick on the table, such as Blue with Stasis, white with Blind Obedience and black with cards like Oppression and Painful Quandary. (Black is my fav, btw. Can't play cards if you don't have them in play, lol)

mn6334 on Underrated EDH Cards

1 week ago

Sultai_Sir I always put Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience together. I feel like usually if I want one then running both is good, too.

Abower007 on It's Always Sunny in Dominaria

1 month ago

I love your list. I've been running Kytheon hatebears in dual commander (french edh) for a long time, but the local scene seems to have died so i thought id switch it up to multiplayer. You run a lot of similar cards with some obvious choices for combo protection/tutor. As I was swapping around my list I thought I would ask you about some notable omissions that i figured youd have reasons for. imposing soverign is like a mini Blind Obedience on a stick that I found useful in 1v1, but don't know if it has the same power level when you're not trying to beat someones face in. Selfless Spirit seems like good wrath protection for the team, and Linden, the Steadfast Queen has some synergy with heliod, but im not sure if you're ever really attacking. thanks!

DaWubber on Claws of the All-Hunter

1 month ago


I have two Blind Obedience type affects in Authority of the Consuls and Urabrask the Hidden. I like holding up Mana for instant speed interaction, which Obedience kind of encourages against.

I will likely add a copy of Teferi's Protection when I can find one.

I considered the Sword of Feast and Famine and Sword of Light and Shadow but found they interacted rather poorly with mutate during playtesting, as the protection can sometimes block the mutate targeting.

Took a look at the sliths. Kinda reminded me of War Elemental, a card I now want to try, which I feel is a touch on the more impactfully side. Though it is really, REALLY color intensive.

Crackling Doom isn't quite as targetted as I would like it to be. But I do agree, it is a sweet spell. Will probably try out Champion's Helm in place of Swiftfoot Boots, see how often Snapdax loses hexproof while mutating. He's usually on top of the mutate pile, but not always.

Thank you for the suggestions. Happy deck building!

DankMagicianD on Claws of the All-Hunter

1 month ago

I recommend Blind Obedience to nearly any deck that can play it. The slith creatures from Mirrodin seem great creatures to mutate onto, but they are color intensive. The sword of cycle and Teferi's Protectionare expensive, but very powerful. Darksteel Plate and Champion's Helm are good at protecting your creature. Finally, Crackling Doom is an excellent spell, searchable with sunforger of course.

ThisIsMyAccount on Naya Enchantments Prison

1 month ago

I don't know. I feel like the creature based aggro decks like humans, spirits, and tokens aren't that much of a threat with Ghostly Prison and Seal of Fire. The spell based aggro decks are what Leyline of Sanctity was targeted at because it can save you against burn or discard decks.

What could be interesting is maybe -2 Starfield Mystic main board for +2 Blind Obedience or Authority of the Consuls and then do the same thing in the sideboard with -2 Herald of the Pantheon.

Happymaster19 on Deck to break HappyMaster’s format

2 months ago

Daveslab2022 I could tell you what trends my testing has pointed my to so far but I’d like to understand the inclusion of Mystical Tutor and Manamorphose. Tutor is strong but it can be clunky without the means to set up a follow up draw. Manamorphose is quite perplexing. Time Walk was doing a better impression in that slot but this goes to something I mentioned about Unrestricted emphasizing card rate over mana rate. I may pull a few Moxen along with Probes/Wraiths. Then I run into the unfortunate circumstance of drawing into all counters or all mana. That’s not to say I can’t use Manamorphose at all. I tried it briefly in my Wheel of Fate deck as some mana fixing but it just wasn’t working as well as what I ended up with.

I was told I didn’t want to listen to others and just wanted to be right. I was told I wouldn’t be heard without including what someone else believed was right. I’d prefer the data speak for itself. Unless you just want to be right. I’ve got more testing to be done but I’ll tell ya, maindeck Leyline of Sanctity disagrees so far. But I would prefer others test so they can trust their own eyes rather than mine. My impression beyond that is that your deck is pretty split with all my combo decks. What I thought about Mind Funeral still holds. Apparently it takes a bit more than two extra lands to overcome an Academy-backed Mind Grind. But the vulnerability of Timetwister is a small percentage thing. Stax performs as expected. It wins the vast majority of games it starts on the play thanks to the sheer redundancy of hate. On the draw the story is flipped and the deck loses the overwhelming majority of games when your deck doesn’t fizzle. I’d like to understand Mystical Tutor and Manamorphose better before giving any critique. The two blue based prison decks (D&T and the enchantment prison) have performed the best so far. D&T is close to 50/50 at maybe 55% favorable against your deck. Stealing the play with Leyline of Anticipation as well as having a ton of creatures to invalidate Force of Negation shows just a bit of edge over your list. The best performer so far has been the enchantment deck. And by a huge margin. That deck can steal the play with blue Leyline and/or can invalidate your deck with white Leyline. That’s before the game has begun. Then the counter war begins and this deck has the best blue support of my prison decks. But that can go both ways. Then there’s consistency. Some of my hate pieces do nothing against your deck. Energy Field is pitch fodder. Rest in Peace is pretty cold. But the rest either slow you down sufficiently (Blind Obedience) or shut you down completely (Arcane Laboratory, Deafening Silence). I suppose you could Timetwister your Tendrils back and do that ten times over twenty turns? But at that pace, Rest in Peace does become relevant.

Again, I’d like to understand your deck more completely before saying much else.

Serabelle on Avacyn Worldslayer

2 months ago

Hey, nice to see someone else is trying to make Avacyn competitive! Here are some thoughts from my own Avacyn deck, I’m still in the process of building it as well. :)


Card Quality:

Protecting Avacyn:

  • Avacyn is a huge threat and most people will definitely try to stop you from using her by: countering her summoning, exiling her, -x/-x, sacrifice, copying or stealing her.

  • Teferi's Protection is complete board protection. Probably the best defense white has.

  • Effects like Otherworldly Journey or Long Road Home allow you to save her from exile board wipes, Cyclonic Rift and the like.

  • Arcane Lighthouse is useful in circumstances that someone copies or steals your Avacyn.

  • Whispersilk Cloak can also combo well with Worldslayer (just be sure to equip Worldslayer first).

Spot Removal:

  • Oblation (shuffles back into deck)

  • Condemn (puts attacking creature at the bottom of its owner’s library)

Counter Spells: (Not that there are many in white).


Potential Planeswalkers:

Good Luck! I hope the deck building goes well! :)

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